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The long night and day of Brett Myers
2006-06-24 16:45
by Bob Timmermann

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was arrested early Friday morning in Boston and charged with domestic assault and battery.

Myers started Saturday in Boston at Fenway Park in a game the Phillies lost 5-3 in 10 innings.

From the AP story.

Fans booed Myers each time he left the dugout to take the mound and several times as he returned to the dugout at the end of innings.

"I've just got to block it out," he said. "You're in an opposing city. You're going to get booed either way."

He finished with five strikeouts and four walks while allowing three runs and seven hits.

"I'm sure he'll get booed at home," manager Charlie Manuel said.

Reader Gary Garland wrote in to tell me that he had opinions on the matter and he posted them on his own site. Gary has a very strong opinion on the matter.

Regardless, it's a bad situation and the amount of domestic abuse that goes on among pro athletes does seem to be something that fans tend to forget about very quickly.

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