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WC 2006 Match Chat: Germany vs. Portugal, noon PT plus miscellaneous info
2006-07-08 10:04
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Stuttgart!

If you're a compulsive gambler, you'll enjoy today's third place match between Germany and Portugal. I'll be missing. Or more precisely, just not watching it.

About the only allure of this game is to see if Miroslav Klose can cement his Golden Boot award (gee that sounds quite gangsterish doesn't it). He leads the tournament with five goals. The next best is three and only two of those players, Lukas Podolski of Germany and Thierry Henry of France, are still playing.

The third place games tend to produce a few more goals than other matches since the stakes aren't as high. There is no extra payout for finishing third instead of fourth.

If no one produces a hat trick in this match, this will likely be the first World Cup ever without one. There has only been one in a final and that was by Geoff Hurst in the 1966 final. And Germans will likely tell you that one of those goals never crossed the line.

Turkey won the 2002 third place game over Korea, 3-2.

2006-07-08 10:34:45
1.   Suffering Bruin
Bob, you remember they used to have the third-place game in the NCAA Basketball tournament? I think it was Al McGuire who said it was painful, depressing and almost impossible to care about.

Soccer needs to heed the call. They should replace it with a skills contest or something.

2006-07-08 10:44:35
2.   Bob Timmermann
Even the NIT got rid of its consolation game a couple of years ago.

In 1998, Croatia beat the Netherlands 2-1.
In 1994, Sweden beat Bulgaria, 4-0.
In 1990, Italy beat England, 2-1.
In 1986, France beat Belgium, 4-2 in overtime.
In 1982, Poland beat France, 3-2.
In 1978, Brazil beat Italy, 2-1.
In 1974, Poland beat Brazil, 1-0.
In 1970, Germany beat Uruguay, 1-0.
In 1966, Portugal beat USSR, 2-1.
In 1962, Chile beat Yugoslavia, 1-0.
In 1958, France beat Germany, 6-3.
In 1954, Austria beat Uruguay, 3-1.
No third place match in 1950
In 1938, Brazil beat Sweden, 4-2.
In 1934, Germany beat Austria, 3-2.
No third place match in 1930. And the USA would have played in that one against Yugoslavia!

2006-07-08 10:47:35
3.   Kayaker7
1 How about a homerun derby? How far up the stands you can blast the ball, in the process of muffing a shot?
2006-07-08 10:52:17
4.   Bob Timmermann
In 1994, they had the 3rd place game at the Rose Bowl the day before the final. Usually it's in another city as it is this year. I think the Bulgarians must have been bummed to have had to have flown all the way out from New York after losing in the semis to play that match.

FIFA seems to like the 3rd place match because it always seems to sell out.

Oliver Kahn gets to start in goal for Germany. Ballack isn't going to play.

The 2002 consolation match had the fastest goal ever in World Cup play. Turkey's Hakan Sukur scored 11 seconds into the match.

2006-07-08 10:54:07
5.   Kayaker7
Ballack was invisible in the second half of the the semifinal game. He must have been all tuckered out.

Didn't the 94 Bulgarian team feature Hristo Stoichkov? So talented and dirty.

2006-07-08 11:06:21
6.   Bob Timmermann
The 94 Bulgarian team was pretty much just Stoichkov and 10 other guys who stood around.

Bulgaria played its Round of 16, quarterfinal, and semifinal matches all at Giants Stadium.

Stoichkov tied for the Golden Boot with a Russian, Salenko, with 6 goals.

2006-07-08 11:13:33
7.   Kayaker7
6 Didn't they also have Hagi? I just recall that he was a tall bald guys who's good in the air.
2006-07-08 11:17:03
8.   Bob Timmermann
Gheoghe Hagi? The Maradona of the Carpathians?

He was Romanian. Romania lost in the quartefinals to Sweden on penalties.

2006-07-08 11:18:45
9.   Kayaker7
9 Yeah, you're right. There I go again, confusing two different Eastern European countries. If I'm made a UN ambassador, I'll ignite WWIII. Then again, I'm probably not much worse than our current UN ambassador.
2006-07-08 11:21:22
10.   Bob Timmermann
Romanian is a Romance language so the names are usually a little easier to pronounce the Bulgarian names. Usually all the Bulgarians have names that end in -ov.
2006-07-08 11:41:27
11.   Kayaker7
I think the bald guy I'm thinking of is Letchkov. Not sure how I confused him with Hagi.

Hagi is not bald.

2006-07-08 11:42:37
12.   Bob Timmermann
It's bad enough you confuse Serbs with Croats!
2006-07-08 11:46:07
13.   Kayaker7
You should read "Stumbling on Happiness" by Daniel Gilbert. It demonstrates how human memory is faulty. People don't remember past events as they happened, rather it is remembered as a simple caption. Then the mind recreates and fills in the voids when trying to recall the event.
2006-07-08 11:51:56
14.   Bob Timmermann
Impossible! My memory is perfect! Why I was just talking to ... um ... you know ... that guy with the brown hair I work with ... umm....
2006-07-08 12:22:55
15.   confucius
I just hope this match does not get ugly. The Portaguese were a little silly to say the least at the end of their last loss.
2006-07-08 12:25:10
16.   grandcosmo
14. LeMaster?
2006-07-08 12:41:39
17.   Bob Timmermann
Nah, not him...
2006-07-08 12:46:57
18.   Bob Timmermann
There will be overtime and PKs to decide the winner of this if necessary!
2006-07-08 13:48:46
19.   Bob Timmermann
Deutschland Drei!
2006-07-08 22:29:13
20.   confucius
I'm pulling for France in the final.

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