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WC 2006: It's all the fault of the referees!
2006-06-26 08:57
by Bob Timmermann

That seem to be FIFA's stance. FIFA president Sepp Blatter ripped the officiating in recent matches, especially Russian referee Valentin Ivanov. Ivanov gave out a World Cup tying record of 16 yellow cards and then a record-setting 4 red cards.

"I think there could have been a yellow card for the referee," Blatter said.

English official Graham Poll is in hot water for handing out three yellow cards to one Croatian player as he apparently was unclear on how to count that high.

2006-06-26 09:19:30
1.   Kayaker7
I'm sure Blatter, a Swiss, is happy with the call on the Swiss's second goal against Korea. Speaking of whining, netizens in Korea have been blocked from the FIFA website, for bombarding them with angry e-mails, regarding the two handballs in the box not called against the Swiss, and the of course the overrule of the offside. Apparently, a rumor was started that if FIFA gets 5 million protests, the game would have to be replayed. Gosh, where is when you need it. goes on.

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