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Time to drag the warning track, not the infield
2006-08-11 09:52
by Bob Timmermann

Curt Schilling of Boston (did you know he was on Boston, just wanted everyone to be on the same page here) tied an American League record by surrendering 10 extra base hits in a game as the Red Sox lost to Kansas City, 5-4. Schilling gave up nine doubles, three of them to Reggie Sanders, and one home run, to Emil Brown.

The last pitcher in the AL to give up 10 extra base hits in a game was Luis Tiant for Cleveland at Fenway Park against Boston on April 18, 1969. In that game, Tiant gave up six doubles and four home runs.

Dale Gear of Washington also gave up 10 extra base hits in a game in 1901, although I don't readily have the date. If you click on Gear's career record, you can see that he didn't really have a fixed position.

And if you want to go way back for the all-time record, George Derby of Buffalo gave up 16 extra base hits in a game in 1883. The Chicago Tribune box score of the game, which took place on July 3, 1883 (Chicago beating Buffalo 31-7) shows Chicago with 14 doubles and two triples in that game. Abner Dalrymple and Cap Anson each had four doubles.

One of Derby's teammates in 1883 was named Tony Suck. The man actually changed his last name to Suck from Zuck. That probably wouldn't happen today.

Derby never pitched in the majors again.

Update - SABR member Trent McCotter believes that Washington's Earl Whitehill gave up 11 extra base hits (10 doubles and a homer) to the Tigers in a game on July 10, 1935.

2006-08-11 10:46:49
1.   Chyll Will
I just know your not supposed to chuckle at that last line. It seems like the caption for a Far Side strip.
2006-08-11 10:51:33
2.   Bob Timmermann
You may chuckle if you wish.
2006-08-11 11:39:36
3.   nickb
I'm chuckling at the fact that my beloved and lowly Royals took the Sox behind the woodshed in this series. Well, maybe not that far, maybe just behind the outhouse or something.
2006-08-11 12:19:33
4.   Underbruin
You know, for tying an AL record for giving up extra-base hits, 5 runs in 7.1 innings of work doesn't really seem like all that much.
2006-08-11 12:31:15
5.   Bob Timmermann
Gear's 10 XBH game came in the second game of a doubleheader for Washington against Philadelphia. Washington lost at home 13-0.

Gear gave up four doubles, four triples, and two home runs. The opposing pitcher, Hooks Wiltse, had two doubles and two triples.

2006-08-11 13:26:15
6.   Bluebleeder87
Kids must have had a field day with his last name.
2006-08-11 13:28:29
7.   Bob Timmermann

They would today, but in the 1880s, "suck" was just "suck."

2006-08-11 13:30:29
8.   Eric Enders
I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that Home Run Derby, as a pitcher, was more like Doubles Derby or Triples Derby.

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