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Fausto Carmona is having a bad week
2006-08-05 18:45
by Bob Timmermann

Cleveland reliever Fausto Carmona needs to be kept away from sharp objects.

July 31: Carmona comes in to try to close out a win for Cleveland at Fenway Park. But,
- A. Cora singled to left
- K. Youkilis walked, A. Cora to second
- M. Loretta popped out to shortstop
- D. Ortiz homered to deep center, A. Cora and K. Youkilis scored
Final: Boston 9, Cleveland 8

August 2: Eric Wedge tries Carmona again in Boston in the 9th. But,
- W. Pena struck out swinging
- C. Crisp struck out swinging
- D. Mirabelli hit by pitch
- G. Kapler ran for D. Mirabelli
- A. Gonzalez hit by pitch, G. Kapler to second
- K. Youkilis walked, G. Kapler to third, A. Gonzalez to second
- M. Loretta doubled to left, G. Kapler and A. Gonzalez scored, K. Youkilis to third
Final: Boston 6, Cleveland 5

August 5: Wedge sends Carmona out for the 9th in Detroit. But,
- B. Inge reached on bunt single to first
- C. Granderson struck out swinging
- P. Polanco grounded into fielder's choice, B. Inge out at second
- I. Rodriguez homered to deep left, P. Polanco scored
Final: Detroit 4, Cleveland 3

Followup: The Indians were saying the right things after the game about Carmona.

"We just have to take a look at everything," Wedge said. "We still feel like Fausto's got closer's stuff."

Afterward, Carmona said he felt he had been on track but picked a bad time to fall off course.

"I just missed that pitch," Carmona said. "I was feeling good, I was throwing the ball well. I just missed that pitch."

Cleveland's latest setback spoiled starter Paul Byrd's 6 2/3 innings in which he allowed two runs -- one earned -- and picked up his third consecutive no-decision. Byrd last won a 7-6 decision over the Angels on July 19.

Byrd did not blame Carmona, however. After all, Byrd surrendered seven runs on 10 hits in the three innings he pitched on July 25.

"[Carmona's] been pitching great for what three months now?" Byrd said. "There's not a lot of 22-year-olds that pitch up here but he is. I've been around for over 10 years and played since '91 and my [previous] two outings [were] disastrous. You gotta pick yourself up."

Because Byrd has been in similar circumstances, he had an idea how to reassure the Indians closer.

"I told Fausto that he's going to be fine," Byrd said. "If you can't deal with failure in this game, you don't stick around very long so you give it your best, you hold your head high and just wake up in the morning and come back to work."

Based on Carmona's overall performance this season, Byrd believes good things are still to come for the closer.

"He's going to be fine," Byrd said. "He has too good of stuff and is too good of a competitor to not be able to get guys out over the long haul. I like his aggressiveness too. He goes right after it."

2006-08-05 18:55:36
1.   Sam DC
"I would give my soul to pitch better." -- Fausto carmona
2006-08-05 18:58:40
2.   Bob Timmermann
I picked Cleveland to win the World Series before the season started.

Yes, I did!

2006-08-05 19:47:49
3.   Sam DC
Did you see the video of poor Fausto when Pudge hit his shot? It was pretty painful; he looked like he'd taken a bullet.
2006-08-05 20:38:16
4.   Gagne55
2 So did the ESPN Power Rankings.
2006-08-05 20:40:16
5.   Gagne55
Fausto does not belong in the major leagues. Blowing a ninth inning lead is inexcusable. Doing it three straight opportunities should get him released.
2006-08-05 21:04:51
6.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it's not like he's giving up the lead to bad teams or bad hitters.

He's young and I'm sure the Indians have high hopes for him.

He'll probably just get used as a setup guy for a long while.

2006-08-05 21:16:19
7.   Marty
What prospect can we send to Cleveland to get this guy?
2006-08-05 22:09:54
8.   Eric Enders
I didn't have Cleveland winning the Series, but I did have them winning the division.

My WS pick of the Mets over Oakland is still looking possible.

2006-08-05 22:49:39
9.   Bob Timmermann
Jon picked the Braves to win the World Series.
2006-08-05 23:09:06
10.   Peter
I actually have Fausto on my fantasy team. Talk about having a rough week. It's doubly frustrating since I'm also a Yankees fan.
2006-08-05 23:26:33
11.   Jon Weisman
9 - Hmm. That's good to know.
2006-08-05 23:54:39
12.   Bob Timmermann
The Braves are just 6 1/2 games out of the wild card!

The Indians are 18 1/2 games out.

2006-08-06 08:52:41
13.   Travis
Don't forget last Sunday, when Carmona came in at home against Seattle in a 3-3 tie in the 9th.

- B. Broussard walked.
- Y. Betancourt sacrificed to pitcher, B. Broussard to second.
- G. Dobbs reached on infield single to shortstop, B. Broussard to third.
- K. Johjima grounded into fielder's choice to third, B. Broussard out at home, G. Dobbs to third, K. Johjima to second.
- I. Suzuki intentionally walked.
- J. Lopez singled to left, G. Dobbs and K. Johjima scored, I. Suzuki to third.
- A. Beltre hit by pitch, J. Lopez to second.
- R. Ibanez singled to right, I. Suzuki and J. Lopez scored, A. Beltre to second.
- T. Mastny relieved F. Carmona.
Final: Seattle 7, Cleveland 3

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