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WC 2006 Match Chat: Brazil vs. Ghana, 9 am PT
2006-06-27 04:00
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Dortmund!

The presumptive favorites take on the biggest underdogs left in the tournament. One online sportsbook I checked (for entertainment purposes only of course) had Brazil as 2/7 favorites to win and Ghana at 13/1.

Brazil has not lost a match in the World Cup since the 1998 Final. Since that loss to France, Brazil has had 10 wins and not even one draw. Ghana will be the first African team Brazil has faced since their streak began.

Ghana's task will be even tougher as one of its best players, midfielder Michael Essien, will miss the match because of a yellow card suspension. However, two other stars, Asamoah Gyan and Sulley Muntari, are back.

Brazil isn't missing anyone of consequence. Ronaldo has a chance to break the alltime record for goals in a World Cup, which he currently shares with Gerd Müller of Germany at 14.

The Brazilians did not come out firing on all cylinders with a 1-0 win over Croatia and a 2-0 win over Australia, but they seemed to put it all together in a 4-1 win over Japan. Ghana lost its opener to Italy 2-0, but came back to beat the Czech Republic 2-0 and then the USA 2-1.

A win by Ghana in this match might rank as one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history especially at this stage of the tournament.

15 of the 16 entrants in the Griddle's contest picked Brazil to win this match.

2006-06-27 08:05:15
1.   Bob Timmermann
Auf wiedersehn, Herr Muller!
2006-06-27 08:08:07
2.   Kayaker7
Goal already?
2006-06-27 08:11:46
3.   Bob Timmermann
Gotta keep up here!
2006-06-27 08:34:52
4.   Penarol1916
Sounds like quite the match. I hope Univision has this one as their evening match, although I have high hopes for the France/Spain match as well.
2006-06-27 08:39:54
5.   Kayaker7
With all the yellow cards that Ghana is picking up, they'll lose if they get to the semifinal. ;-)
2006-06-27 08:40:18
6.   Bob Timmermann
Ghana seems to have recovered from their early shock, but Brazil's defense isn't shabby.
2006-06-27 08:40:21
7.   Los Longhorns
4 Univision doesn't show the games live on the West coast?
2006-06-27 08:42:32
8.   Bob Timmermann
Univision repeats a match in the evening. You know, for employed people! ;-)
2006-06-27 08:45:57
9.   Los Longhorns
2006-06-27 08:48:06
10.   Kayaker7
The Brazilians know how to finish. That's the difference in this match...err...from what I can gather from Matchcast.
2006-06-27 08:48:45
11.   Penarol1916
8. I'm in Chicago, and Univision reruns 1 game at night when I am actually at home, although I have to find a left-handed T-ball glove for my 3-year old tonight, so I may not be able to watch anyway.
2006-06-27 08:49:38
12.   Penarol1916
11. Sorry, I was referring to 7. in my post, not 8.
2006-06-27 08:56:12
13.   Los Longhorns
11 I've been recording the matches, so have never thought to check for reruns.

I'd imagine they're making many grandmothers very unhappy by preempting their novelas.

2006-06-27 08:59:15
14.   Los Longhorns
11 Today is my daughters 4th birthday, so I won't be watching any of today's matches, today. I do get to listen to them on the local Spanish broadcast though.
2006-06-27 09:00:28
15.   Bob Timmermann
Brazil, is just about one step faster than Ghana, or just a hair more talented. And that is enough for them today.
2006-06-27 09:27:22
16.   Kayaker7
I'm rooting for Shilla to score, if only because it is also the name of a Korean kingdom in the 7th century.
2006-06-27 09:43:00
17.   Kayaker7
Okay, this is bad...
2006-06-27 09:43:08
18.   Los Longhorns
The icing on the cake!
2006-06-27 09:44:16
19.   Kayaker7
Why is the word "talisman" used so often to describe soccer players. And, why is "moribund" always used to describe struggling economies?
2006-06-27 09:54:51
20.   Bob Timmermann
As expected, Los Longhorns stay perfect at 7 for 7.

Two of the people who are 6 of 7 have France beating Spain and can force a three-way tie for first.

2006-06-27 09:59:45
21.   Kayaker7
Los Longhorns is the Brazil of The Griddle. Spain looks unbeatable right now. I'm rooting for France, just so that I can say that Korea drew with France, who beat Spain...blah blah... ;-)

But, I think Spain will win.

2006-06-27 10:05:24
22.   Bob Timmermann
I also received an e-mail that the Team Togo shirt has been shipped!
2006-06-27 10:09:22
23.   Kayaker7
22 That's great. Now you can use the Serbia-Montenegro shirt for the table.
2006-06-27 10:11:46
24.   Bob Timmermann

It's Croatia! You did the European equivalent of confusing Japan with Korea! Wars have been fought over such misunderstandings!

2006-06-27 10:23:33
25.   Kayaker7
I was close to typing Croatia, then I changed my mind. Hey, they don't call it Balkanized for nothing!

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