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A new team takes over the checkered jersey
2006-07-26 21:18
by Bob Timmermann

Thanks to the Yankees dramatic 8-7 win over Texas and the White Sox 7-4 loss to the Twins, the checkered jersey emblematic of wild card supremacy has passed over to the Men of The Bronx.

I may not be able to get in all the possible leader changes over the coming weekend as I will actually will try to be sociable this weekend.

2006-07-26 22:18:51
1.   Franklin Stubbs
Wow I remember when the blogging community declared Los Angeles "Dodger Country" again when the Angels looked out of the division for good. Now with them at the top of the heap and the Dodgers below the Rockies ... well let's not get into the rivalry.

This is truly when baseball season gets good. I wish my Dodgers would make a better run of it. But I've always been an Angels fan too. So there is something about broadly defining what "LA" means. What a great year for baseball too with the revival of the Tigers. If the Twins can keep it going with their 2 great pitchers, there could be some sparks flying come playoff time.

I think I've evolved into wish for the parity in baseball that the NFL has...I wish the Royals weren't out of the playoffs in April. Funny thing actually ... but I heard one radio guy say that he would bet Elmer D was happy to be out of Kansas City when the trade went down... but is being a Dodger truly that much better? Not this year.

I got a stack of Dodger Blue newspapers from 1985-86 seasons... it's fun to go back to the heyday even if those years weren't perfect either. That and dreaming aoub these great young players we now have is helpng me through this hot hot summer.

Anyone remember the homer Steve Sax hit on the first pitch of opening day??

2006-07-27 05:55:07
2.   Sliced Bread
In addition to the coveted checkered jersey, the Yanks are rockin' Sal Fasano mustachios today, and perhaps even down the stretch.

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