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2006-07-31 19:31
by Bob Timmermann

Philadelphia second baseman Chase Utley extended his hitting streak to 32 games in the Phillies' 15-2 loss to the Marlins.

And, Boston must beat Cleveland tonight in the return of David Wells to hold on to the yellow jersey in the AL East. A loss gives the yellow jersey to the Yankees. But the Red Sox won on a 9th inning, 3-run homer by David Ortiz to maintain the yellow jersey. The Yankees hold on to the checkered jersey.

If the Red Sox lose, they may have to share the checkered jersey with the White Sox, who are playing the Royals tonight.

Finally, in the AL West, Oakland and Los Angeles play showdown game for the yellow jersey. Dan Haren takes on Ervin Santana. Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke tabbed the Angels as the team to beat in the AL this year on today's "Around the Horn" on ESPN.

Update - The checkered jersey of Team Croatia had its first trip through the washing machine. I can tell you this: These colors don't run

2006-07-31 17:19:11
1.   das411
2006-07-31 17:26:10
2.   Philip Michaels
Every time Plaschke says something, I tab him as the columnist to beat. Repeatedly. And without mercy.
2006-07-31 17:29:18
3.   Bob Timmermann
Buster Olney declared the Angels to be one of the two "losers" at the trade deadline along with the Red Sox.
2006-07-31 18:17:27
4.   GoBears
I don't believe that Buster Olney or Bill Plaschke really exist. I think they are men of straw - engineered to say predictably stupid things at every opportunity to make the rest of us feel smart by comparison. People who take them seriously didn't get "Spinal Tap."
2006-07-31 20:06:25
5.   Voxter
I remember when I was going through my period of post-9/11 rage and feeling completely unwelcome in my home country, I was driving through Utah and saw my first-ever "These Colors Don't Run" bumper sticker in a 7-11 parking lot outside Salt Lake. I marched in, bought a marker, and was in the process of scrawling, "I Don't Think They Were Meant To" on the bumper sticker when I was interrupted by the owner of the truck to which it was attatched. I managed to scare the guy away with a display of irrational rage that I can't even comprehend conjuring anymore.

My then-girlfriend was MORTIFIED, in all caps, bold, italics, with a number of exclamation points and made me swear not to leave the hotel that night.

Good story.

By the way, the colors on my Arsenal away jersey don't run, but the letters do come off. Sigh.

2006-07-31 23:26:58
6.   Greg Brock
2 Beautiful.

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