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In non-police related matters with the Reds
2006-07-06 14:17
by Bob Timmermann

Cincinnati acquired Eddie Guardado from Seattle in exchange for Travis Chick and cash.

The Reds plan on making Guardado their closer.

So here's the contest, rank the NL Central closers:

Jason Isringhausen, Eddie Guardado, Derrick Turnbow, Brad Lidge, Ryan Dempster, Mike Gonzalez.

And one of them is going to the All-Star Game!

Overall, Wayne Krivsky had a busy day:

Acquired LHP Eddie Guardado and cash in exchange for Minor League RHP Travis Chick from the Seattle Mariners; Recalled LHP Michael Gosling from Triple-A Louisville; Selected the contract of OF Dewayne Wise from Louisville; Reinstated 3B Edwin Encarnacion from the 15-day disabled list; Optioned LHP Brian Shackelford to Triple-A Louisville; Designated OF Quinton McCracken for assignment; Optioned RHP Elizardo Ramirez to Single-A Dayton.

2006-07-06 15:20:37
1.   Monterey Chris

I've been looking for something that says what the Reds' intentions with Eddie G. are. Did you see somewhere that this is the plan or are you guessing that that is their intentions?

2006-07-06 15:22:04
2.   Monterey Chris
Oops...I guess I should have read the link first. Nevermind.
2006-07-06 15:26:04
3.   De Ruijter
Does anyone actually read the links?

"Guardado, a former two-time All-Star with the Twins, is expected to become the Reds' new closer with Todd Coffey returning to his setup role."

Had I been drinking something, this would've induced a spit-take. Eddie lost his closing job to a guy named Putz, lost even being the top LOOGY for Seattle, and he's the Reds' closer now? And the Reds sent Seattle cash for this?

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