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Welcome to Home Run Derby! - chat thread
2006-07-10 15:13
by Bob Timmermann

Mark Scott here with another episode of Home Run Derby!

Today's contest includes:

Miguel Tejada
Lance Berkman
Miguel Cabrera
Troy Glaus
Jermaine Dye
David Wright
David Ortiz
Ryan Howard

Sadly, I know when this starts (5 pm PT) unlike the World Cup Final which I was off by an hour on.

Although if the first pitch of this gets thrown at 5 pm PT, I will be very surprised. You need at least 15 minutes of pointless introductions and perhaps they need to hire someone to carry Chris Berman's ego to PNC Park. And Joe Morgan needs to be there to provide expert commentary like "To hit a home run, you really need to hit the ball in the air."

Comments (194)
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2006-07-10 15:36:41
1.   Humma Kavula
Chris Berman's ego isn't carried. Already inflated, it floats; it's just a matter of getting it over the walls so that it may safely descend inside the confines of the ballpark.

You're with me, leather.

2006-07-10 15:39:09
2.   Humma Kavula
I wonder if Psycho Steve will be shedding a tear tonight at the thought of all those rallies killed.

Maybe next year, he can host, and they can have the "Doubles Derby."

2006-07-10 15:46:05
3.   Philip Michaels
2 I believe Joe Morgan will be hosting a special edition of "Productive Out Derby" immediately following the Home Run Derby. Contestants will see how many ground balls they can hit to the right side of the infield with their scores adjusted for how many teammates congratulate them when they return back to the dugout.

Productive Out Derby will air on tape delay from 3 a.m to 3:06 a.m. on ESPNNews, book-ended by Tom Emansky commercials.

2006-07-10 15:56:36
4.   Bob Timmermann
Buster Olney will be around for the Productive Out Derby.

I'm betting on David Eckstein in that one.

2006-07-10 16:05:21
5.   Humma Kavula
Hey, maybe after the Derby, they can have the Proven Veteran game, in which fans vote in players -- many of them past their prime -- to play a game!

Hmm, if only there were a way to make such a game count. I'm only watching if it counts!

2006-07-10 16:06:27
6.   Prescott Pete
Huge Gargantuan Homers tonight ... yes!
2006-07-10 16:13:58
7.   Philip Michaels
5 On that note, shouldn't the outcome of the Futures Game determine something? Like what city hosts next year's Caribbean World Series?
2006-07-10 16:20:35
8.   Humma Kavula
How about it determines if we have another World Baseball Classic?

Keep track of the Futures Game over four years. If the US takes a majority of the games, Bud Selig declares U.S. Baseball Superiority and the WBC is cancelled. If the World takes a majority, the WBC is scheduled. If each takes two, there's a one-game playoff.

On a more serious note, I know that Fox was saying that "This one counts," but I recall Bob pointing out that baseball and the players had not yet agreed that this one would, in fact, count. What's the final determination? Does this one count or not?

2006-07-10 16:21:08
9.   Bob Timmermann
It counts.
2006-07-10 16:34:25
10.   Philip Michaels
I think it would be wonderful for the Home Run Derby if, in addition to Berman, ESPN also tapped the talents of John Sterling and Hawk Harrelson for the play-by-play. That way, you'd have the Great Trinity of Contrived Home Run Calls.

And by "wonderful," I mean "haunting and soul-crushing."

2006-07-10 16:34:50
11.   Andrew Shimmin
The Home Run Derby has a longer pre-game show than the World Cup did. But no Shakira.
2006-07-10 16:35:12
12.   dzzrtRatt
Let's see, how could we make the Home Run Derby count too? I know! Whoever wins the derby, every time they get an intentional walk, they get to go straight to second base for the rest of the season!
2006-07-10 16:37:23
13.   Bob Timmermann
I would watch it if I could get ESPN Deportes, because I want to hear

Diganle no a esa pelota!

Best home run call in the biz!

2006-07-10 16:40:10
14.   Bob Timmermann
I assume it counts that is:

That story was from June 13 and MLBPA thought they were going to agree to it. But I haven't found an official followup.

2006-07-10 16:46:23
15.   Philip Michaels
11 I believe Shakira will be Ortiz's designated pitcher.
2006-07-10 16:49:06
16.   Humma Kavula
Okay -- I got it -- combining the idea in #12, how about...

...if the league of the player who wins the home run derby wins the all-star game, then the all-star game counts.

If the other league wins the all-star game, it doesn't count, and Bud Selig has to dress up as the San Diego Chicken and flip a coin to determine home-field advantage in the world series.

It's double-or-nothing for the All-Star events! Plus, there's the added possibility that Bud Selig would have to get into the Chicken costume! Ratings gold!

2006-07-10 16:58:56
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Jeff Lauria and Kruk think last year's Derby ruined Bobby Abreu. Makes sense to me.
2006-07-10 17:00:56
18.   DXMachina
I think they should just play for the big money, ya know, maybe $2000 for the winner and $1000 for the runner up. And maybe a cool $500 if someone hits three in a row.
2006-07-10 17:02:11
19.   Bob Timmermann
Sort of like how Johnny Fontane ruined Jack Woltz's prized starlet at his studio?
2006-07-10 17:02:46
20.   DXMachina
Is anyone else half expecting whoever these good ol' boys are to break into a rendition of "Are You Ready for Some Football"?
2006-07-10 17:04:54
21.   gpellamjr
20 I hadn't thought of that, but they sure do seem tough. In fact, listening to them makes me feel tough. Now I want to come to your city and scare Marilyn Manson. Or whatever they said.
2006-07-10 17:06:02
22.   gpellamjr
I think Rick Monday should call the home run derby.
2006-07-10 17:07:26
23.   DXMachina
"Are you ready for some longball?"?

Chris, say it ain't so...

2006-07-10 17:08:33
24.   Bluebleeder87
so everybody is picking big pappy right? I'm going with Glaus just to be different.

Go Glaus!

2006-07-10 17:09:12
25.   Andrew Shimmin
These GOBs are Big and Rich. I don't remember where I saw it, but there was a show over the weekend about this year's version of "Are You Ready for Some Football?" Big and Rich weren't invited, but Charlie Daniels, Little Richard, Bootsy Collins, the guy who isn't the singer from Aerosmith, and half a dozen other big shots are sitting in with Hank Williams Jr.

Big and Rich play on one of Williams' new songs, "That's How They Do It In Dixie," available in stores now.

This has been your music minute with AS, now back to the show.

2006-07-10 17:10:24
26.   Andrew Shimmin
24- I think you technically lose, already, since Kruk picked Glaus. Even if he wins, you still picked the guy Kruck did.
2006-07-10 17:11:15
27.   gpellamjr
I'm picking Dye. I won't give my reasons, lest the groundlessness of my prediction become transparent.
2006-07-10 17:11:18
28.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know but the ROAR of a big crowd gives me energy (it's my red bull)
2006-07-10 17:12:06
29.   gpellamjr
Call it Aleghator! Good one, HR!
2006-07-10 17:12:41
30.   Bluebleeder87

Krukie is funny I like 'um, I can't believe I picked the same guy Kruks picked. Yikes!

2006-07-10 17:13:02
31.   Andrew Shimmin
Haha, Berman picks Dye, so gellamjr loses too! The only way to win is to not play.
2006-07-10 17:13:08
32.   gpellamjr
28 I've learned to love your posts (very entertaining).
2006-07-10 17:14:00
33.   gpellamjr
31 Gak! Can I change my pick to HS Choi?
2006-07-10 17:14:25
34.   Bluebleeder87
Mazarusky (sp?) still has a pretty good arm for his age.
2006-07-10 17:15:12
35.   gpellamjr
First to bat is my new pick.
2006-07-10 17:17:08
36.   xaphor
For those waiting for the contest to start in Southern California, Jennifer Tilly's breasts are playing poker on FSN.
2006-07-10 17:18:27
37.   DXMachina
Mazeroski's home run is my earliest memory of baseball.
2006-07-10 17:19:24
38.   gpellamjr
I have the feeling I ruined the flow of the thread by mentioning Choi. I apologize. Forget I said it.
2006-07-10 17:20:31
39.   Sam DC
It disturbs me a little that the home run derby chat is on a pace to destroy the World Cup Final chat comment record (or any WC match, as earlier ones had more action I recall). Of course, it my help that the home run derby is 15 hours long.
2006-07-10 17:21:16
40.   Bluebleeder87

that's quite a gift if she can do that.

2006-07-10 17:21:58
41.   DXMachina
39 - There's more to mock with the HRD.
2006-07-10 17:22:57
42.   mintxcore
i think it has something to do with the fact that the WC was interesting to watch while the HR derby needs supplemental entertainment - like how Kevin Smith movies are really only good with a commentary track - oh! A golden ball!
2006-07-10 17:23:58
43.   Bob Timmermann
The t-shirt winner is in the house!
2006-07-10 17:23:59
44.   gpellamjr
HR was disappointed by the lack of wiggle in Tejada's bat. I was hoping ESPN wouldn't adopt X-MO.
2006-07-10 17:24:12
45.   Bluebleeder87
Darn it! how can I forget Berkman, He has a pretty good chance no?
2006-07-10 17:26:39
46.   Sam DC
In my nape of the way, ESPN2 is actually showing the World Cup Final right now.
2006-07-10 17:27:53
47.   Bluebleeder87
44 they copied Fox
2006-07-10 17:31:27
48.   mintxcore
Is anyone willing to admit to watching the HR Derby marathon on ESPN Classic today? I saw 5 minutes of it and caught McGwire complaining about the pitches his pitcher was tossing.
2006-07-10 17:31:59
49.   gpellamjr
I can't figure out why I hate the Astros so much and everyone associated with them.
2006-07-10 17:33:15
50.   Linkmeister
Well, since the Pirates are so miserably bad that they never get on TV, it's something to actually see what the relatively new stadium and the skyline look like.

Did you know that Pittsburgh's main industries now are financial services and health care?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-07-10 17:34:01
51.   DXMachina
48 - I am willing to admit that I once watched a marathon of the original Home Run Derby series. I still have the tapes I made of it.
2006-07-10 17:36:13
52.   xaphor
[49] Not a Republican I suspect.
2006-07-10 17:36:16
53.   Bluebleeder87
Boomer & Morgan get tongue tide saying Miguel Cabreras name.
2006-07-10 17:37:42
54.   gpellamjr
52 No, I'm not a republican. You can ask Andrew Shimin for details, he knows my politics better than I do.
2006-07-10 17:41:34
55.   Andrew Shimmin
Pellam is a registered Splitter. A traitor to the cause and all around sellout, politically speaking.
2006-07-10 17:42:34
56.   gpellamjr
55 You see? I told you he had tabs on me.
2006-07-10 17:42:39
57.   Bluebleeder87
I guess Cabrera is locked air tight with the Marlins hu.
2006-07-10 17:43:27
58.   gpellamjr
By the way, I pick Cabrera to win.
2006-07-10 17:45:24
59.   gpellamjr
Uma Thurman used to be on my list until I realized that she looks like a young version of my mother.
2006-07-10 17:46:25
60.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I can't believe I'm watching this. Every year! There needs to be a K-chip in my TV that replaces everything John Kruk says with smooth jazz stylings. My next TV will have the HDK-chip, which will actually deliver enormous painful electroshocks to Kruk's person.
2006-07-10 17:47:40
61.   Bluebleeder87
Let's go Glaus!
2006-07-10 17:49:26
62.   gpellamjr
60 Did you hear those idiots crticizing Abreu earlier? Kruk ridiculed him by saying "but his OPS is good" or something like that. Of course Phillips dismissed him as using sabermetrics.
2006-07-10 17:52:41
63.   xaphor
[55] The Judean People's Front?
2006-07-10 17:53:00
64.   Mark T.R. Donohue
You know what I would pay money to see? An all-pitcher HR Derby. They could have Carlos Zambrano, Mike Hampton, Bronson Arroyo, and for comedy's sake, a couple of AL guys who can't hit at all. Who wouldn't watch that? And it would be over much faster, too.
2006-07-10 17:54:41
65.   Sam DC
An observation and two questions.

Observation: The Home Run Derby isn't interesting.

Question 1: Did Soriano decline to participate in the derby or was he not asked?

Question 2: Why are they called "sabremetrics" and not just "statistics." I mean, I realize the name comes from SABR, which I guess has promoted or developed some of them, but I don't really get it.

2006-07-10 17:55:21
66.   Bluebleeder87
that's pretty weird Pauly pitching to Wright.
2006-07-10 17:56:05
67.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Statistics are just numbers. Sabermetrics is the scientific discipline of making those numbers prove trading for Jason Kendall's bloated contract is a good idea.
2006-07-10 17:56:35
68.   Bluebleeder87

those twins are still in my top list.

2006-07-10 17:57:33
69.   Bluebleeder87

Aaron Sele should give it a try.

2006-07-10 17:57:38
70.   Andrew Shimmin
People's Front of Judea! Xaphor is a splitter, too.
2006-07-10 17:57:49
71.   gpellamjr
We should have kept LoDuca. He pitches as well as Tomko, and he could be Toby Hall's backup catcher.
2006-07-10 17:58:11
72.   Bluebleeder87
who picked Wright?
2006-07-10 17:58:54
73.   Bluebleeder87
Wright is locked in.
2006-07-10 17:59:26
74.   gpellamjr
72 I picked Wright.
2006-07-10 17:59:37
75.   Andrew Shimmin
64- You should be in charge of Baseball. Maybe other things too, but definitely you should be the Commissioner. I would absolutely watch that.
2006-07-10 17:59:51
76.   gpellamjr
Clearly Wright's never going to hit a regular season homerun again.
2006-07-10 18:00:24
77.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I didn't pick anybody in protest of Matt Holliday's exclusion. But I did attend every game of the Mets-Rockies series in Denver last year and poke every Mets fan I saw in the ribs and say, "How 'bout that David Wright? Huh? Huh? Huh?" I plan on doing the same at the Cubs-Mets series in Chicago this weekend.
2006-07-10 18:02:44
78.   DXMachina
David Wright has a potty mouth.
2006-07-10 18:03:01
79.   gpellamjr
How many times can they be amazed by balls that barely make it over the fence? Is it just justification for their existence to say "he missed that, but he's so strong that blah blah blah blah blah".
2006-07-10 18:03:10
80.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Is there some kind of fix in so that every hitter will hit one and exactly one homer with the special gold balls?
2006-07-10 18:04:22
81.   Andrew Shimmin
I changed over to watch the local news. Just a quick public service announcement: when fleeing a news channel, in your car, it's best not to stall it out. It makes you look guilty.
2006-07-10 18:04:33
82.   gpellamjr
80 Yes.
2006-07-10 18:04:53
83.   mintxcore
i hope that baby punches AJP in the face
2006-07-10 18:07:30
84.   Bluebleeder87

you lier!! you picked Cabrera

2006-07-10 18:08:48
85.   Bluebleeder87

it's a girl sow maybe a slap?

2006-07-10 18:09:08
86.   gpellamjr
84 I hate being called out for my lies. However, you have defiled my favorite word in the english language "liar". I just love the way it's spelled. I wish we pronounced it that way more often: "lay-ahr".
2006-07-10 18:12:34
87.   Andrew Shimmin
85- She was a little pudgey, maybe, but I really must take exception to your calling her a pig. She's just a baby! People like you are the reason so many young women have body issues.
2006-07-10 18:13:31
88.   Bluebleeder87
Reynolds discrived it great how catchers throw. "throwing darts" I liked it.
2006-07-10 18:13:58
89.   gpellamjr
It is electronically documented that I picked Dye first.
2006-07-10 18:14:58
90.   Bluebleeder87

I never called her fat? were did you get that from.

2006-07-10 18:14:59
91.   gpellamjr
88 I prefer Joe Morgan's advice for winning these contest: "Hit a bunch of homeruns".
2006-07-10 18:15:17
92.   gpellamjr
90 You called her a "girl sow".
2006-07-10 18:15:45
93.   mintxcore
i cant be the only person who thinks the Penguin is one of the guys in the booth....
2006-07-10 18:15:51
94.   gpellamjr
They call Daryl Ward a Houston Astro, but he'll always be a Dodger to me.
2006-07-10 18:16:20
95.   Andrew Shimmin
90- I was teasing you over your spelling. It was funnier in my head.
2006-07-10 18:17:27
96.   gpellamjr
95 I think you're funny. Well, no. But you are observant.
2006-07-10 18:17:37
97.   Bob Timmermann
"Girl sow" is redundant.
2006-07-10 18:17:49
98.   gpellamjr
Wait, Ortiz is in this thing? I pick him!
2006-07-10 18:18:13
99.   dzzrtRatt
80 How will they check?
2006-07-10 18:18:37
100.   Bluebleeder87

I don't even know what that means, The only thing I'm guilty of is bad grammer!

big papi next

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-10 18:19:50
101.   gpellamjr
100 Oh no! And spelling! I suppose, spelling is part of grammar in the strictest sense.
2006-07-10 18:21:11
102.   gpellamjr
Quote of the day: "This is shades of... the Giants ballpark..."
2006-07-10 18:21:41
103.   Bluebleeder87
grammer,spelling I don't know I'm just bad o.k. :o)
2006-07-10 18:24:01
104.   Bob Timmermann
Bluebleeder87 is spelling better in my native language than I would in his.
2006-07-10 18:24:39
105.   mintxcore
2006-07-10 18:26:17
106.   gpellamjr
104 And better than most of my students, who are Ohio farmboys and girls who don't think Spanish should be spoken in the US. I don't mean to criticize you, bluebleeder.
2006-07-10 18:28:23
107.   Bob Timmermann
My 7-year old nephew who came to the US from Guatemala last Thanksgiving has already learned to speak English, eliminating the one person I could carry on a coherent conversation in Spanish..

Now I talk to him and it's "Hi, Uncle Bob how are you doing?"

2006-07-10 18:32:19
108.   Bluebleeder87

I know all in good fun.

2006-07-10 18:33:14
109.   Bob Timmermann
Whew! I hardly ever get enough comments that anyone can take offense at anything!
2006-07-10 18:35:07
110.   Bob Timmermann
Which part of Ohio? I had never been in the state until 2004 when I went to the SABR convention in Cincinnati and then rode with a friend to Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Cincinnati seemed very Southern to me.

2006-07-10 18:35:12
111.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Sweet merciful Zeus, is it still the first round?
2006-07-10 18:36:11
112.   Bluebleeder87
who ever picked Howard is gonna be disapointed
2006-07-10 18:36:16
113.   Andrew Shimmin
On matters of language and offense taking: do you think the Itallian guy really called Zidane the son of a terrorist whore? What language would he have said it in?
2006-07-10 18:37:11
114.   mintxcore
Ryan Howard is getting hte Hee Seop Choi treatment
2006-07-10 18:38:27
115.   Bob Timmermann
Zidane played in Italy for six years, so I'm sure he knows some Italian. Since Zidane grew up in Algeria and France, he probably knows more than one language.
2006-07-10 18:41:15
116.   Bluebleeder87
Howard proven me wrong.
2006-07-10 18:42:37
117.   Mark T.R. Donohue
You know I didn't see until relatively late in the World Cup that English was the "official" language for the referees and everyone on the officiating crews had to past a language test. So our mother tongue is the language of business, aviation, and yellow cards alike.
2006-07-10 18:42:40
118.   gpellamjr
110 I'm in Columbus. I am a graduate student and I teach classes at the Ohio State University. My students are a mix of the very urbane and the very hickish. I don't like cities, but Columbus is a pretty politically advanced town in terms of its radical organization... umm, what was your question? I think I'll post on here more often if you like to see people offended. That's the one thing I'm good at.
2006-07-10 18:43:14
119.   Cliff Corcoran
Oritz, Howard, Wright, Cabrera. They got the right four guys in the second round.
2006-07-10 18:44:12
120.   gpellamjr
119 And the four guys I picked to advance.
2006-07-10 18:45:24
121.   Bob Timmermann

The refs may use English as their lingua franca, but I'm certain that Materazzi said something to Zidane in Italian. There's no way he could have played six years of top flight soccer in Italy without picking up profanities.

2006-07-10 18:45:53
122.   Cliff Corcoran
Also, I like to see new blood in the ASG. Ortiz is the oldest of the remaining four. Good stuff.
2006-07-10 18:47:14
123.   gpellamjr
So, uh... what do you guys think of the DH?
2006-07-10 18:47:51
124.   Bob Timmermann

No, I thought you might have been closer to Cincinnati. That city definitely gave off an air of being in the Bible Belt. I didn't see Columbus, so I was unable to add to my list of state capitals visited.

Nicest state capital (as a place to visit):
Santa Fe, NM

Worst state capital;
Lansing, MI

2006-07-10 18:48:11
125.   gpellamjr
Are they seriously booing that kid? The ball was nowhere near the wall--- or is nobody else still watching?
2006-07-10 18:49:12
126.   gpellamjr
124 Trenton is pretty horrible, too. The NJ Transit people there are even ruder than in NYC.
2006-07-10 18:51:16
127.   gpellamjr
Mark Lorretta: "It looks like the winner of the east is going to get into the playoffs".
2006-07-10 18:51:30
128.   Bob Timmermann
Harrisburg, PA gets a demerit because I got lost in it and spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to cross some river.

But Lansing, MI is home to America's most confusing sign.

I-69 is now I-96
I-96 is now I-69

2006-07-10 18:52:41
129.   gpellamjr
Doesn't the transitive property, then, require that I-69 is now I-69?
2006-07-10 18:52:41
130.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Bonnie Bernstein's return to TV is a triumphant one.
2006-07-10 18:53:53
131.   Bob Timmermann
Check the west side of the map:

2006-07-10 18:55:13
132.   Bluebleeder87

Are the little kids all stars or something, I thought I heard something like that.

2006-07-10 18:56:40
133.   Bob Timmermann
I imagine that the little kids on the field are probably the best in their Little League.

Or they just know the right people.

2006-07-10 18:57:08
134.   Andrew Shimmin
124- If Lansing is the worst you've been to, I can state with 98% certainty that you've never been to Lincoln, NE, or Pierre, SD.
2006-07-10 18:58:09
135.   DXMachina
That sort of like how Rt. 128 North is also I-93 South just outside of Boston.
2006-07-10 18:58:58
136.   mintxcore
this is the most boring thing ive seen on tv. ever.

Oh wait, scratch that. I forgot about the actual All-star game from last year.

2006-07-10 18:59:25
137.   Bob Timmermann
You are correct.

I've been to Montpelier, VT which has a population of 9000 or so. Everything in Vermont seems like it's part of a model railroad set.

2006-07-10 18:59:38
138.   DXMachina
I gotta go with gpellamjr on this one. I even grew up in Jersey, and I think Trenton is the worst.
2006-07-10 18:59:49
139.   gpellamjr
I'll have to say that the worst is Phoenix for the simple reason that one summer night when I lived there, it was 3am, and I decided it was safe to get out of the air conditioner and enjoy some natural air. I went outside to discover that it was 103 degrees and there was a lightning storm. I've never felt so trapped.
2006-07-10 19:00:22
140.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't a family moving to the US from China get a Chinese-speaking real estate agent. There are only about, oh, 2000-3000 of them in Southern California.
2006-07-10 19:02:10
141.   gpellamjr
138 I lived in Hamilton. I despised both Trenton and Princeton (Trenton for every reason, and Princeton, though beautiful, for its arrogant people whom I knew from the Princeton Junction station).
2006-07-10 19:02:20
142.   mintxcore

But that real estate agent DOES speak Chinese. Sure, it's only one word but it's the thought that counts - right?

2006-07-10 19:03:59
143.   mintxcore
142(to respond to myself):

Either that, or the family is actually NOT from China but are from Vancouver and speak perfect English and the real estate agent is just assuming. Plus, the family isnt even Chinese.

2006-07-10 19:05:59
144.   Bob Timmermann
That commercial was filmed at LAX. And the agent's card has an LA address on it.

One of the top real estate agents in my town has the surname Middleman, which is the perfect name.

2006-07-10 19:07:19
145.   das411
Is it too late to pick Howard and/or rip on 2005 Bobby Abreu??
2006-07-10 19:07:50
146.   gpellamjr
144 The perfect name is the one that belonged to one of my sister's OB-GYNs, who was an Asian woman with a rather thick accent, whose name was Latisha O'Brien.
2006-07-10 19:08:32
147.   gpellamjr
145 You can pick Howard, but everyone knows that I picked him first.
2006-07-10 19:08:35
148.   Linkmeister
139 I spent a summer in Phoenix back in 1971 (I think that was the year). My biggest objection to the city is that's it's growing so quickly that it will soon reach Casa Grande to the south, which means junk architecture and strip malls that much closer to Tucson. And Tucson has enough of that on its own.
2006-07-10 19:08:40
149.   Bluebleeder87

We don't have that problem here in L.A.

2006-07-10 19:12:59
150.   gpellamjr
I hate Phil Garner passionately.
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2006-07-10 19:14:30
151.   Bob Timmermann
I have a hard time believing that a team managed by Phil Garner PLAYED in a World Series.
2006-07-10 19:15:24
152.   DXMachina
The one time I've ever been to Phoenix was to change planes. It would've been fine, but I was flying to Burbank, so I not only had to change planes, but also airlines, which meant I had to go outside to get from the Delta terminal to the America West terminal. It was 106° outside.

But at least it was a dry heat...

2006-07-10 19:16:47
153.   gpellamjr
152 A common joke in Arizona. Here in Columbus, they think it actually is nicer in Phoenix than it is here. They have no idea.
2006-07-10 19:17:30
154.   das411
So....all NL East, eh?
2006-07-10 19:18:04
155.   Bluebleeder87

I have a friend who just moved over there, I told him he would regret it & from what I'm hearing I think I was right.

2006-07-10 19:18:07
156.   Andrew Shimmin
People who bail out of their kayaks to get HR Derby balls should be put in jail, on general principle.
2006-07-10 19:18:49
157.   Bob Timmermann
The NL East, the division of winners!

At least in the NL West, the mediocre teams tend to hover ABOVE .500.

2006-07-10 19:26:04
158.   gpellamjr
Alright, here we go. The battle to show who make better athletes, once and for all. Blacks or whites? Does that make this thing interesting?
2006-07-10 19:26:45
159.   gpellamjr
Clearly ESPN views this as a racial contest, too with HR/Morgan picking Howard, Kruk/Berman picking Wright.
2006-07-10 19:28:03
160.   das411
Wait, but I'm white and I picked Howard, does that somehow make me a racist? Ack!
2006-07-10 19:28:30
161.   Bob Timmermann
Not is it black vs. white. It's right vs. left.

We can divide ourselves both racially and politically!

2006-07-10 19:28:45
162.   gpellamjr
If I hear one more time about someone not being a homerun hitter in batting practice, I will punch myself in the genitalia.
2006-07-10 19:29:25
163.   gpellamjr
160 It makes you a self-hating white. Get out of here, you self hater!
2006-07-10 19:30:08
164.   Bob Timmermann
Is Lo Duca the Heart and Soul™ of the Home Run Derby?
2006-07-10 19:30:11
165.   gpellamjr
161 Suddenly I feel deeply personally invested in this contest.
2006-07-10 19:31:03
166.   Sam DC
It's an odd night at The Griddle.
2006-07-10 19:31:44
167.   Bob Timmermann
My biggest day of comments is for a made for TV home run hitting contest.
2006-07-10 19:32:24
168.   mintxcore
Dude, what about the Lo Duca ethnic slur?

"Lo Duca's gonna throw those meat-a balls!"

2006-07-10 19:32:43
169.   Cliff Corcoran
Red Light Ortiz is in full effect.
2006-07-10 19:33:31
170.   DXMachina
164 - He's just trying to become the Italian Jeff Weaver.
2006-07-10 19:36:48
171.   das411
So will he do it or won't he?

...and will Abreu's one round total of 25(?) from last year be topped all total?

2006-07-10 19:40:27
172.   Philip Michaels
I got home from work a little bit after 7, puttered around a bit, and then by 7:12 flipped on the TV.

The second round was just wrapping up.

Good Lord, I can't imagine how some of you folks have managed to endure 150-plus minutes of unadulterated Berman -- interrupted occasionally by his moral equivalent Krukie -- without turning to a life of horrible crime.

2006-07-10 19:41:52
173.   gpellamjr
172 We turned it into an epic battle of races. It's pretty exciting.
2006-07-10 19:41:55
174.   Sam DC
Bob has started posting new stuff just to knock this chat off the Toaster sidebar.
2006-07-10 19:43:02
175.   gpellamjr
And to think, I almost didn't pick Howard.
2006-07-10 19:43:24
176.   Andrew Shimmin
167- To be fair, there was that whole state capitol digression! And some soccer. There would have been more soccer talk, but I got in trouble the last time I said what I thought about the way soccer players fight.
2006-07-10 19:43:54
177.   Andrew Shimmin
David Wright got swiftboated.
2006-07-10 19:44:04
178.   das411
2006-07-10 19:45:10
179.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's time to go for a walk. Then I can watch the Discovery Channel show and the PBS documentary on the Koshien tournament.
2006-07-10 19:45:50
180.   DXMachina
172 - It wasn't all Berman, thankfully. Ravitch did a lot of the early rounds.
2006-07-10 19:47:50
181.   Philip Michaels
So when does the celebrity softball live chat begin?
2006-07-10 19:47:55
182.   gpellamjr
Alright, this was great fun, gentlemen, but I think it's time to put away the ferrets and my racist inclinations and go to bed.
2006-07-10 19:48:45
183.   ToyCannon
Your all wet. A young curmudgeon with nothing to look forward to except being an old one.
2006-07-10 19:48:48
184.   Bob Timmermann
I've been designated to host the All-Star game chat thread too although I will miss most of the game.

I predict the winning team will have "League" in its name.

2006-07-10 19:49:32
185.   Bob Timmermann

If I did that, just shoot me.

2006-07-10 19:50:48
186.   gpellamjr
Poll: Who was tonight's worst broadcaster? Berman/Ravitch/Bernstein?
2006-07-10 19:54:40
187.   Andrew Shimmin
183- C'mon! Really? Would you dump yourself in the Allegheny river to get a fake contest baseball? I may not have anything to look forward to (who looks forward to being an old curmudgeon?), but at least I'm only all wet metaphorically speaking.
2006-07-10 20:01:18
188.   yankee23
Is it bad that I'm still playing the Swedish PK game?
2006-07-10 20:15:34
189.   Steve
This is not only the greatest thread of all time, and not only did I tivo the Home Run Derby, but now I'm going to try to go back and read the thread as I watch it.
2006-07-10 20:22:59
190.   Andrew Shimmin
It had a chance of getting even saltier, but nobody could figure out how to phrase the question that 146 practically insists be asked: how many does she need?
2006-07-10 20:23:55
191.   ToyCannon
I'd trade places with them in a 2nd. Sitting on a Kayak in any river and hitting the water in July sounds like a bit more fun then sitting in front of computer posting on the HRD thread. But hey, we all have different things that float our boats.
2006-07-10 20:25:08
192.   Steve
170 should be canonized, perhaps as the 151st Psalm.
2006-07-10 20:39:38
193.   Andrew Shimmin
191- Yeah? Well, there you go. I've always had trouble understanding people who like fun. I know I can be obnoxious, but I hope you don't think too badly of me; I don't really think they should be thrown in jail. Maybe just community service. 8^)
2006-07-10 20:47:05
194.   gpellamjr
190 She had three. I'll answer no further questions. It's more fun to wonder why.

As for 193, you are not obnoxious, but entertaining. A thin line. But don't use emoticons, it makes me forget your wit.

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