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Tom Mastny, International Man of Mystery - UPDATED
2006-08-12 16:55
by Bob Timmermann

From Paul Hagen of the Philadelphia Daily News (via the San Jose Mercury News site) comes this bit.

Strange week in Cleveland: Rookie closer Fausto Carmona blew the first three save opportunities of his career, all on walkoff hits. Victor Martinez stepped to the plate in first inning Saturday, tapped his bat on the plate... and watched it break. And it was discovered that the media guide lists Indiana-born reliever Tom Mastny as being from Indonesia.

Emphasis mine.

Mastny was actually born in Zionsville, Indiana. Which I hear is reminscent of Jakarta on some days.

As of Saturday night, the Indians website still had Mastny as being a native of Indonesia.

UPDATE The Indians PR staff confirmed today with Mastny's parents that he was indeed born in Indonesia. In East Bontang, Indonesia, to be precise. It's on the island of Borneo.

2006-08-12 17:46:40
1.   Chyll Will
This would all make perfect cosmic sense, except that I'll bet he grew up rooting for Detroit.
2006-08-12 18:15:33
2.   Bob Timmermann
And he went to college in South Carolina.
2006-08-12 18:15:47
3.   Cliff Corcoran
Where'd the Zionsville thing come from then? Did he grow up there?
2006-08-12 18:33:16
4.   Chyll Will
Even Google keeps the secret...
2006-08-12 18:40:58
5.   tjshere
I wonder if Victor Martinez' mom got mad at him for breaking the plate?
2006-08-12 18:46:24
6.   Chyll Will
I wonder if Victor Conte got mad at him for breaking the plate...
2006-08-12 20:00:40
7.   dickbaveta
That is horriblty written...V-Mart broke his bat when he hit it on the plate, not the actual plate.
2006-08-12 20:01:11
8.   tjshere
6 Touche! That was hilarious!
2006-08-12 21:26:39
9.   Greg Brock
2006-08-12 21:34:49
10.   tjshere
Yeah, V-Mart. K's younger brother.
2006-08-12 23:10:44
11.   Bob Timmermann
There were newspaper accounts that described Mastny as a "Zionsville native." This would least most people to think that the man was born there.

But he just grew up there.

Why his parents decided to give birth to a child in Indonesia is a mystery.

2006-08-12 23:41:32
12.   Greg Brock
12 Maybe they're spies. For us, I mean. In Indonesia. In the past. Not now.
2006-08-13 03:10:14
13.   Greg Brock
Shoot, I meant 11. Now the unfunny joke is even unfunnier. And yes, I know "unfunnier" isn't a word. Stop judging me.
2006-08-24 06:55:48
14.   Sushirabbit
Sad, but true: this has encouraged me to add this guy to my fantasy team.

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