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Random Game Callback, July 27, 1920
2006-07-27 09:04
by Bob Timmermann

Brooklyn used an almost unheard of 15 players in the game, but it was all for naught as the defending World Series champion Cincinnati routed first place Brooklyn, 8-3, before a crowd of about 12,000 at Ebbets Field.

Cincinnati manager Pat Moran started lefty Dutch Ruether. Brooklyn manager Wilbert Robinson countered with another southpaw, Rube Marquard.

The Reds used a walk, an error, and two hits to score three times in the first. Center fielder Edd Roush singled in one run and shortstop Larry Kopf doubled in the other two.

The Dodgers got on the board in the third with a single run that was a monument to wasted opportunities. Marquard led off with a single. Shortstop Ivy Olson followed with another single. Marquard tagged up and went third on a fly out by third baseman Jimmy Johnston. Right fielder Bernie Neis hit a grounder to Kopf who forced Olson at second, but second baseman Morrie Rath threw the relay away and Marquard scored and Neis went to second. Left fielder Zack Wheat then got an infield single, but Neis was out rounding third. So Brooklyn had three hits and an error and could only get one run.

Cincinnati scored again in the fourth when Kopf had his second double and scored on a single by right fielder Greasy Neale. Brooklyn countered with a run on the fifth when Neis tripled in Olson.

The first three Reds batters reached in the sixth on hits, with a run scoring, and Robinson took out Marquard and replaced him with Al Mamaux. Kopf was up and he popped up a bunt for the first out. Neale walked to load the bases. Moran pinch hit Ivey Wingo for catcher Nick Allen and Wingo came through with a 2-run single. Cincinnati led 7-2 after 5 1/2 innings.

The Reds scored their final run in the seventh when Roush had his third hit of the day to score third baseman Heinie Groh. Brooklyn scored once more in the eighth on a double by Wheat and an RBI single from first baseman Ed Konetchy.

Robinson would use four pitchers for Brooklyn in the game: Marquard, Mamaux, George Mohart, and Clarence Mitchell. This was a very high number for the era, especially since Brooklyn employed just nine pitchers all season and only seven of them started.

Brooklyn would hold on to its first place lead, winning the pennant with a 93-61 record. The Dodgers were 23-6 in September and October and beat out the GIants by seven games. The Reds finished in third at 10 1/2 games. Brooklyn would lose to Cleveland in the World Series in seven games, five games to two. Marquard would be embarrassed during that World Series when he was arrested for ticket scalping in Cleveland.

The Dodgers had only one player who led the NL in any major offensive category. Outfielder Hy Myers led in triples with 22. Rogers Hornsby won his first batting title, playing for the Cardinals, and he would dominate NL hitting categories in the 1920s. Wheat, the Dodgers best player, had the fourth highest batting average in the league at .328. Pitcher Burleigh Grimes went 22-13 with a 2.22 ERA in over 300 innings of work.

The Reds would not win the pennant again until 1939. The Dodgers would not win again until 1941. Starting in 1921, the National League would be dominated by the Giants and Cardinals, with occasional murmurs of protest from the Cubs and Pirates.

Sources: Retrosheet,, New York Times

2006-07-27 13:28:06
1.   JJoeScott
This looked lonely without comments. So, may I say that I really love the Conference Standings ... great feature.
2006-07-27 21:55:59
2.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks, they might be a little slow in updating over the weekend.
2006-07-28 00:13:28
3.   BigShmirdawg
Monument to wasted oppurtunities?! That looks like a typical half inning for the Oakland A's. Actually better since a run scored. I just love a first place team that is dead last in average with RISP.

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