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Someone sticks up for Mark Redman
2006-07-04 09:42
by Bob Timmermann

Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star sort of sticks up for the selection of Mark Redman for the All-Star Team. In the sense, that Posnanski says it's not Redman's fault he got picked, but Ozzie Guillen's.

Posnanski argues that David De Jesus, Mark Grudzielanek, or Reggie Sanders would have been a better choice.

Grudzielanek's selection was hurt by the policy that after the starter, the next player taken should be the winner of the player vote (if that player didn't make it to begin with). And the players thought that Robinson Cano of the Yankees was better. And when Cano got injured, they went down the list to the next guy: Jose Lopez of Seattle.

As for another Polish-American player, I like the White Sox campaign for A.J. Pierzynski to gain the lost spot. Its theme is Punch A.J.! Remember that last year, the White Sox were able to mount a campaign to get Scott Podsednik on the All-Star team. Oh, and Ozzie Guillen thinks Joe Crede should be on the All-Star team. And he's thinking hard about Chris Widger and Pablo Ozuna too. Maybe even Brian Anderson.

2006-07-05 07:48:27
1.   nickb
I'd be willing to give up my token Kansas City Royal "All-Star" to see a real baseball player on the roster. After watching numerous Mark Redman starts this year and zero Francisco Liriano starts, I'd happily trade an inning of Redman for an inning of Liriano in the All Star Game.
2006-07-05 09:19:34
2.   Bob Timmermann
I can't imagine a scenario in which Guillen would use Redman. If the Royals had a hitter on the team, then the guy would get into the game, but why waste Redman even for a batter unless the game goes 12 innings or so.
2006-07-05 10:01:36
3.   nickb
Good point. That's probably why Guillen picked him so that he wouldn't have to play him at all. How cool would it be, though, if it did go into 12, 15, 18 innings and he had no choice but to use he of the 5+ ERA? At least it would guarantee there wouldn't be another tie.

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