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Orioles call up third baseman from the minors
2006-07-21 10:14
by Bob Timmermann

And Chan Ho Park breathes a sigh of relief, as he knows that Fernando Tatis won't be able to hurt him from Baltimore.

Unless of course the Orioles and Padres meet in the World Series.

2006-07-21 12:25:45
1.   Jeromy
I remember watching the game that day when Tatis tatooed Park. It was such an unlikely scenario. Park was pitching pretty well and at the time Tatis was more known for hitting doubles than HRs. It was only after that game did I begin to agree with some of the rumblings that it was time for Park to change scenery. Thankfully the Dodgers didn't invest the millions the Rangers did when Park was a free agent!
2006-07-21 12:46:32
2.   Kayaker7
1 That is selective revisionism. Park had two good years with the Dodgers after that double grandslam incident. So, the Dodgers sank a lot of money in Dreifort instead of Park. Park would have been a better investment, even with his collapse with the Rangers.
2006-07-21 13:14:32
3.   Linkmeister
I remember some broadcaster saying that Tatis had the best goatee in the major leagues; the camera then focused on him in the batter's box and I was forced to agree.

I wonder if he still does.

2006-07-21 21:09:31
4.   coachjpark
2 Amen, brother!

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