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Save your rain checks if you're going to Titan
2006-07-26 17:05
by Bob Timmermann

Looks like any baseball game planned tonight on the moon Titan will be postponed by methane rain forecast to fall intermittently.

The game between the Rhea Realtors and the Titan Titans will likely have to be made up as a doubleheader later in the season or possibly moved to a neutral moon such as Ganymede.

2006-07-26 17:26:19
1.   Mr Customer
The Titans will still take the series. The Realtors' offense just can't compete in >0.1g parks.
2006-07-26 17:34:07
2.   Mr Customer
147 KPa of pressure. One could throw a sweet breaking ball.

...Is it time for spring training yet?

2006-07-26 17:40:59
3.   Ken Arneson
The Titans are threatening to move to Io if the Titanians won't build them a domed stadium.

Bud Selig, when asked if contraction is a possibility, said, "I hope not, but we have to keep all options on the table."

2006-07-26 17:45:26
4.   Greg Brock
Sorry, I'm more of a Europa Dolphins fan. Jupiter League baseball is way better. Call me when you get some news.

I'm just tired of the Callisto Craters buying all the best players.

2006-07-26 17:53:03
5.   Ali Nagib
I'll stick with the Pike City Pioneers, thank you very much.
2006-07-26 18:09:41
6.   Steve
I hear Harold Reynolds is the lead for the Titan League play-by-play job.
2006-07-26 18:31:04
7.   Bob Timmermann
I think spring training on Titan lasts a long time.
2006-07-26 19:21:47
8.   DXMachina
3 - I'm pretty sure that if the deal with Io goes through, they'll be changing their nickname to the Ewes.
2006-07-26 19:42:43
9.   Linkmeister
3 Wait a minute. I thought Vonnegut was Commissioner.
2006-07-26 20:30:45
10.   Ken Arneson
9 Actually, Winston Niles Rumfoord is commissioner, but he's currently trapped in a chrono-synclastic infundibulum, and was unavailable for comment.

Selig, on the other hand, is always readily available for comment when you need a thinly-veiled threat, so I borrowed him.

2006-07-26 23:55:49
11.   Linkmeister
10 Got me, Ken. I had to Google it; it's been too long since I read "Sirens."
2006-07-27 15:59:59
12.   Kayaker7
Didn't Soundgarden have a song called, "Methane Rain?" I can hear now:

Methane rain, won't your come,
and wash away the pain...

2006-07-27 16:02:56
13.   Kayaker7
Um...that's "won't you come."
2006-07-27 16:02:56
14.   Kayaker7
Um...that's "won't you come."
2006-07-28 04:02:32
15.   DXMachina
"Women, they get wooly..."

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