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Is Andruw on the move?
2006-08-04 11:39
by Bob Timmermann

Buster Olney reports on that one team has been awarded a waiver claim on Braves outfielder Andruw Jones.

The Braves can still pull back Jones if they feel the mystery team would not compensate them sufficiently. Jones becomes a "5-and-10" player on August 15 and would then have an automatic no-trade clause in his contract.

Something will happen by Saturday. Or nothing will happen. Although the nothing could be something.

2006-08-04 11:50:42
1.   Sam DC
Red Sox gotta match Abreu . . .
2006-08-04 11:52:16
2.   Bob Timmermann
And the Red Sox are ahead of the Yankees in the waiver claim department.

There aren't many contenders that need and can spend that much money on an outfielder.

The White Sox could use Andruw Jones also.

2006-08-04 11:56:34
3.   bigcpa
Sam I heard back from Eric Gaynor. He asked if you were Sammy Sokel from Cheviot Hills.
2006-08-04 12:11:58
4.   fanerman
When do we find out what happens?
2006-08-04 12:13:28
5.   fanerman
Nevermind. I actually read the article. 10 AM Pacific tomorrow.
2006-08-04 12:14:42
6.   Robert Daeley
If a team is granted a claim, and they and the Braves work out a deal, does the other team's player have to go on waivers as well, or does it go on as normal?

Also, does anybody know of a "public" source of who is on waivers, apart from the big names that show up on ESPN? ;) I imagine the names aren't exactly shouted from the rooftops as GMs try to keep things close.

2006-08-04 12:17:33
7.   Bob Timmermann
The other player has to clear waivers too.

There is no public source for who is on waivers. For the most part, just about everybody on the roster goes on waivers.

2006-08-04 12:30:18
8.   underdog
Bet you the Braves might be up for some more relief pitching help, i.e., Craig Hansen and the-other-guy-not-Palbebon. Might take more than that to pry away Jones. Wouldn't that be officially throwing in the towel on the season for Atlanta (not that they shouldn't, though.)
2006-08-04 12:40:21
9.   Robert Daeley
8 ATL needing pitching could point at the Angels, who need another bat and have a surfeit of pitching.
2006-08-04 12:44:18
10.   Sam DC
3 -- yup (well, sokol) -- if you wouldn't mind passing on sam.brodsok AT comcast DOT net I'd be obliged. He's a real good guy (having been forgiven for the bigwheel incident long ago!)
2006-08-04 12:45:11
11.   Knuckles
8 Never happen. With how cheap Papelbon and Lester are, they'd never clear waivers themselves.
2006-08-04 12:59:00
12.   bhsportsguy
Sorry Bob, (for posting this separately on Dodger Thoughts) I need to check the side menu more frequently.
2006-08-04 13:13:55
13.   Bob Timmermann
It happens all the time.
2006-08-04 13:16:19
14.   bhsportsguy
By me LOL
2006-08-04 14:36:45
15.   FirstMohican
"The Braves can still pull back Jones if they feel the mystery team would not compensate them sufficiently."

How does this work? The Braves get notified that the Devil Rays, for example, have claimed Jones? How do they then determine if the Rays will give up what they want in return?

2006-08-04 14:58:53
16.   Stevenalpert
Everyone wants to assume Boston (part of the Yankees/Red Sox center of the universe mentality) but I am a doubter. If Boston wanted him badly enough, it could have made a deal when it was easy to make a deal a week ago. They were in talks and could not agree on terms and I do not see how that would be any different now. It has to be something more like Angels or White Sox. But how this mystery team is going to get their player to clear waivers is perplexing. Any good/cheap prospect will not clear. I think there is a really good chance Andruw stays put.
2006-08-04 15:55:21
17.   dzzrtRatt
This might be a dumb question.

If the compensation is in minor leaguers, do the minor leaguers also have to pass thru waivers?

2006-08-04 16:00:09
18.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a dumb question unless I say it's a dumb question.

It's not a dumb question. I don't know the answer. I imagine that if the minor leaguer is on the 40-man roster than you have to use waivers. If not, you can probably to do the PTBNL thing, which is what was used in the Javy Lopez deal.

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