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Myers goes on 'leave of absence'
2006-06-27 15:07
by Bob Timmermann

Philadelphia pitcher Brett Myers, who was arrested for domestic assault and battery against his wife in Boston on a road trip, has agreed to leave the time until after the All-Star break.

The Phillies have had to get out some high quality spin control people. The team statement includes this:

If we have been guilty of delay in expressing these sentiments, we are sorry. We have been engaged in a difficult balancing of concerns for the rights of our employee, the presumption of innocence, the rights of his spouse, and the legitimate public concern about allegations of spousal abuse by a Phillies ballplayer. We believe that the present status, including a public apology by Brett Myers, time off from baseball, professional assistance for Brett and Kim Myers, and this statement achieves the appropriate balance for now.

There was no announcement if Myers was still on the active roster, suspended, or had been put on the disabled list that I could discern.

2006-06-27 22:14:07
1.   das411
Yknow what the saddest thing is Bob?

The now-imminent Fasano for Sele deal :'(

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