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WC 2006 Match Chat: Brazil vs. France, noon PT
2006-07-01 10:00
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Hamburg Frankfurt!

Tournament favorites Brazil, who have won eleven straight matches in the World Cup, take on the last team to beat them, France.

It was back in the championship game in Paris in 1998 when France used a pair of goals from Zinedine Zidane to win 3-0. It was the third meeting between the two teams in World Cup play. Brazil beat France in the 1958 semis, 5-2. The two teams met again in the 1986 quaterfinals in Mexico. It was a 1-1 draw, but France advanced on penalties. Then came the 1998 final.

But in 2002, Brazil won it all, while France couldn't score a goal in three matches and went home early.

France did not score a goal in its opening match against Switzerland (a draw) and then played a 1-1 draw with Korea and beat Togo 2-0. The French were expected to bow out against Spain in the round of 16, but the French showed that they aren't dead yet with a 3-1 win.

Brazil has wins over Croatia, Australia, Japan, and Ghana. France should be the toughest opponent Brazil has faced.

No entrant in the Griddle contest picked France to win. Not everyone had Brazil. There were a few choices for Spain.

2006-07-01 10:54:03
1.   Bob Timmermann
Although Penarol1916 is tied with yankee23 for first, I don't believe Penarol1916 can win since he had England as his champ.

I believe the contest is down to yankee23 (Brazil) and minxtscore (Italy) as winners. I need to figure out who wins if Germany or Portugal wins.

2006-07-01 11:32:46
2.   bobsbrother
That better be Live from Frankfurt, or I'm in the wrong stadium. Hamburg was Italy-Ukraine last night.
2006-07-01 11:47:02
3.   Sandus
I would've picked France to win, but I slept through the beginning of the contest.
2006-07-01 12:15:35
4.   Greg Brock
Seems like a very subdued, nervous atmosphere in the stadium.
2006-07-01 12:46:43
5.   Andrew Shimmin
I am scandalized. How could that not have been a red card?!
2006-07-01 12:50:19
All you need to know how messed up this World Cup is to watch the games today. Rooney is a "disgrace" and gets a red card for not being polite. The foul that just happened is essentially why the red card was invented in the first place and it gets a yellow card. Ejections in football are not like baseball and basketball, they are not meant to get rid of players who have angered the referees. Well, now all has changed, I guess.
2006-07-01 13:12:07
7.   Bob Timmermann
Frankfurt and Hamburg look remarkably alike!
2006-07-01 13:13:43
8.   Ken Arneson
4 Maybe they're listening to the Swedish TV announcers. They can put anyone to sleep.
2006-07-01 13:14:15
9.   Bob Timmermann
I will cut in and out as I don't have my power cord where I am and my battery needs replacing.
2006-07-01 13:15:09
10.   Ken Arneson
2006-07-01 13:15:36
11.   D4P
2006-07-01 13:15:47
12.   Bob Timmermann
Hammerin' Hank!
2006-07-01 13:17:32
13.   Andrew Shimmin
Thierry Henry is a goal-scoring man. Lord, lord.
2006-07-01 13:17:50
14.   Ken Arneson
Ok, this should be fun now. Both games today were played way too conservatively to be entertaining. But now Brazil has to open things up, take some risks.
2006-07-01 13:25:38
15.   Greg Brock
Zidane and Henry came out to play today.

Ronaldinho and Ronaldo have not.

2006-07-01 13:26:18
16.   Ken Arneson
End to end action now!
2006-07-01 13:29:06
17.   Greg Brock
What was Ronaldo doing? Attack the goal!
2006-07-01 13:34:03
18.   Bob Timmermann
I am not alone among SABR conference attendees watching this match in the bar.

There's about six of us.

2006-07-01 13:40:25
19.   D4P
Does the bar serve smoothies...?
2006-07-01 13:44:28
20.   Ken Arneson
The Swedish announcers don't like subbing out Henry.
2006-07-01 13:46:41
21.   Ken Arneson
18 Meanwhile, there's about 450 people doing the samba over at the SAFR conference.
2006-07-01 13:47:56
22.   Bob Timmermann
I'm having iced tea.
2006-07-01 13:50:41
23.   D4P
Does the bar allow smoking?
2006-07-01 13:51:57
24.   Greg Brock
Oh, well. At least I'm happy for Zidane.
2006-07-01 13:55:45
25.   Bob Timmermann
This is the West Coast. They don't allow smoking.
2006-07-01 13:56:36
26.   D4P
Yeah, I miss that. In North Carolina, smoking is patriotic.
2006-07-01 13:57:00
27.   Vishal
zidane was awesome today.
2006-07-01 14:02:47
28.   Sandus
France is easily the best team remaining.
2006-07-01 14:18:48
29.   Bob Timmermann
Scenarios left:

Italy beats Germany and wins final - minxtscore wins.

Italy beats Germany and loses in final - Penarol1916 wins

Germany beats Italy - Phil Birnbaum wins

The winner of France and Portugal is irrelevant for my purposes.

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