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It's the liberal baseball media conspiracy
2006-06-27 23:19
by Bob Timmermann

Did you know there was one? So sayeth Lisa Fabrizio in The American Spectator.

And I need to pay more attention to the commercials now!

So Bud Lite is fine with the gansta rap behavior exhibited daily by many ballplayers and celebrated gleefully by ESPN. He's unconcerned with the soft porn ads of MLB sponsors which are shoved nightly down the throats of our children on TV. And he doesn't seem at all fazed by the reprehensible language that flows like a torrent from the mouths of Guillen and others in full public view: unless it's directed at homosexuals.

What sport is this woman watching? Who are the "gangsta rap" players?

What about all the PEDs? The amphetamines? The singing "God Bless America" all the time?

2006-06-27 23:57:57
1.   StolenMonkey86
Fabrizio must be thinking of the wrong sport.
2006-06-28 00:07:33
2.   JoeyP
Interestingly, one of the above modifiers was the word "Venezuelan," which would have been a no-no had it been uttered by a white manager.

She's right about this. I also think the backlash for Guillen would have been much greater had he been white. Think what happened to John Rocker.

a kind of cuddly Latino Lenny Bruce.
Ozzie Guillen, I can see that.

Angered by their inability to court the NASCAR dads they so thoroughly disdain, liberals urge us to embrace soccer, a sport whose rabid and often racist supporters make American fans look genteel by comparison.

She's right about the rabid/racist emotion that soccer elicits. But I dont think its some conspiracy that soccer is being forced down the Americans throats. Now, maybe if she substituted the WNBA in for soccer, she'd have a point. But sports are driven by advertisers. Advertisers are driven by economics (supply/demand). There's no conspiracy.

The singing "God Bless America" all the time?

They cant sing it enough IMO. Maybe its bc of the disdain I have for "Take me out to the Ballgame", or my apathy towards other patriotic songs.

2006-06-28 00:11:21
3.   Greg Brock
We're not gonna get political here at The Griddle, are we Bob? Because I always feel like my Free Love party is always underrepresented when politics enters the conversation.

Make Love, Not Trades for Toby Hall.

2006-06-28 00:22:30
4.   Linkmeister
Considering the role that American Spectator played during the Clinton/Starr years, I'd look at the source of those remarks very carefully and then spit derisively.
2006-06-28 00:35:28
5.   Greg Brock
Bob Timmermann would like you to believe he's in favor of baseball. But an independent study conducted by Concerned Baseball Fans for America shows that Bob Timmermann supported intentional walks a whopping 79% of the time, while voting against funding for additional catcher's armor.

Bob Timmermann. He's trusted to run the Griddle...Can we trust him to run America?

Paid for by friends of Jon Weisman.

2006-06-28 02:24:11
6.   Andrew Shimmin
4- I was a TAS subscriber for a year, in high school! They had Ben Stein back then (maybe still do, I haven't picked up a copy in probably ten years). Anyway, like McCarthy before them, they made more than they missed. 8^) And where would the world be without David Brock?

The truly outrageous thing Selig has done is use breast cancer and prostate cancer as a way of weaseling in on-the-playing-field ads for Spiderman movies. But I don't know how to turn that in to a political smear. I mean, I know how a LIBERAL would, but I'm above that.

2006-06-28 03:08:35
7.   Greg Brock
So, I guess this IS going to turn into a political thread.

In that case, vote Institutional Renewal Party of National Action!

2006-06-28 06:41:43
8.   DXMachina
2 - Where did you see the thing about "God Bless America"? I don't see it mentioned in the column.
2006-06-28 06:46:44
9.   Bob Timmermann
Actually Ben Stein still does write for the American Spectator.

I thought the article was more humorous than political because it just seemed to be coming out of nowhere.

From my experience, sports writers tend to be a bit more conservative than their counterparts in the news department.

I will try to find an equally amusing article from "The Nation" in the near future to show that I'm fair. That shouldn't take long.

2006-06-28 07:29:06
10.   yankee23
My favorite is the bio listed on her website,

"Lisa Fabrizio is a freelance writer who lives in the People's Republic of Connecticut. She is a proud conservative whose aim is to recapture the public from the all-consuming fog of liberalism which seizes them early in school and pervades almost all aspects of their lives."

She's a baseball purist who's against interleague play yet all for the dh. What?!

2006-06-28 07:31:42
11.   Bob Timmermann
I knew it ... soft on DHism.

Time for me to trot out the bogeyman.

2006-06-28 07:40:10
12.   yankee23
Does this mean Al Gore is to blame for the DH as well?!
2006-06-28 08:39:23
13.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe just Piano Legs Gore.
2006-06-28 09:46:42
14.   JoeyP
8. That was Bob's quote.
2006-06-28 09:50:24
15.   Greg Brock
11 I knew it, out on furlow to play for the Tigers. That was brilliant, Bob.
2006-06-28 11:49:12
16.   DXMachina
14 - D'oh!
2006-06-28 16:45:03
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Not very funny, but The Nation did tackle nationalism in the World Cup. It's damn opposed. Damn, damn, damn opposed! I didn't know U.S. Soccer had a fan club, but it does. They call themselves Sam's Army (presumably after the dastardly new Supreme Court Justice).

Anyway, I think imbalance is better than having to read anything too much from The Nation. But I'm the one who wants you to review R.V., so. . .

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