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WC 2006 Match Chat: England vs. Portgual, 8 am PT
2006-07-01 04:00
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Gelsenkirchen!

It what should be a hard-hitting quarterfinal, Portugal and England could literally end up duking it out in Gelsenkirchen.

Portugal has not made it to the semifinals of a World Cup in 40 years. And then the Portuguese lost to England, 2-1 at Wembley Stadium on a pair of goals by Bobby Charlton.

Since then, the Portuguese have had better success against the English, beating them at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, 1-0 and winning two matches in the European Championships: 3-2 in 2000 and in a 6-5 penalty kick tiebreaker after a 2-2 tie in Euro 2004 in Portugal.

England last made it to the semifinals in 1990 before losing to Germany.

The English have won three of their four matches in Germany, beating Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, and Ecuador in the Round of 16 and drawing with Sweden in group play.

Portugal is 4-0 after wins over Angola, Iran, Mexico, and finally over the Netherlands in a brutal match which saw 16 yellow cards issued and four red cards. The most notable Portuguese player who will miss action will be Deco.

Both countries tend to have fatalistic attitudes about their teams. And with good reason most years. But one will move on to the semis.

Six entries have England as the winner of this one. Two have Portugal. Everybody else had the Netherlands!

If Portugal were to win, Yankee23 would catch Penarol1916 for the lead going in to the semis. If not, Penarol1916 will be the leader.

2006-07-01 06:21:18
1.   Borchard504
Bob, all I know for sure, is that England will belt out their national anthem better than Portugal, in unison with 80,000 other Brits in the stands.
2006-07-01 06:39:35
2.   murphy



2006-07-01 07:22:07
3.   Bob Timmermann
If there are 80,000 Brits in the stands, then the place is way over capacity.

I think the stadium in Gelsenkirchen seats about 45,000.

Most likely, the Brits will be watching on big TV monitors in public areas drunk to the point of unconsciousness.

The Germans apparently sell beer at these events.

2006-07-01 07:30:43
4.   Borchard504
Minor detail (attendance count) Major detail (copious beer).
Germans approaching new and improved futbol stadia like MLB? Less is more?
2006-07-01 07:53:34
5.   Bob Timmermann
I think a lot of the stadiums in Europe that aren't in big cities are medium-sized. I think the big ones are in Berlin and Munich.

The stadium in Gelsenkirchen is listed at 52,000.

The semis are in Dortmund and Munich where the stadium seat 65000 and 66000. The final is in Berlin and that seats 80000.

2006-07-01 08:01:22
Is this one of those few games where the countries actually like each other? I thought I heard somewhere that the Portugese actually like the Brits for some historical reason? Hopefully it will translate into an upbeat game, sure seems like it with the singing.
2006-07-01 08:04:40
7.   Bob Timmermann
England and Spain historically have not gotten along. See "Armada, Spanish."

So the Portuguese would often hitch their wagon to the English/British to piss off their neighbors.

Right now, I'm sure England HATES Portugal.

2006-07-01 08:09:29
8.   Bob Timmermann
More recently, during World War II, Portugal was a neutral and not quite as chummy with Nazi Germany as neighbor Spain was.
2006-07-01 08:32:26
9.   sam2175
If the ABC commentators could just, ummm, shut up once in a while that will be just blissful.
2006-07-01 08:47:36
10.   Sandus
Wayne Rooney needs to come out of this game. As good as he is, he's been out of position for half the contest.
2006-07-01 09:04:30
The Balboa dude reminds me of this Polish girl who used to be in my French class. Whenever her brain moved too fast she would just say "tu sais". Ive lost count how many times this guy has said "you know what". What?!

Good first half, after the first twenty minutes, i was sure there would be some goals. Rooney is making England very dangerous off those throw ins by the 18 yard box.

Can ESPN run one story showing football fans to be neither hooligans or racists? Is that possible?

2006-07-01 09:14:15
12.   Sam DC
So, could Beckham come back for PKs or is he now out for good?
2006-07-01 09:21:43
12- No.

That red card is just plain cruel. Horrible call.

2006-07-01 09:22:15
14.   Bob Timmermann
Soccer substitutions are like baseball substitutions. Once you're out, you're done.
2006-07-01 09:22:37
15.   Bob Timmermann
Sandus got his wish.
2006-07-01 09:26:39
On replay, it didn't seem like the ref was going to give the red card at first. Usually there is no waiting when a straight red comes out. Maybe he didn't give it for the foul but for something he said. Either way, it sucks.
2006-07-01 09:26:56
17.   Sam DC
2006-07-01 09:40:00
18.   Penarol1916
You know I used to only find Balboa obnoxious until he made among the stupidest statements I've ever heard. The heat in South Africa is going to be too much for England the next time around? Does he realize that in June and July it is winter in South Africa. I just looked it up very quickly and the average high temperature in Johannesburg in July is 62 degrees, and in June it is 60, how is that heat too much for any player?
2006-07-01 09:41:26
19.   Bob Timmermann

Perhaps it will be humid and the heat index will be 65 or 70.

2006-07-01 09:47:43
20.   Sam DC
Aaaargh - my son made us pause the match while he ran upstairs to get something. that was at minute 77. I'm dying.

He is five; for him, TV is something that can be paused and rewound. He can't imagine it any other way.

2006-07-01 09:49:41
21.   Bob Timmermann
Your son also thinks that cameras take photos that are instantly developed on an LCD monitor.
2006-07-01 10:17:02
I love how the guy who supposedly laments pks is building them with 15 minutes left to go.
2006-07-01 10:18:34
23.   Bob Timmermann
If this does go to PKs, Portugal would have to tell the refs which of the 11 guys on the field won't participate since the teams have to go through that with an equal number of players.
2006-07-01 10:27:10
Dude, you don't need fresh legs to take a penalty kick.
2006-07-01 10:27:44
Interesting, Bob. I didn't even think about that.
2006-07-01 10:29:53
26.   Bob Timmermann
FIFA doesn't keep a record on longest penalty tiebreaker. I don't think a World Cup match has gone past seven tries.
2006-07-01 10:33:21
The English have a couple of guys who regularly take penalties for their clubs in Gerrard, Lampard, and Beckham, if he had stayed in. But there is definitely more pressure on them.
2006-07-01 10:37:51
28.   Bob Timmermann
Jose may be rethinking his pick of Lampard for his team.
2006-07-01 10:38:47
29.   Greg Brock
It's more painful watching the English fans than watching players miss.
2006-07-01 10:39:41
30.   Bob Timmermann
Actually Lampard is on the other kid's team.
2006-07-01 10:40:56
31.   Greg Brock
This PK faceoff brought to you by Scott Norwood.
2006-07-01 10:41:28
WHAT! Gerrard never misses.
2006-07-01 10:43:36
33.   Bob Timmermann
If Ricardo saves another one, he ties the alltime record for total saves in PK tiebreakers in the World Cup.

Schumacher and Goycochea have four.

2006-07-01 10:46:47
That was a truly Shakespearian loss for England.
2006-07-01 10:47:32
35.   Bob Timmermann
Penarol1916 - 11
yankee23 - 11

Since yankee23 has Brazil as the final winner, he's the favorite now.

2006-07-01 11:56:26
36.   Vishal
hah! finally a team i'm rooting for wins one.
2006-07-01 12:43:09
37.   Borchard504
English singing talent did not compute to clutch penalty kicking... Where is the German beer?

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