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The ball that stole people's souls
2006-07-17 13:43
by Bob Timmermann

On the sports blog Eric Wilbur sums up the ongoing saga of the baseball that was the final out of the 2004 World Series.

The issue has come up as the Royals are in Boston and Doug Mientkiewicz makes his triumphant return to Fenway Park. Mientkiewicz has said that he had received death threats.

Also, Keith Foulke is saying that he wanted the ball.

Did I have to sit through a series of three three-hour plus movies on this sort of thing? Is New Zealand involved?

2006-07-17 13:58:36
1.   DXMachina
Biggest bunch o'drama queens EVAH!
2006-07-17 13:59:57
2.   DXMachina
Also, I will carry the ball to Fenway, but I do not know the way.
2006-07-17 15:42:41
3.   fanerman
Foulke wants his precious?

My heart tells me that Foulke has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over.

2006-07-17 17:21:07
4.   DXMachina
Any outcome that involves Foulke falling into a crack in the Big Doom, er, I mean the Big Dig, will probably lead to dancing in the streets of Minas Boston.
2006-07-17 17:49:53
5.   Linkmeister
C'mon guys, this isn't reminiscent of LOTR; it's more Lovecraft. The ball is Chthulu's spawn.
2006-07-17 18:26:46
6.   DXMachina
I dunno. Can't you just imagine Larry Lucchino surveying his domain looking like a giant flaming Citgo sign.

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