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Some divisions are not off to a good start
2006-07-16 20:37
by Bob Timmermann

In the first weekend after the All-Star Break:

NL Central teams have gone 14-7 (.667)

NL East teams have gone 10-6 (.625)

NL West teams have gone 3-14 (.176)

2006-07-16 21:30:27
1.   Suffering Bruin
No one commenting here? Three straight posts and no comments? I can't let it slide, folks. I have been out of the house most of the summer (I love summer!) but this can't pass.

1) Staph infections are no joke as the St. Louis Rams will tell you. They are very tricky, difficult to track until somebody gets one... it's interesting because owners take great care to make sure that they're players are healthy (well, Marge Schott might 've been an exception) because millions are at stake. If it's my team, I'm making sure the clubhouse has regular checkups.

2) "If you're wondering what the record is for most grand slams in an inning, forget it. It's never been done." So said Vin Scully during Fernando Tatis' second at-bat. Steve Lyons was not in the booth to suggest that Tatis would've helped his team more by hitting triples.

3) Based on nothing at all, I think at least three teams in the NL West are going to have a very tough summer. I just hope the Dodgers aren't one of them.

2006-07-16 22:23:59
2.   Bob Timmermann
I know who is president of the Griddle's Marching and Chowder Society.
2006-07-17 03:03:34
3.   Greg Brock
If Bob is The Griddle's brain, and Suffering Bruin is the Griddle's heart, than I shall be The Griddle's...well...yeah, I'm the derriere.

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