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Ties! Ties! Ties!
2006-07-05 22:53
by Bob Timmermann

The National League West is right now a 3-way tie among San Diego, Los Angeles, and Colorado. The teams are all 44-40.

The other second place teams in the NL are Cincinnati (44-41) and Philadelphia (38-45). So right now, the wildcard would come from the West.

But who would it be? How would this be determined? If there are two teams tied for first and both would make the playoffs, then the team with the edge in the season series gets the division title as was the case in 2005 with the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL East.

However, you couldn't do this in the NL West as there is no provision for a team to miss the postseason because of a tiebreaker.

My guess is that in the unlikely case of such a tie occurring at the end of the year, the three team playoff method would be held. The teams are seeded by their records against the other two teams. Presently that would be

  1. Los Angeles, 10-7
  2. San Diego, 9-8
  3. Colorado, 9-11

So, first Colorado would play at San Diego. The winner of that game would then host Los Angeles to decide the division winner. Presumably then, the loser of the second game would play the loser of the first game to determine the wildcard.

I can only dream...

There is still another half of the season to go.

2006-07-05 23:14:44
1.   Suffering Bruin
What, no PK's?
2006-07-05 23:39:59
2.   Daniel B
I thought it was earned runs against teams involved in the tie, in odd innings, on the second Tuesday in each month. Better call in the IBAF...
2006-07-05 23:47:18
3.   Greg Brock
Sorry, when they eliminated pistols at dawn, I lost all interest.
2006-07-05 23:54:34
4.   confucius
1 If there are PK's we have Mia!!!!!
2006-07-05 23:57:45
5.   Linkmeister
4 That's an interesting idea. I don't think there are any written rules about a player's gender in MLB. Certainly there were no written ones about race (or height: see Eddie Gaedel).

What if Michelle Wie played American Legion baseball?

2006-07-06 00:00:04
6.   Adam B
Last year when it looked possible that Cleveland, the Yankees and Boston could be tied in records and fighting for NY and Boston fighting for two spots (The East and Wildcard) they announced that if necessary, there'd be a game between NY and Boston for the East with the loser playing Cleveland the next day for the Wild Card.

So I suspect for this case there'd be a game between the two teams with the best heads up records (or division) and the loser playing the other team for the wild card spot.

2006-07-06 00:13:00
7.   confucius
5 I remember hearing about him but could not remember his name. Thanks. I wonder why they didn't use him again after that walk. Wouldn't that make him a good pinch hitter. Some how I feel like I've just insulted every little person by saying that.

Anyway, I looked at the st. louis browns stats and they had 50 guys with AB's that year.

Maybe they didn't have 25 man roster then.

2006-07-06 00:14:45
8.   Bob Timmermann
But that doesn't seem fair if all the teams are in the same division. The team with the worst record in head-to-head should have to play the most games and in the least favorable conditions.
2006-07-06 00:16:55
9.   Bob Timmermann
Gaedel's contract was nullified after the game by the AL President, Will Harridge. There was a 25-man roster at the time. Actually it was 28 until the middle of May and then cut down to 25 and then it moved up to 40 on September 1.

The Browns had a lot of players because they weren't very good so they probably just kept trying out guys from the minors.

2006-07-06 00:20:33
10.   Bob Timmermann
The 3-way tie won't last past tomorrow. The Rockies are off Thursday.
2006-07-06 00:21:49
11.   confucius
9 That is interesting. I wonder if that would still happen today. It would be discriminatory to not let a player play based on height. Do you know if they added a rule?? Or was it just assumed that if anyone did this again the contract would not be allowed?
2006-07-06 00:23:15
12.   Linkmeister
I've got a book called "Even the Browns" which details MLB in the war years. I haven't read it in a long long time. The title refers to the utter implausibility of the Browns actually making it to the WS in 1944.
2006-07-06 00:30:09
13.   Bob Timmermann
The Commissioner can invalidate contracts for many reasons if he wants to.
2006-07-06 09:20:10
14.   Peter
The 1951 Browns had a catcher named Clyde Kluttz. His fielding percentage was 1.000.
2006-07-06 19:58:20
15.   ABreck
Gaedel was a Veeck special. The account I remember reading growing up was that he had a plastic bat (I think like your bloated wiffle one), went into the Ricky crouch, and never swung. He was promptly pinch run for.
I think the pitcher pleaded with the umpire too.

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