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Utley reaches 34
2006-08-02 19:59
by Bob Timmermann

Chase Utley beat out a grounder to the pitcher in the 8th inning in St. Louis to extend his hitting streak to 34 games.

But now ... the official scorer is thinking about calling it an error.

And now ... it looks like it will stay a hit.

2006-08-02 20:02:11
1.   Uncle Miltie
Gameday says he reached on a fielder's choice. Are you watching the game?
2006-08-02 20:02:15
2.   Sam DC
Gee the pitcher was sure slow to first and then off line. I understand the friendly scoring, but to my mind that was friendly (road, of course) scoring.
2006-08-02 20:03:05
3.   Sam DC
I have it on - short bouncer to the pitcher; pitcher slow in looking over to third than a throw off line pulls Pujols just off first; har charging Utley safe.
2006-08-02 20:03:28
4.   Bob Timmermann
There's no way it could be a fielder's choice. The pitcher threw to first base and no other base. Utley beat the throw.
2006-08-02 20:03:43
5.   Greg Brock
It better be a hit...Or deal with the wrath of a thousand Bruins.

Actually, we're not that tough. But GO CHASE GO!

2006-08-02 20:04:24
6.   Sam DC
hard charging
2006-08-02 20:05:53
7.   Bob Timmermann
If they charged an error on that play, I think the Best Fans in Baseball™ would have booed lustily.

While it was a cheap hit, it would also had been a very tough error.

2006-08-02 20:05:54
8.   Uncle Miltie
Gameday changed it to a single. The streak continues!

5- while he is a former Bruin, he also turned down $1+ million from the Dodgers. Can you really root for a guy who was drafted by the Dodgers in the 2nd round and chose to go to college?

2006-08-02 20:07:57
9.   Greg Brock
UCLA above all, even my beloved Dodgers. The Brock Family is a UCLA family. And it's hard to hate a kid for choosing to go to college.
2006-08-02 20:08:50
10.   Greg Brock
Yay College!
2006-08-02 20:10:11
11.   Bob Timmermann
If the pitcher had been right-handed, Utley would have been out.
2006-08-02 20:10:35
12.   Sam DC
Looking at the reply, and esp. how Utley was at the bag as the throw arrived, I agree it would have been a tough error. Fun close play.

Go Chase!

2006-08-02 20:15:17
13.   Marty
10 Fight on! :)

Sam, did you notice my z possesive (z') in Jon's thread? I did that for you.

2006-08-02 20:18:02
14.   Sam DC
Marty -- see comment 236.
2006-08-02 20:19:36
15.   Marty
Ack. Work has been insane lately and I was only skimming comments to catch up and missed it.
2006-08-02 20:21:05
16.   Sam DC
I hope it didn't seem like I was chiding you or anything. I appreciated your comment.
2006-08-02 20:55:03
17.   Greg Brock
Don't let Sam fool you. He's a very nice fellow, but he was definitely chiding you.
2006-08-02 21:05:51
18.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, on my evening walk I walked past the Los Angeles district director of the Small Business Administration.

And I recognized him!

I don't know if this is a good thing.

2006-08-02 21:07:49
19.   Greg Brock
18 Did you ask him his thoughts on the estate tax, and it's impact on small business ownership?

More importantly, did you ask him for his autograph?

2006-08-02 21:09:51
20.   Bob Timmermann

I didn't get his autograph. He didn't look like he had a pen on him anyway.

I was just glad that I was not the nerdiest looking guy out for a walk.

2006-08-02 21:12:48
21.   Greg Brock
20 When I lived on Wilshire Blvd, I always waited for the Showtime/Viacom execs to go out walking around noon.

I looked much tougher.

2006-08-02 21:23:19
22.   Suffering Bruin
The Brock is in terrific form on this thread.

5 should've come with some kind of warning as I damn near ruined by desktop spewing orange soda.

2006-08-02 21:29:36
23.   Greg Brock
SB, if I've made you laugh, my week is made. If it weren't for you, Bob, Jon, Nate, and Sam, I'd probably be a perpetual lurker.

Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm guessing bad.

2006-08-02 21:32:53
24.   Bob Timmermann
Lurking has its privileges.
2006-08-02 21:34:14
25.   Greg Brock
Is that a recommendation?
2006-08-02 21:35:10
26.   Greg Brock
Don't answer that.
2006-08-02 21:35:16
27.   Bob Timmermann
Lurkers don't get compared to (insert bodily function.)

But you don't get to enjoy the witty roundtable banter as much.

2006-08-02 21:37:23
28.   Bob Timmermann
I should also mention that Utley got a second hit in the ninth inning that was not controversial. The Phillies had 18 hits overall.
2006-08-02 21:40:12
29.   Greg Brock
I don't mind the zero-sum arguments that people often engage in, because:

A) I usually don't engage in them
B) I don't take people's ad hominem attacks personally
C) I'm just here for the jokes, and the occasional baseball observation.

With so many concrete opinions, I like being the humorous curveball. If I'm humorous...Which is debatable.

2006-08-02 21:54:25
30.   D4P
If it weren't for you, Bob, Jon, Nate, and Sam, I'd probably be a perpetual lurker.

I see how it is...

2006-08-02 21:57:59
31.   Bob Timmermann
Greg doesn't like people with numerals in their name.
2006-08-02 22:01:28
32.   Greg Brock

D4P...I forgot you, Steve, and, well, you and Steve. You guys are great. I'm so sorry.

2006-08-02 22:04:59
33.   D4P
Greg doesn't like C3PO or R2D2? Oh wait, those are droids (and not the ones you're looking for, BTW...)

Yeah, don't forget Steve. Don't ever forget Steve.

2006-08-02 22:07:42
34.   Greg Brock
These arent't the droids you're looking for. You can go on about your business...move along.

D4P, I'm so sorry I forgot you and Steve, you guys are great.

If there was a way to commit some form of ritual suicide without actually hurting myself, I would do it (I'm kind of a wimp).

2006-08-02 22:13:32
35.   D4P
Suicide is painless...
2006-08-02 22:18:42
36.   Greg Brock
35 Not only that, but it brings on many changes.

Robert Altman's son wrote that song. I'm sure you knew that, but maybe others didn't.

2006-08-02 22:19:37
37.   das411
Sorry to ruin the beauty of this post having exactly 34 comments, but it's time for my daily:

CHASE!!!!!! UTLEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually saw an away message tonight that said "if chase utley didn't chew so much, and if his name wasn't "chase," i'd totally marry him" which I responded "what's the problem with that name? he's chasing Joe D right now!"

and 31 needs an evil glare. Mostly towards whatever is left of Brock. And for painless ritual suicide suggestions might I suggest watching "Airplane!" again and taking some notes this time?? Quiz tomorrow!

^ Sam, that is how to chide :)

2006-08-02 22:24:32
38.   D4P
Robert Altman's son wrote that song

Please. If there's one thing I know, it's the accomplishments of Robert Altman's son. Not only that, but I know who Robert Altman is.

2006-08-02 22:24:44
39.   Greg Brock
I'm just happy people are visiting The Griddle on a non-World Cup basis. In the words of John Lennon:

Every day, in every way, you're getting better and better....

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Griddle.

2006-08-02 22:26:53
40.   Greg Brock
38 My sarcasm detector just had kittens.
2006-08-02 22:39:41
41.   Bob Timmermann
So I guess I can never go on vacation again.
2006-08-02 22:49:44
42.   Greg Brock
Bob, some of us are doing all we can to make The Griddle a place of whimsy, friendliness, comedy, and decency. No negativity here.

And if you don't like it, you can go to hell.

2006-08-02 22:50:07
43.   Greg Brock
That was a joke. Don't kill me.
2006-08-02 22:55:56
44.   Bob Timmermann
I am a peaceful man.
2006-08-02 23:15:42
45.   Greg Brock
Forty-Five comments...Not too shabby, hey Bob? I'm doing what I can.

Just as long as The Griddle becomes Arrested Development...Popular among the people who should love it, but not too popular.

I don't want your beautiful niche to go away.

2006-08-02 23:19:03
46.   D4P
Yeah. Hopefully the Griddle lasts longer than 3 seasons.
2006-08-02 23:25:12
47.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing I didn't get promoted.
2006-08-02 23:33:01
48.   Greg Brock
If the Peter Principle is correct, you should never get promoted.

Or, you should become the boss.

I'm guessing the former.

2006-08-03 15:15:10
49.   Steve
I call shenanigans on 32-34

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