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All-Star game chat
2006-07-11 14:16
by Bob Timmermann

Live from PNC Park in Pittsburgh!

(It will be, just give it time.)

The American League and National League duke it out to see who Mom likes best. (If my mom were still alive she would be rooting for the NL as she just didn't do the AL.)

I've heard stories that this game counts. So I'll be checking the standings tomorrow to see who's ahead.

But let's all enjoy the All-Star Game and its pointless spectacle in a spirit of comity! Let our AL brothers and our NL brothers shake hands and come out playing fair. No head-butting!

Comments (380)
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2006-07-11 14:27:25
1.   Linkmeister
I think there was a list of Dodger pitchers who'd started the All Star Game in the LAT yesterday. I was startled to see that Koufax had only started once, particularly when you consider that for a few of the years he was active there were two All Star Games.

Here's the list:
Brad Penny will become the 10th pitcher in Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers history to start in an All-Star game

(* two games were played from 1959 to 1962):

Brad Penny: 2006

Hideo Nomo: 1995

Fernando Valenzuela: 1981

Don Sutton: 1977

Andy Messersmith: 1974

Don Drysdale: 1959, '62, '64, '68

Sandy Koufax: 1966

Johnny Podres*: 1962

Ralph Branca: 1948

Whit Wyatt: 1941

Well, OK. It wasn't till 1962 that he started showing what he could do, so there was only one AS Game per year during that incredible stretch he had.

2006-07-11 14:37:17
2.   Robert Daeley
That's quite a list.
2006-07-11 14:52:11
3.   s choir
Going by the starting lineups, this All-Star game looks about as competitive as the Dominican Republic vs. Cuba did on paper. The NL doesn't even look like an all-star team; it looks like... the New York Mets.
2006-07-11 15:05:11
4.   Cliff Corcoran
3 Imagine if Reyes was healthy. There are just two NL starters who are not from the NL East (even given Reyes' injury) and three AL starters not from the AL East (even given Ramirez's "injury"). Is that the result of:

a) An east coast media bias influencing the fan vote
b) A simple population advantage skewing the fan vote
c) The ability of rich east coast teams to sign the best players
d) Chance
e) Masons
f) Steroids, Bud Selig and the DH
g) We rule, you drool

Further to b) and g) where does this east coast voter turnout/influence go when it's time to vote for members of the federal government?

2006-07-11 15:34:12
5.   Bob Timmermann
California baseball fans are not as united in their voting for the All-Star game as the voters are for political offices.
2006-07-11 15:40:24
6.   subclub
As someone who actually attended the 1995 All-Star game the Hideo Nomo started, let me just say...that I don't really remember it.
2006-07-11 15:43:13
7.   D4P
let's all enjoy the All-Star Game and its pointless spectacle in a spirit of comity!

And/or a spirit of comedy.

2006-07-11 15:44:17
8.   Bob Timmermann
I went to the 1980 All-Star game at Dodger Stadium.

I was so excited to see it. I was really excited to see Dave Stieb because it was very rare that anyone in Southern California would ever see a Blue Jays player. The Angels wouldn't bother televising games from there.

That was the highlight.

And it was the debut of Diamondvision.

Woo hoo!

2006-07-11 15:44:30
9.   Steve
I have huge, huge, Lord of the Rings-sized hopes for this thread. The standard was set yesterday.
2006-07-11 15:47:50
10.   Bob Timmermann
You could go home disappointed.

The Home Run Derby chat had the most comments in Griddle History, but was way off in terms of total visitors. That record is still held by a USA-Korea game in the WBC.

The link to the game is the Gameday link as I finally deciphered their URL.

2006-07-11 15:50:09
11.   D4P
The only all-star games I really remember off the top of my head are "The one where Atlee Hammaker gave up the grand slam," "The one where Fernando struck out a bunch of guys in a row," "The one where Tim Raines got a bunch of hits," and "The one where Bo Jackson led off the game with a long HR to center off Big Fatty."
2006-07-11 15:54:24
12.   Steve
I remember "The one where Fred Lynn went nuts all over the NL"
2006-07-11 15:55:20
13.   Steve
Which is probably the same one, now that I think about it, as "The one where Atlee Hammaker gave up the grand slam."

Nice of Atlee Hammaker to show up as the mystery guest on What's My Line over at DT by the way.

2006-07-11 15:55:56
14.   Marty
The last one I can remember clearly is the one in Detroit where Reggie Jackson hit one that would be coming down about now if it hadn't hit a transformer. I think it was 1974.
2006-07-11 15:57:44
15.   D4P
Is Fred Lynn still the only player in ASG history to hit a grand slam?
2006-07-11 15:59:46
16.   Marty
And I remember Pete Rose going all Erstad on Ray Fosse, but I have no idea what year that was. And if it was in the late 70's that explains why.
2006-07-11 16:00:12
17.   Steve
I watched the 1998 All Star Game on tape in Pocatello, Idaho.

No, I don't remember how it ended.

2006-07-11 16:04:00
18.   D4P
Have you ever watched an ASG in Ontario?

(Note: That was a trick question)

2006-07-11 16:08:45
19.   Steve
18 -- I watched a lot of Jasons in Ontario once.
2006-07-11 16:13:21
20.   grandcosmo
>>>And it was the debut of Diamondvision.

Beg to differ. I was at Dodger Stadium the Sunday before the All-Star break for Old-Timer's day. (this game:

During the old-timer's festivities the centerfield wall opened up and Joe DiMaggio, Duke Snider and Willie Mays walked out in uniform. While they were walking the Diamond Vision screen was turned on for the first time ever for about 10 seconds to show them walking in.

The Dodgers retired Duke Sniders number that day as well AND Hank Aaron singled off of Sandy Koufax to plate the winning run in the Old-Timers game AND it was Willie McCovey's last game in the major leagues and he hit a sacrafice fly as a pinch hitter.

Other than that the game doesn't stand out as being particularly memorable.

2006-07-11 16:15:20
21.   DXMachina
My favorite All-Star moment was Dave Parker throwing out Brian Downing in 1979. Prior to that it had been a catch Yaz made in '69.
2006-07-11 16:19:42
22.   Marty
Lo Duca

What idiot made out that lineup?

2006-07-11 16:45:08
23.   s choir
22 That's a good lineup for an all-star game in an NL park, in theory. There will be lots of subs. And that's a good thing for the NL too, since their starting lineup leaves a lot to be desired.

Wright could be replaced at third after he bats, in a double switch. The NL lists five 3Bs on its roster (including Nomar). Penny's replacement will bat 6th. You then could have a lineup (starting from the 7 hole) of:

Lo Duca
Pitcher's spot

That's not bad, in theory.

2006-07-11 16:51:49
24.   Marty
23 Sorry, I was joking, it being an all-star lineup and all. I should have made it more obvious :)
2006-07-11 16:54:09
25.   dianagramr

Wasn't that 1971?


That was the BEST OF throw I've ever seen.

2006-07-11 16:54:38
26.   gpellamjr
I have arrived. Don't worry. Though I imagine even I can't make this game controversial without Andy Shimmin here. That guy really irks me.
2006-07-11 16:56:32
27.   unmoderated
a bit off-topic, but here are some great Pittsburgh skyline/city photos.

2006-07-11 16:56:42
28.   Andrew Shimmin
Has any player ever been suspended for conduct during an all-star game? Any ejections, even? I have very high hopes for tonight's game.
2006-07-11 16:57:13
29.   Humma Kavula
Perhaps we can also make fun of non-native English speakers' spelling.
2006-07-11 16:57:53
30.   gpellamjr
I think I am more invested in this game than the rest of you. I will actually be rooting for the NL. It's about time they win. If you ask Hargrove, the NL has the advantage, actually, because the AL doesn't have a DH. Poor guys.
2006-07-11 16:58:21
31.   gpellamjr
It's more fun to make fun of mine.
2006-07-11 17:01:15
32.   gpellamjr
I wasn't pumped up for the game until this awesome intro started. GO STARS!!!
2006-07-11 17:01:35
33.   gpellamjr
Even the cowboy was impressed! Wow!
2006-07-11 17:01:49
34.   dianagramr
is the game on radio in the U.S.?
2006-07-11 17:02:40
35.   gpellamjr
Two questions: 1) Why was it dark in California at 5pm and 2) why weren't those kids at home watching the ASG?
2006-07-11 17:02:57
36.   deburns
I sat in the Commissioner's seats right in back of home plate at the 'Stick for Fernando's string of strikeouts in 1981. [Ueberroth's exec asst was a buddy]. I particularly enjoyed walking past some folks who thought they were big shots and waving as we went down to our seats.
2006-07-11 17:03:59
37.   Marty
Is there anything more pathetic than following the all-star game on Gameday?
2006-07-11 17:04:27
38.   gpellamjr
37 Yes.
2006-07-11 17:06:48
39.   Marty
It would be great if this turned into a beanball war with a brawl. That would really say "this time it counts".
2006-07-11 17:09:13
40.   Xeifrank
Just ran a sim of today's All-Star game. Here are the highlights:

National League wins 9-5 as the NL bats were just too much for the AL pitchers to handle. Howard(2), Pujols and Wright all homered for the NL. Wright's was a 3 run HR and Howard connected for two. For the AL, the #8 spot of Loretta/F.Lopez went 4 for 4. David Wright was named the MVP of the game going 3 for 4 with a HR and 4 RBIs. Brad Penny got the win, Rogers the loss. Rogers was roughed up for 3 runs in the first inning and had to be relieved by J.Santana. Jim Tracy blamed the loss on pirated software. vr, Xei

2006-07-11 17:09:25
41.   Andrew Shimmin
39- That would make the NL sorry they didn't think to bring Eric Byrnes to the game. That is the only thing that possibly could.
2006-07-11 17:09:40
42.   gpellamjr
I thought the game was supposed to start at 8.
2006-07-11 17:11:32
43.   Bob Timmermann

Does any American sporting event start at the designated time?

You know what was weird about the World Cup. When they would say that the match was starting at noon or 6 am or whatever, it started at that time.

They do all the pregame folderol in a very specific timeframe on the other side of the pond.

2006-07-11 17:11:55
44.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be following on Gameday as I will be at work.
2006-07-11 17:12:28
45.   Andrew Shimmin
That was a horrible game. Whoever thought that up should be put in ja. . . um, nevermind.
2006-07-11 17:12:29
46.   gpellamjr
Joe Buck is calling this game? Awesome! I only hope he has Tim McCarver with him! They are so awesome.
2006-07-11 17:12:52
47.   gpellamjr
45 Somebody's all wet.
2006-07-11 17:12:57
48.   Linkmeister
27 Those are some dynamite photos. Thanks.
2006-07-11 17:14:18
49.   gpellamjr
I never understood when Chick Hearn said that "the butter's gettin' hard" that it was normal, because I grew up calling margarine "butter". I thought it must be going bad or something. I saw the light when I lived with my wife's family for a while.
2006-07-11 17:14:44
50.   Bob Timmermann
When I went to Pittsburgh, I was surprised at how nice the city was. Great architecture there. And the University of Pittsburgh keeps Forbes Field's home plate under plexiglass in the building they put in. And they have bricks laid down to mark where the foul lines of Forbes Field was.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-07-11 17:15:44
51.   Bob Timmermann
The US Department of Agriculture would like to have a word with you about the difference between butter and margarine.

Also this son of a dairy farmer is going to tell you some stories.

2006-07-11 17:17:00
52.   Marty
44 I was making fun of myself as that is what I'm doing.
2006-07-11 17:18:00
53.   Bob Timmermann
I figured that pathos loves company doesn't it?
2006-07-11 17:18:04
54.   Steve
Isn't that nice? Scott Kazmir brought his twelve-year-old son to the All Star Game and let him stand with the big players.
2006-07-11 17:18:08
55.   gpellamjr
51 That was the plan, I've dedicated this evening to breaking a griddle record for posts. By the way, what does everyone think of the theory of the "unitary executive"? I think it's very interesting and a good thing. I also like "seperate but equal". Thoughts?
2006-07-11 17:18:17
56.   Nagman
Please, somebody tell me why they don't use the DH in the All-Star game.
2006-07-11 17:18:27
57.   Andrew Shimmin
When they play that sort of thing at basketball games, it's to put the ball through the hoop. Maybe you have to stand further back, but the point is the same as the point of the game. Same with trying to throw a football through some target that would be a recievers hands. But who trys to hit a baseball to some target on the ground ten feet behind the diamond? Just an alotoghether horrible game. If they didn't want to give away the mony that badly, the shouldn't have been allowed sponser the thing.

What was wrong with the throw the baseball through a one square foot target, or whatever? I realize the gameday followers don't know what I'm talking about, but I feel very passionately that some teenage Pittsburgher got hosed on t.v., by Taco Bell.

2006-07-11 17:18:30
58.   Cliff Corcoran
I know it's Pittsburgh, but can someone please check the crowd for a pulse?
2006-07-11 17:18:42
59.   coachjpark
Jim Tracy gets a cheer!
2006-07-11 17:19:08
60.   grandcosmo
14. Have you been incarcerated or on a desert island for the last 35 years?
2006-07-11 17:19:23
61.   Marty
Huh, I called margarine butter too. And I grew up next to two dairy farms.
2006-07-11 17:20:28
62.   gpellamjr
57 I think you meant "Maybe you have to stand fArther back..."
2006-07-11 17:21:17
63.   Cliff Corcoran
Is it me or is seeing Nomar in among the NL's selection young reserve players like seeing Bono waiting in line for a bus or something?
2006-07-11 17:21:22
64.   Steve
This ovation for Freddy Sanchez, while deserved, is a little sad. Poor, poor Pittsburgh.
2006-07-11 17:21:46
65.   gpellamjr
I was hoping for more hatred for Jason Schmidt.
2006-07-11 17:22:23
66.   gpellamjr
Poor Syd Barrett.
2006-07-11 17:22:54
67.   coachjpark
Jason Schmidt got a quasi-ovation from those that remembered his time in Pittsburgh.
2006-07-11 17:23:40
68.   Bob Timmermann
I felt bad for the AL All-Stars who had to wear batting practice jerseys that were in Pirate colors and lettering. I fear that all of those guys are going to be touched with Pirateness.

If that's so, the White Sox are doomed as they have been the most infected.

2006-07-11 17:24:21
69.   Steve
Phil Garner runs out, sloshing pudding out his ears.
2006-07-11 17:25:28
70.   coachjpark
Why is Renteria batting 5th ahead of David Wright?
2006-07-11 17:25:32
71.   gpellamjr
Why do people defend free press, when "freedom of the press" means the right to get excessively close to a ball player's face with a camera, but they do not believe in it when it means the New York Times exposing spying by the US government?
2006-07-11 17:25:42
72.   Steve
Bob, the guy who rose to prominence on Letterman must be Chris Elliot (musn't he?) but that doesn't get me any closer to the answer!
2006-07-11 17:26:22
73.   gpellamjr
69 I don't get it.

70 Because Phil Garner is the manager (i.e. bad decisions are bound to be made).

2006-07-11 17:27:14
74.   gpellamjr
So, do people who like mozzarella and hate free agency buy Ford?
2006-07-11 17:27:41
75.   Linkmeister
55 If you mean "separate but equal" referring to branches of government, then the "unitary executive" theory can't coexist with it.

Is there a 9th circuit for appeals plays in the ASG?

2006-07-11 17:27:50
76.   yankee23
Those are RCW wristbands, no?
2006-07-11 17:28:24
77.   coachjpark
How are the coaches selected? Does the home-town manager get a free pass as a coach? Is it just based on what the manager selects?
2006-07-11 17:28:52
78.   Steve
72 -- OK. I think I figured it out, but if I have the answer, then Bob simply scares me at this point.
2006-07-11 17:29:11
79.   gpellamjr
75 Ouch... correcting my spelling. That hurts! But no, I was referring to separating people on the basis of their skin color. I like that. I don't think religions should co-exist, either.
2006-07-11 17:30:12
80.   gpellamjr
In the words of our president "The Iraqis have Shiites and Sunnis? I thought they were Muslims."
2006-07-11 17:30:20
81.   A Slo
Interesting seeing Brad Penny throwing to Paul LoDuca. If only Hee Seop could be in Pittsburgh as well.
2006-07-11 17:30:38
82.   Steve
75 -- You can have separation of powers without a unitary executive. But ruling "committees" haven't generally worked out well in the past couple of hundred years.
2006-07-11 17:32:26
83.   Andrew Shimmin
Ah, Carrie Underwood performing the anthem. Her hit single: Jesus Take the Wheel.
2006-07-11 17:32:31
84.   Steve
[Tattinger's, aka Nick and Hilary]
2006-07-11 17:32:34
85.   coachjpark
75 Saturday Night Live had a funny skit during the aftermath of the 2000 election that parodied the idea of splitting the power of the executive in a Laverne and Shirley/Bush and Gore skit.

Not a bad looker is that Carrie Underwood...

2006-07-11 17:32:45
86.   DXMachina
It occurred to me as he was trotting out there that Garner was on the last Pirate team to win a World Series.
2006-07-11 17:33:30
87.   Bob Timmermann
You are correct.
2006-07-11 17:33:42
88.   gpellamjr
85 Her rather impressive body made me feel patriotic as she sang.
2006-07-11 17:34:15
89.   coachjpark
81 Bob, am I allowed to comment on Hee Seop Choi? :)
2006-07-11 17:34:42
90.   gpellamjr
I hate Buck.
2006-07-11 17:35:18
91.   coachjpark
Is Brad Penny pitching to Paul LoDuca an example of irony in the All Star game, or would such a statement be a Jim Tracyism coincidental irony?
2006-07-11 17:35:43
92.   gpellamjr
I'm waiting for Bob to tell me that my statement in 90 has some connotation I don't realize.
2006-07-11 17:36:50
93.   gpellamjr
I predict 7-4 NL.
2006-07-11 17:37:09
94.   s choir
56 Please, somebody tell me why they don't use the DH in the All-Star game.

They do, but only in the AL parks.

2006-07-11 17:38:00
95.   gpellamjr
93 I also predicted the Dodgers would lead the NL in team ERA.
2006-07-11 17:38:25
96.   Bob Timmermann

Not that I can tell, but I will check with the Department of Unintended Insults.

2006-07-11 17:40:01
97.   coachjpark
Prediction: NL 5-4 - MVP David Wright on a 2 run bomb
2006-07-11 17:40:29
98.   Marty
84 That was a TV show? I don't remember it.
2006-07-11 17:41:46
99.   gpellamjr
So, there used to be two ASGs? Why? What was the system?
2006-07-11 17:42:06
100.   Andrew Shimmin
Every minute that passes makes it more difficult to change the channel. I've already invested forty minutes in to this thing, even though I haven't seen a pitch. It would be a complete waste if I tuned out now. But, WHEN'S IT GONNA START?!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-11 17:42:26
101.   gpellamjr
I also predict that Penny and Nomar will suffer career ending injuries.
2006-07-11 17:42:28
102.   Bob Timmermann
Tattinger's was Bruce Paltrow's followup to St. Elsewhere.

It didn't fare as well.

2006-07-11 17:43:24
103.   Bob Timmermann
There would one ASG in July and another in August. The players asked for it to boost funding for the pension plan.
2006-07-11 17:44:17
104.   DXMachina
Anyone think Penny will get ticked off at Garner when Brad gets taken out of the game before the fifth inning?
2006-07-11 17:44:46
105.   coachjpark
The height of my anti-Jim Tracyism was last year around this time. Here you had a guy who hit 7 HR in 3 games and was benched the last couple of games before the All Star break because of various arm angles and what not. Much of that feeling has subsided, though.

I think if HSC lifts some weights and gains some muscles, it would bode well for his career.

Ah, Ichiro... a Korean favorite!

2006-07-11 17:46:54
106.   gpellamjr
105 Yes, I recall he had some nice things to say about Korean baseball.
2006-07-11 17:47:01
107.   coachjpark
100 Not really. Sunk cost.
2006-07-11 17:47:18
108.   gpellamjr
McCarver was surprised that Penny has thrown a bunch of fastballs.
2006-07-11 17:47:49
109.   gpellamjr
If Penny pitches well, does he enter the discussions about NL Cy Young?
2006-07-11 17:48:06
110.   njr
Steve-- that made me laugh out loud. Which is a problem since I'm at work.
2006-07-11 17:48:37
111.   A Slo
For the sake of the Dodger season, I would like Brad Penny to bring it down just a notch.
2006-07-11 17:48:39
112.   Andrew Shimmin
It begins. No way does Ozzie let Jeter get brushed back like that without retaliating!
2006-07-11 17:48:46
113.   coachjpark
106 Just to show you that I am not ethnocentric in my fantasy baseball decisions - I own Ichiro on my fantasy team and rejected a trade that would have netted by Francisco Liriano. Ichiro's high average and steals are simply too hard to replace.

I do love garlic, however.

2006-07-11 17:49:09
114.   gpellamjr
69 I still haven't figured out what that means.
2006-07-11 17:49:29
115.   coachjpark
Maybe Penny will get the MVP?
2006-07-11 17:50:06
116.   Bob Timmermann
Does Penny (or any Dodger pitcher) ever get two straight swinging strikeouts normally?
2006-07-11 17:50:18
117.   gpellamjr
What? Penny throwing fastballs??
2006-07-11 17:50:19
118.   DXMachina
"How 'bout the number one?"
2006-07-11 17:51:12
119.   coachjpark
99 mph!!!

Penny's showcasing himself for something!

2006-07-11 17:51:32
120.   Bob Timmermann
The last starting pitcher in an All-Star game to be named MVP was Pedro Martinez in 1999.
2006-07-11 17:52:23
121.   gpellamjr
Will you all think less of me for enjoying that half inning?
2006-07-11 17:52:44
122.   natepurcell
Ok. That was AWESOME.
2006-07-11 17:52:47
123.   coachjpark
I wonder what Bronson Arroyo and Nomar are talking about...

"Where's your ring?" - Bronson
"Right...." - Nomar

2006-07-11 17:52:53
124.   DXMachina
Take a seat, Papi.
2006-07-11 17:53:04
125.   njr

Pudding for brains.

2006-07-11 17:53:23
126.   coachjpark
I'm pretty darn sure DePodesta is feeling quite swell about himself right about now...
2006-07-11 17:53:52
127.   Vishal
nothing but fastballs. that was so great.
2006-07-11 17:54:12
128.   bobbygrich
I don't know if that gun is fast, on the radio they kept saying that he was throwing 97, 98 and even 99 a couple of times.
2006-07-11 17:54:17
129.   Vishal
[116] kuo does. broxton too.
2006-07-11 17:54:48
130.   coachjpark
I think it's kind of funny how Phillips boldly predicted that Ortiz would be MVP because he would hit a 3-run HR in the 1st inning...
2006-07-11 17:54:56
131.   bobbygrich
116 No, maybe Saito but not with that kind of stuff.
2006-07-11 17:55:05
132.   gpellamjr
126 No, you see the key to that inning was LoDuca's leadership. As you can clearly see, it was the intangibles.
2006-07-11 17:55:13
133.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Nomar got a ring. The Red Sox gave rings to everybody who played on the team. They gave out 500 of them I believe. It's a status symbol in Boston to NOT have the ring.
2006-07-11 17:55:48
134.   Nick from Washington Heights
114 My interpretation is that he means Garner has pudding for a brain. Is that correct? I'm sometimes slow.
2006-07-11 17:56:04
135.   coachjpark
Kenny Rogers is the best chance for the NL to get a W.
2006-07-11 17:56:09
136.   das411
Wow Brad Penny is angry at somebody...maybe he's trying to throw the ball thru LoDuca?

I'm gonna be bold and predict 2-1 NL, both of the runs will come on an inside the park HR by my man CHASE!! UTLEY!!!!!!!!

2006-07-11 17:56:14
137.   Bob Timmermann
Hey Soriano,
Don't make an out that fast. We need you to bat a long time for idle trade speculation.
2006-07-11 17:56:57
138.   bobbygrich
122 Nate, I'm guessing you liked Kenshaw's game better than Morris' but both seem to be adjusting well.

BTW, out of the 5 unsigned 1st Round picks, 3 are Boras' clients with the other 2 being the Tar Heel pitchers.

2006-07-11 17:57:31
139.   coachjpark
Izturis or Cora would have snagged that!
2006-07-11 17:57:52
140.   Cliff Corcoran
So did Penny just end his career by trying to throw 100 MPH for the entire first inning? I mean, didn't Pedro's big strikeout performance in the ASG end in a DL stay?

And isn't the NL gonna win this because they actually took the league's best players, unlike the AL?

2006-07-11 17:58:02
141.   gpellamjr
The NL has no chance. Clearly Pujols could not possibly hit a homerun off of Rogers here.
2006-07-11 17:58:21
142.   bobbygrich
Question: Does the All-Star game use the regular rules for assigning wins to games?
2006-07-11 17:59:18
143.   coachjpark
Trading away Pujols clinched my fantasy victory.

Albert Pujols/David Weathers for Carlos Delgado/Carl Crawford - built up a nice 20 point lead in a 13 team 5X5 lead, in which my worst category is steals....

2006-07-11 17:59:22
144.   bobbygrich
Quick thing I heard, Garner is batting Bay 4th because he always seems to drive in runs against the Astros.
2006-07-11 18:00:17
145.   coachjpark
142 Yes, unless they run out of pitchers -- at which point, they confer with Bud Selig and then he throws his hands in the air befuddled...
2006-07-11 18:00:24
146.   bobbygrich
143 I understand the Delgado part but why did the other team only get Weathers?
2006-07-11 18:00:27
147.   Bob Timmermann
No, it's like spring training. They give out the win or lose to whomever is pitching when a team is ahead or behind for good.
2006-07-11 18:00:38
148.   3upn3down
Thanks for the vine D4P.
2006-07-11 18:00:57
149.   natepurcell

Kershaw's 12:1 K/bb ratio is pretty sexy.

2006-07-11 18:01:22
150.   gpellamjr
147 "whomever", Bob? Do I have to say it?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-11 18:01:24
151.   coachjpark
144 Although the logic is somewhat flawed, it's probably a good thing to have him 4th as Bay probably has the most incentive to please the hometown crowd....

I predict a bomb, right now!

2006-07-11 18:01:50
152.   coachjpark
Bomb meaning he's going to explode on a strikeout, of course...
2006-07-11 18:01:59
153.   D4P
Sure thing.
2006-07-11 18:02:09
154.   Bob Timmermann
You don't like my use of the objective case?
2006-07-11 18:02:39
155.   gpellamjr
154 Generally, I prefer correct usages of cases.
2006-07-11 18:03:21
156.   Vishal
[147] what's wrong with whomever? it sounds right to me.
2006-07-11 18:04:03
157.   Borchard504
I thought for sure, (valley lexicon - circa 1984, is back), that Penny would hit triple digits the way he was throwin at Ortiz...
2006-07-11 18:04:15
158.   Bob Timmermann
Pedro Martinez still won the Cy Young Award in 1999. He was a meager 23-4 with a 2.07 ERA.
2006-07-11 18:04:33
159.   coachjpark
143 Desperate for saves, I guess. I offered it but didn't think that the guy would take it. This was when Weathers had racked up some saves. In fact, this was the day that Pujols got injured. Pretty lopsided deal.
2006-07-11 18:04:39
160.   gpellamjr
156 I'm afraid to do this again, because I've probably alienated everyone at Dodgerthoughts already. In the context in which Bob used it, "whomever" represented the subject of a subordinate clause, in which case it should be in the "subjective" or "nominative" case.
2006-07-11 18:04:51
161.   Bob Timmermann
"Whomever" is the object of the preposition "to".
2006-07-11 18:05:41
162.   coachjpark
He's losing it! 97? 96?
2006-07-11 18:05:42
163.   gpellamjr
161 No, the object is an understood "him".
2006-07-11 18:06:00
164.   overkill94
Hey, a non-fastball!
2006-07-11 18:06:03
165.   Bob Timmermann
Really? Never knew that one and I thought I had every obscure grammar rule copied.


They give the win to whoever is pitching when the team goes ahead for good.

2006-07-11 18:06:04
166.   gpellamjr
The umpire was fooled by the off speed!
2006-07-11 18:06:52
167.   overkill94
If Penny goes more than 2 innings I'm gonna be fairly upset.
2006-07-11 18:07:17
168.   D4P
This Penny guy is good. If only we had a guy who pitched like that...
2006-07-11 18:07:33
169.   gpellamjr
165 Bob, when you give in, it makes me questions myself. But I'm pretty sure I'm right here. Too much Latin and Greek to get these things wrong. To make sure, though, you could emend to "They give the win to him who is pitching..."
2006-07-11 18:08:56
170.   Bob Timmermann
The Microsoft Word grammar checker agrees with gpellamjr.
2006-07-11 18:08:57
171.   natepurcell
How the hell is Vlad hit that.
2006-07-11 18:09:12
172.   D4P
Correction: we do have a guy who pitches like that...
2006-07-11 18:09:19
173.   das411
Figures, the former NL East-er starts off the scoring...
2006-07-11 18:09:19
174.   sam2175
HR Guerrerro, who has cleaned up his helmet for reasons unknown to anyone.

1-0 AL.

2006-07-11 18:10:20
175.   gpellamjr
I would, however, argue that the grammar in 171 could be interpreted as correct.
2006-07-11 18:10:40
176.   D4P
That was a weird homerun.
2006-07-11 18:10:57
177.   Steve
Hard to fault Penny for a guy who has enough strength to pop up a ball at his eyelids and put it out of the stadium.

Meanwhile, the thing I really hate about the All Star Game is the incessant Mark Redman talk.

2006-07-11 18:11:35
178.   Steve
Mark Redman this. Mark Redman that. It's like Derek Jeter doesn't even exist.
2006-07-11 18:12:42
179.   ninjavshippo
Do these ABs count when you hear stats like "Jason Bay is 1/21 lifetime against Mark Redman?" I assume not, since this is an exhbition game?
2006-07-11 18:12:48
180.   Uncle Miltie
Only Vlad hits a home run on that pitch. People will say that Penny was mediocre because he gave up a run. The NL lineup is pretty pathetic. They need to get Lo Duca out of there after his first at bat.
2006-07-11 18:15:47
181.   Steve
Jason Bay is 1 for 21 lifetime against Mark Redman? See, more Mark Redman talk.
2006-07-11 18:15:54
182.   gpellamjr
Renterreia is the best #5 hitter in All Star history.
2006-07-11 18:16:26
183.   coachjpark
David Wright MVP!!!!
2006-07-11 18:16:55
184.   King of the Hobos
Penny didn't have to pace himself to get through a 6 or 7 or 8 inning game? When was the last time he came anywhere close to pitching an 8 inning game?
2006-07-11 18:16:58
185.   Steve
David Wright eats Chase Utley for breakfast!
2006-07-11 18:17:37
186.   bobbygrich
Why was David Wright batting 7th? Chase Utley is hitting 8th?
2006-07-11 18:17:44
187.   mintxcore

this game counts, remember?

2006-07-11 18:18:15
188.   gpellamjr
186 6th and 7th respectively.
2006-07-11 18:18:17
189.   D4P
Renterreia is the best #5 hitter in All Star history

Only because Lucille II didn't make the team.

2006-07-11 18:18:26
190.   Steve
Isn't it Wright, the guy who got benched for David Bell, LoDuca, Pitcher's spot?
2006-07-11 18:18:55
191.   gpellamjr
Did FOX pay Wright to praise 24?
2006-07-11 18:19:28
192.   Steve
191 -- They also signed Kazmir to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2006-07-11 18:19:39
193.   bobbygrich
184 June 9, 2006, Penny went 8 1/3 and beat the Rockies in Colorado.
2006-07-11 18:20:33
194.   gpellamjr
193 Wasn't that the start immediately after his pissy exist in Atlanta?
2006-07-11 18:20:50
195.   Uncle Miltie
I predicted that DP by Lo Dookie
2006-07-11 18:22:03
196.   gpellamjr
Hey Bob, how many more posts do we need?
2006-07-11 18:23:35
197.   Andrew Shimmin
196- Negative 2.
2006-07-11 18:24:44
198.   Steve
So, when will we see our first web gem?
2006-07-11 18:24:56
199.   coachjpark
That's a page out of "How to injure your right hand" book...
2006-07-11 18:25:04
200.   gpellamjr
Did I mention that I despise Oswalt?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-11 18:25:57
201.   Steve
Oswalt the Lucky Rabbit? He was traded for Al Michaels.
2006-07-11 18:26:27
202.   gpellamjr
197 Then I'm gonna go enjoy the game before I insult anybody else who is much smarter than me.
2006-07-11 18:26:40
203.   Steve
2006-07-11 18:27:11
204.   coachjpark
If Ichiro's career ended today, is he a HOFer? Do you consider his stats from Japan?
2006-07-11 18:28:08
205.   coachjpark
Ichiro held at bay!
2006-07-11 18:28:18
206.   Bob Timmermann
Ichiro wouldn't be eligible for Cooperstown now since he hasn't played 10 seasons in MLB.
2006-07-11 18:29:05
207.   coachjpark
Really? That's a formal requirement?
2006-07-11 18:29:08
208.   gpellamjr
204 I don't think you consider his Japan stats, but I do think you consider that he played many years there and was able to make such a successful transfer. He has been pretty amazing in the US.
2006-07-11 18:29:34
209.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not smarter than anybody else here. I'm just a little taller.
2006-07-11 18:31:06
210.   Bob Timmermann
Baseball Hall of Fame election Rule 3

3. Eligible Candidates — Candidates to be eligible must meet the following requirements:

A baseball player must have been active as a player in the Major Leagues at some time during a period beginning twenty (20) years before and ending five (5) years prior to election.
Player must have played in each of ten (10) Major League championship seasons, some part of which must have been within the period described in 3 (A).
Player shall have ceased to be an active player in the Major Leagues at least five (5) calendar years preceding the election but may be otherwise connected with baseball.
In case of the death of an active player or a player who has been retired for less than five (5) full years, a candidate who is otherwise eligible shall be eligible in the next regular election held at least six (6) months after the date of death or after the end of the five (5) year period, whichever occurs first.
Any player on Baseball's ineligible list shall not be an eligible candidate

2006-07-11 18:31:34
211.   gpellamjr
Matt Halladay is pinch hitting for Oswalt.
2006-07-11 18:31:48
212.   Steve
204 -- yes. not formally.
2006-07-11 18:33:01
213.   coachjpark
211 Yeah, I did a double take. I was wondering why Halladay would be hitting.... against Halladay....
2006-07-11 18:33:30
214.   Bob Timmermann
Again Soriano deprives the Fox crew of idle trade speculation talk.
2006-07-11 18:33:41
215.   gpellamjr
213 It's because Buck and McCarver are idiots.
2006-07-11 18:33:50
216.   Steve
209 -- This modesty from the guy who knew that Arlene Francis was on Tattinger's.
2006-07-11 18:34:30
217.   coachjpark
I wonder what Jim Tracy's thikning right next to Phil...
2006-07-11 18:34:56
218.   Bob Timmermann
That doesn't qualify me as smart. That just qualifies me as a guy who has watched way too much TV.
2006-07-11 18:35:20
219.   Steve
I blame the following people for that:

1) Jim Tracy
2) Sam DC
3) Alfonso Soriano
4) Glenn Hoffman
5) Mark Hendrickson

2006-07-11 18:35:25
220.   gpellamjr
Phil Garner is a genious!
2006-07-11 18:35:36
221.   coachjpark
I'm still holding to my 5-4; David Wright MVP prediction but changing the 2 run HR to 2 solor HR...
2006-07-11 18:36:22
222.   coachjpark
221 NL win prediction lest I be corrected by the grammar police...
2006-07-11 18:36:30
223.   gpellamjr
haha "genious". Bob wouldn't have written that!
2006-07-11 18:36:53
224.   Steve
222 -- Andrew is out on Explorer Patrol with the grammar police right now.
2006-07-11 18:37:13
225.   Bob Timmermann
The grammar police is all over the place.

But the dream police live inside your head.

2006-07-11 18:38:36
226.   gpellamjr
Bob, is "police" a singular word or a plural? It was ambiguous from 225.
2006-07-11 18:39:09
227.   coachjpark
haha... I think it's my multiple watching of the Godfather -- too much "Solozzo" talk...
2006-07-11 18:39:12
228.   gpellamjr
224 Andrew? That guy really gets on my nerves.
2006-07-11 18:39:55
229.   gpellamjr
Wouldn't every player selected to the first ASG be a "first time selection"?
2006-07-11 18:39:55
230.   Fallout
How important is it to block pitches?
2006-07-11 18:39:57
231.   For The Turnstiles
Jazz police are paid by J. Paul Getty
2006-07-11 18:40:07
232.   coachjpark
Apparently, the grammar police is singular while the dream police are plural.
2006-07-11 18:40:49
233.   Steve
I thought the Jazz Police were paid by Larry Miller.
2006-07-11 18:41:45
234.   Bob Timmermann
My use of singular and plural verbs for collective nouns was ruined by reading British newspapers during the World Cup.

"England are hoping for a better result against Portugal..."

2006-07-11 18:42:58
235.   gpellamjr
234 The Brits make me really angry with their screwed up usages. Pink Floyd were a great band.
2006-07-11 18:43:34
236.   gpellamjr
My family are huge.
2006-07-11 18:44:18
237.   Andrew Shimmin
224- Actually, I'm just waiting for the right moment to call somebody the son of a terrorist whore. Soriano tempted me, but not quite enough.
2006-07-11 18:44:51
238.   gpellamjr
237 Andrew, you really get my goat.
2006-07-11 18:45:36
239.   Bob Timmermann
Right now Oswalt is in line for the win and Halladay for the loss.
2006-07-11 18:47:00
240.   Steve
Snakes on a Plane!
2006-07-11 18:47:08
241.   Andrew Shimmin
238- You son of, nah. Not yet.
2006-07-11 18:47:43
242.   Vishal
[236] are?

in which case would you use "whomever"?

2006-07-11 18:47:50
243.   Sam DC
Is there anything more pathetic than following the all-star game on Gameday?

Checking the score on your blackberry while putting the kids to sleep?

2006-07-11 18:48:19
244.   gpellamjr
241 My mother is a disabled nurse and my father an apostate to the Jehovah's Witnesses.
2006-07-11 18:49:01
245.   gpellamjr
242 I give the win to whomever I like.
2006-07-11 18:50:15
246.   gpellamjr
Good thing Renteria was batting 5th.
2006-07-11 18:50:33
247.   Steve
I knew Sam would show up to account for himself after causing us such distress.
2006-07-11 18:51:36
248.   Bob Timmermann
These pitchers aren't wasting much time are they?
2006-07-11 18:53:03
249.   Sam DC
You are correct.

While catching up with the thread, I mis-read this remark by Bob as referring to the comment that Carrie Underwood is a looker. Saucy Bob, I thought.

2006-07-11 18:54:37
250.   gpellamjr
Roberto Clemente symbolizes excellence, George W. Bush freedom. Thoughts?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-11 18:55:09
251.   Bob Timmermann
I have now looked up who Carrie Underwood is.

I have no idea who she is.

2006-07-11 18:55:48
252.   Andrew Shimmin
244- Shh! Don't ruin it. I assume Zidane's mom isn't really a terrorist. Or a whore. That sort of insult can't depend on literal truth, it has to be based on a sort of deeper Truth. Sort of like fake but accurate, you know?
2006-07-11 18:56:38
253.   gpellamjr
251 She's the hottie who wears too much makeup and sings terrible songs, like "Jesus Take The Wheel" and "The Star-Spangled Banner".
2006-07-11 18:57:26
254.   Andrew Shimmin
What's all this then? They had FORTY-FOUR MINUTES starting at five for this sort of thing, but they held it for the middle of the game?
2006-07-11 18:58:12
255.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday now says "Delayed (Ceremony)"

This can't be good.

2006-07-11 18:58:39
256.   gpellamjr
254 Any more out of you and you're in for a head butt. Is that the right transcription of that concept?
2006-07-11 18:59:24
257.   gpellamjr
255 They're having a ceremony in honor of Jackie Robinson or somebody, I don't know.
2006-07-11 19:00:13
258.   gpellamjr
I still don't like that trivia questions. Doesn't the first all-star game have to have had the most first timers? Unless, of course, there were only 10 players on each team.
2006-07-11 19:00:52
259.   Andrew Shimmin
Shockingly, it doesn't seem to have made the dictionary. But, Wikipedia has it without a space: headbutt.
2006-07-11 19:00:55
260.   Bob Timmermann
You can get the answer if you click on "Mike's Baseball Rants"
2006-07-11 19:01:44
261.   Andrew Shimmin
Roberto Clemente. It was a perfectly fine ceremony, but I don't see why it should have been held in the middle of the game.
2006-07-11 19:02:31
262.   Bob Timmermann

It's sort of like those pointless montages in the middle of the Oscars.

2006-07-11 19:04:31
263.   Sam DC
219, 247 There's A Rabbit On The Loose!
2006-07-11 19:06:01
264.   Andrew Shimmin
I was just thinking, you know, they should really think of ways to make this thing more like the Oscars.
2006-07-11 19:06:39
265.   gpellamjr
264 Seat-fillers?
2006-07-11 19:08:04
266.   Andrew Shimmin
Is anybody else frantically running every word that he's only 98% certain he's spelled correctly past google before posting tonight? That Pellam guy really cramps my style. I hope he starts ranting about oldbear, so Ken will ban him.
2006-07-11 19:08:28
267.   subclub
I just tuned in and saw Bronson Arroyo singing "Wonderwall". This guy's got some pipes!
2006-07-11 19:10:29
268.   gpellamjr
266 Have you seen how many words I've misspelled this evening? I am a bad kind of hypocrite, too.

All I know about oldbear is what I've inferred through the satire of "witheredgrizzlie" or whatever his name was.

2006-07-11 19:11:53
269.   Bob Timmermann
I suggest that the person referred to in 268 be referred to as "He Who Shall Not Be Named".
2006-07-11 19:12:40
270.   gpellamjr
269 I do not know him to whom you refer. Which?
2006-07-11 19:13:07
271.   Sam DC
Is that the same Gary Matthews Jr. who used to be mediocre on the Orioles?
2006-07-11 19:13:14
272.   Andrew Shimmin
Gary Mathews Jr. is an all-star? I had no idea.
2006-07-11 19:13:42
273.   Bob Timmermann
If you name a team, chances are Gary Matthews Jr. has been mediocre for it.
2006-07-11 19:14:25
274.   gpellamjr
I'm terribly sympathetic to "PC". He reminds me a lot of myself. Besides, I love the "resident expert".
2006-07-11 19:14:58
275.   Andrew Shimmin
271- Yup. He's having a breakout season at 31, in Texas.
2006-07-11 19:15:38
276.   Bob Timmermann
Bonus points to anyone who saw Gary Matthews Jr play in one of his two games with the Mets.

Double bonus points to anyone who knows what high school he went to.

Triple bonus points if you know what high school his father went to.

2006-07-11 19:16:30
277.   gpellamjr
276 Will I be able to apply my points immediately or will they have to be used on a later date?
2006-07-11 19:17:21
278.   Bob Timmermann
They're metaphorical points so you can use them whenever.
2006-07-11 19:17:46
279.   gpellamjr
But can I use them against whomever?
2006-07-11 19:18:31
280.   gpellamjr
A novel observation that Eckstein has "just enough".
2006-07-11 19:18:59
281.   Bob Timmermann
You can redeem the points at the same places that accept Blue Chip stamps.
2006-07-11 19:19:28
282.   Sam DC
By the way, if you guys want to start using Saucy Bob, that's OK with me.
2006-07-11 19:19:36
283.   King of the Hobos
276 Do I get points if I cheated?
2006-07-11 19:19:48
284.   Bob Timmermann
Not with me.
2006-07-11 19:20:55
285.   gpellamjr
I'm really upset that I left my Cheetos in the car.
2006-07-11 19:21:12
286.   Bob Timmermann
I don't deal with moral questions. I just want the facts.
2006-07-11 19:21:50
287.   Uncle Miltie
Scrap iron brings in Scrappy McScrapper to play SS for the rest of the game. Phil Garner obviously doesn't think his team has any chance of making the World Series, so he's letting everybody play. Ozzie Guillen wants to win.
2006-07-11 19:22:30
288.   gpellamjr
I have an ugly feeling Berkman is going to play and Nomar won't get in.
2006-07-11 19:22:52
289.   Bob Timmermann
We want Uggla! We want Uggla!
2006-07-11 19:23:49
290.   Bob Timmermann
Remember Nomar Garciaparra was the "Last Man" and Phil Garner is taking that at face value.
2006-07-11 19:24:42
291.   gpellamjr
290 He was only the "Last Man" because scrapiron is an idiot.
2006-07-11 19:25:30
292.   King of the Hobos
Or maybe Garner realizes that Nomar is a waste if not used in the 7th, 8th, or 9th inning?
2006-07-11 19:26:24
293.   gpellamjr
292 Maybe he's angry about a certain homerun? Hmm... but I guess Pujols destroys that hypothesis.
2006-07-11 19:27:25
294.   gpellamjr
I love any company with a commercial that encourages fathers to hate their children while they're awake.
2006-07-11 19:27:30
295.   Sam DC
I assume he's just trying to leave Pujols out there until he breaks.
2006-07-11 19:28:04
296.   Uncle Miltie
288- Berkman can play in the outfield too. It's a shame that Eckstein even made the team.
2006-07-11 19:28:20
297.   sam2175
Taylor Hicks seems poised to torture television viewing public for the foreseeable future with the Ford commercial.
2006-07-11 19:29:11
298.   gpellamjr
296 Lucille II is a better player as much as it pains to say it.
2006-07-11 19:29:49
299.   Bob Timmermann
7 hitters left on the bench for the NL, 3 for the AL.
2006-07-11 19:30:14
300.   Uncle Miltie
Another bad move by scrap iron. Bringing one of his worst pitchers.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-11 19:30:34
301.   Bob Timmermann
For fans of teams other than the Dodgers, Lucille II is the nickname for Ramon Martinez.
2006-07-11 19:31:14
302.   gpellamjr
301 C'mon, Bob! I was waiting for someone to ask.
2006-07-11 19:31:59
303.   Sam DC
301 For fans of teams other than the Dodgers, Ramon Martinez is a player on the Dodgers.
2006-07-11 19:32:36
304.   King of the Hobos
The dirt on David Wright is very disappointing.
2006-07-11 19:33:51
305.   xaphor
Just read through Dodgerthoughts and the Griddle and I'm thinking Baseball Crockpot.
2006-07-11 19:35:24
306.   Bob Timmermann
Is this going to be a time for "God Bless America" during the 7th Inning Stretch?
2006-07-11 19:39:04
307.   Andrew Shimmin
306- You're on Bud Selig's wavelength! On second thought, that's a pretty awful thing to say, isn't it?
2006-07-11 19:39:49
308.   Cliff Corcoran
306 It happens 81 times a year in the Bronx. Brutal.
2006-07-11 19:40:30
309.   Bob Timmermann
Even if they played a doubleheader?
2006-07-11 19:41:00
310.   Andrew Shimmin
308- I didn't know that. Do the Mets (or any other team) do that too?
2006-07-11 19:41:40
311.   Marty
A Redman sighting!
2006-07-11 19:42:19
312.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the Padres do "God Bless America" on Sundays. But they tend to invite big Navy and Marine groups.

They get to their seats in a very orderly fashion.

2006-07-11 19:42:48
313.   Sam DC
310 Not the Nationals, though they did on July 2 -- Armed Forces Appreciation Day and on July 4.
2006-07-11 19:42:58
314.   Bob Timmermann
If Mark Redman relieved Johan Santana, that would be quite amusing.
2006-07-11 19:44:30
315.   Sam DC
It's not possible, is it, that Redman could come into this game before Liriano or Ryan or Buehrle or, or, or?
2006-07-11 19:44:45
316.   Bob Timmermann
The AL is 2 for 16 on balls in play in this game. The NL is 5 for 20.
2006-07-11 19:44:46
317.   Uncle Miltie
If Redman comes in, Nomar may get an at bat. The NL team may bat around.
2006-07-11 19:46:38
318.   Bob Timmermann
It is kind of scary to think that the AL still has Rivera, Ryan, and Papelbon available to relieve.

And Guillen would bring in Jenks first.

2006-07-11 19:47:02
319.   Sam DC
I think I speak for all Dodger fans when I say: Mauer . . . grrrrrr.
2006-07-11 19:47:19
320.   das411
How about that Kazmir fellow, eh?
2006-07-11 19:51:09
321.   Bob Timmermann
The game's on the line and they call on a Phillies pitcher?
2006-07-11 19:51:43
322.   Bob Timmermann
Jose Lopez and AJ Pierzynski hope to get a chance to bat!
2006-07-11 19:51:50
323.   Sam DC
321 Saucy Bob is back!
2006-07-11 19:52:58
324.   Jon Weisman
276 - I'm recusing myself from the double bonus points question.
2006-07-11 19:53:40
325.   Jon Weisman
Seems like the thread is living up to its billing? And the night is youngish.
2006-07-11 19:54:35
326.   Bob Timmermann
It's the bottom of the 8th!

I'm going to miss the ending as I drive home.

2006-07-11 19:57:45
327.   Uncle Miltie
Nice one scrappy
2006-07-11 19:58:36
328.   D4P
I'm going to miss the ending as I drive home

I think the Prius can wait a half inning for you...

2006-07-11 19:59:19
329.   Bob Timmermann
I carpool.

I leave Jon is charge of the helm.

2006-07-11 20:00:14
330.   Andrew Shimmin
710 AM is carrying the game on the radio, out here. No need to miss a pitch!
2006-07-11 20:02:22
331.   Andrew Shimmin
Ah, well, the carpool complicates matters. Probably better not to use up bonus points on an exhibition game.
2006-07-11 20:02:22
332.   das411
136. das411

I'm gonna be bold and predict 2-1 NL...

2006-07-11 20:02:36
333.   Jon Weisman
No Uggla? No Mar?
2006-07-11 20:04:06
334.   Andrew Shimmin
Cabrera refuses to get his uniform dirty. Very un-scrappy.
2006-07-11 20:04:57
335.   das411
David Bell woulda gotten his uniform dirty.


2006-07-11 20:05:50
336.   das411
C'mon Trevor...
2006-07-11 20:06:39
337.   Vishal
damn it, can't we win SOMETHING???
2006-07-11 20:06:40
338.   D4P
Walk-off, pinch-hit game winning HR for No Mar?
2006-07-11 20:07:00
339.   Andrew Shimmin
Baez may not have made the team, but his spirit is strong in Pittsburgh.
2006-07-11 20:07:05
340.   das411
Wow, I think I Dusty Baker'd this game with 332, sorry everybody :(

Time to go watch quietly again.

2006-07-11 20:07:50
341.   Uncle Miltie
Someone tell me why Miguel Cabrera was playing 3B instead of Scott Rolen....
2006-07-11 20:09:03
342.   Sam DC
Nomar for Sanchez, right? Sanchez had an at-bat already.

It's not like we're in front of his home crowd or something.

2006-07-11 20:11:00
343.   das411
341, meet 69
2006-07-11 20:11:18
344.   Sam DC
Will someone poke Phil Garner with a stick, please.
2006-07-11 20:12:56
345.   D4P
Why is Beltran still in the game?
2006-07-11 20:13:48
346.   das411
Beltran is nothing more than a switch-hitting, NY-biased Bobby Abreu!
2006-07-11 20:15:16
347.   Daniel Zappala
I didn't realize that Beltran was that fast.
2006-07-11 20:15:28
348.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright Howard. Time for a sac bunt. . .
2006-07-11 20:15:45
349.   natepurcell
Beltrans having a great year this year. Maybe even worth his salary.
2006-07-11 20:16:53
350.   das411
Yes, the reverse jinx worked! Now let's see an Olney from Howard, hilarious!
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2006-07-11 20:17:07
351.   D4P
A grounder to the right side is as good as a bunt.
2006-07-11 20:17:29
352.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright Lee. Time for a sac bunt. . .
2006-07-11 20:18:34
353.   Andrew Shimmin
I guess Beltran's lower body isn't as scared as Buck thought.
2006-07-11 20:19:17
354.   D4P
Well, looks like the Dodgers will be on the road in the Series this year.
2006-07-11 20:19:27
355.   das411
Well the Americans definitely pulled that one out of their *$@es tonight, didn't they?
2006-07-11 20:20:22
356.   das411
And correct me if I'm wrong, but both Rolen AND Andruw Jones, a combined 30 or so Gold Gloves, were still on the bench at the end of this game right?
2006-07-11 20:21:14
357.   JT Dutch
... You have a runner in scoring position with two outs in the ninth, and you have the batting champion on the bench, unused.

And, of course, Garner doesn't use him and loses. Great job once again, Mr. Manager.

2006-07-11 20:21:16
358.   Vishal
[354] no, i think they're going to be at home. for every game.
2006-07-11 20:22:05
359.   Andrew Shimmin
Non-gamer Miggy Cabrera is responsible for this game. Almost like a Marlin doesn't care who gets home field advantage for the WS. There's a flaw in the system, Bud!
2006-07-11 20:26:42
360.   Uncle Miltie
354- not with Jeff Kent on our team...

Hopefully this keeps overrated Hoffman out of the HOF.

2006-07-11 20:28:27
361.   Andrew Shimmin
Pansy! You finally had a forum to rail against Now It Counts!™ and you wussed out. Some MVP you are.
2006-07-11 20:29:40
362.   gpellamjr
359 How about loser is expelled from MLB for life?
2006-07-11 20:31:52
363.   Vishal
cut miggy some slack; he was playing the lines, which is reasonable. this loss is hoffman's.
2006-07-11 20:33:03
364.   das411
WOW, did Buck and McC just say "You're stuck with us for the next seven years"??

So it wasn't actually just an evil joke, kinda like this?

2006-07-11 20:34:20
365.   natepurcell
cut miggy some slack; he [has bloated up to almost fat tub of goo territory]
2006-07-11 20:37:01
366.   Uncle Miltie
I blame overrated Hoffman, scrap iron, and Eckstein for even being on the all star team, yet alone playing and actually having an at bat.
2006-07-11 20:43:23
367.   Bob Timmermann
Hoffman was the only Padre. Pretty surprising considering that they're in first place and all.
2006-07-11 20:45:43
368.   D4P
There's no "individual" in "team".
2006-07-11 20:51:45
369.   Kayaker7
I miss the World Cup. I'm in soccer withdrawal. Oh well, here is my methodone:

2006-07-11 20:52:21
370.   Kayaker7
Or, "methadone."
2006-07-11 20:56:58
371.   Bob Timmermann
You can go to an MLS game to feed your soccer Jones.

I've been to one my entire life. And the Galaxy used to play 10 minutes from my home.

2006-07-11 21:04:20
372.   overkill94
367 We're having a little discussion on a fantasy baseball message board about who will win the West and I still can't figure out how the Padres are ahead of us. They have one hitter with an OPS above .800 (Piazza at .853) and pitchers like Woody Williams, Clay Hensley, and Chan Ho Park in their rotation. Am I missing something?
2006-07-11 21:08:22
373.   Kayaker7
371 I went to a Galaxy game when they used to play in the Orange Bowl. It was fun. Those Mexican-American fans add a lot of flavor, with their huge Galaxy banner that they unfurl up several row of seats. But I haven't taken to the Galaxy like thought I would. Maybe I should subscribe to a soccer channel, so I can watch the English Premier League. My wife would love that. Me just sitting around wearing a grease-stained tank top, with one hand under my boxers, drinking beer and watching soccer.
2006-07-11 21:26:44
374.   Bob Timmermann
I'm really hoping you meant the Rose Bowl and not the Orange Bowl.
2006-07-11 21:27:29
375.   nofatmike
372. Yes, two things, Jake Peavy and Chris Young, in fact I wonder why neither one were put on the All-Star team as the Padres representative and why Brad Lidge was left off as well.

By the way, this is my first post on a "Dodger Thoughts" related forum. I've been reading Jon's and everyone else's posts for about two years, and I have felt now obligated to join. I hope my contributions here benefit the DT community.

2006-07-11 21:30:17
376.   Bob Timmermann
Welcome nofatmike.

Chris Young was a "Last Man" candidate, but lost out to Nomar Garciaparra. I think he finished fifth. Peavy has a losing record despite having pretty good peripherals.

2006-07-11 22:05:44
377.   Steve
I hate Trevor Hoffman with the hate of 1,000 Phoenix Suns.
2006-07-11 22:33:37
378.   overkill94
375 Peavy's usually the ace of their staff, but his ERA sits at 4.46 right now, which makes their success even more baffling.
2006-07-12 00:04:37
379.   nofatmike
Well a large part of it I think of it has to do with Chris Young. Last year the Padres sent out Peavy, B-Law, Woody, Eaton, and a beavy of 5th starters as their rotation. This year Hensley has given them that useable 5th, but Park isn't much of an upgrade over B-Law and Woody is still Woody. But Young has been a very huge upgrade over Eaton, and has been Ace-like as of late. Plus, while Peavy is giving up an unusual amount of HRs for a San Diego pitcher, he's still effective enough to the point where he compliments Young if not vice-versa, giving the Padres a very effective rotation overall.
2006-07-12 00:59:50
380.   Eric L
366 So which backup shortstop should have been on the team? Eckstein isn't great, but the top guys are all within a stones throw of each other.

I guess you can argue that Bill Hall is better this year though.

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