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A steamy night at Chavez Ravine
2006-07-23 09:47
by Bob Timmermann

I was going to craft an interesting story, but it's too hot and I have stuff to do today.

But I got a chance to sit in the renovated bench seats in the first row of Dodger Stadium along the third base line. That's aisle 31B, row 1, seat 5 to be precise.

Before the game, Rafael Furcal wonders which rules he needs to obey:

At least somebody likes Kenny, it could be Kenny:

The Dodgers give their top pitching prospect a chance to throw out the first pitch:


Albert Pujols thinks to himself "I'm only at third? What did I do wrong this time? Did Jose Oquendo give me my Frequent On Base Points? I'm close to Premier status. If I get there, then Oquendo has to give me two bags of peanuts once I get to third."


Sorry this one is a little blurry, but it's interesting that in Antioch, California, Aaron Miles Day comes the day after Veterans Day. It's probably a cheap attempt by the people there to get an extra day off. I'm asking for Aaron Miles Day off this year at my job.


From this angle, what do I have more of? Chins, ears, red squares on my shirt, or white squares?


2006-07-23 10:10:42
1.   Bluebleeder87
you werent kidding about wearing you're Team Croatia jersey. LOL!!
2006-07-23 10:11:31
2.   Bluebleeder87
How much are those seats Bob?
2006-07-23 10:20:58
3.   Bob Timmermann
They are listed at $150 per seat!

Someone got them for me.

2006-07-23 11:10:45
4.   Robert Daeley
There's a rabbit loose on the bashpa-- er, pitching mound!
2006-07-23 12:04:25
5.   Icaros
I refuse to share my birthday with Aaron Miles Day.
2006-07-23 13:12:24
6.   Bill Crain
Gee, Bob, re: that last picture; replace the hat with the hairpiece and add the moustache, and I think I found your long-lost twin.

2006-07-23 13:15:53
7.   Greg Brock
Yes! Team Tablecloth rules the world.
2006-07-23 14:37:54
8.   tjshere
Excellent shots, Bob. Thanks.

Any reaction to your shirt from folks at the stadium?

2006-07-23 16:00:47
9.   Bob Timmermann
The security guard at the entrance recognized the shirt and complimented me. My sister-in-law liked it because I easy to spot in a crowd.
2006-07-23 20:40:27
10.   tjshere
Geez, Bob, you're 6'5"! I wouldn't think you'd need to wear a tablecloth to be seen in a crowd.
2006-07-23 21:38:12
11.   Voxter
I believe the rules being referred to above are the "Miles of Antioch" rules. They cover boxing and debate.

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