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SABR 36 in Seattle report for July 1, Contest standings
2006-07-01 16:43
by Bob Timmermann

Wait until July 2. I will be soon be getting on a bus to head to Tacoma for a game between the Rainiers and Grizzlies and then have to get going around 4:15 am to catch my flight home. I'll process all the photos and such then.

I will say that Mike Marshall (the pitcher, not the outfielder) is an interesting guy and I can see why he's never been given a job in baseball. He's not exactly conventional.

As for the Griddle World Cup contest, here are the standings. Entries in italics cannot earn any more points.

1T) yankee23, Penarol1916 - 11
3) Phil Birnbaum - 10
4T) ddger, Los Longhorns - 9
6T) Abreck, humma kuvala, John Matthew - 8
9T) adg, Sam DC - 7
11T) jen, Ken Arneson, mintxscore, Ravenscar, Suffering Bruin - 6
16) Mr. Customer - 5

If Germany beats Italy, Phil Birnbaum wins.
If Italy beats Germany and wins the final, minxtscore wins
If Italy beats Germany, but loses in the final, Penarol1916 wins.

The Griddle contest entries were very heavily in favor of England and Brazil.

2006-07-02 00:08:27
1.   Greg Brock
Mike Marshall hasn't been given a job because he brings an entirely new perspective to mechanics, and doesn't cowtow to conventional thinking. Most contrarian baseball thinkers revel in the fact that "old school" baseball people hate them, yet they run and hide when Mike Marshall's name is mentioned.

I have two very good friends in the minors, and both of them would be out of the game had they not visited Marshall.

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