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But he doesn't have a problem
2006-08-12 01:21
by Bob Timmermann

The New York Daily News (thanks to Baseball Think Factory for the tip) reports on more of the perhaps not non-existent gambling problem of Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca. The story by T.J. Quinn states that on two occasions bookies have sent people to "ask" Lo Duca make good on his gambling debts.

I'm assuming people in this profession ask differently than I would.

Even the Gray Lady is reporting on the story now.

All this story needs now is Rick Tocchet and Janet Jones Gretzky.

2006-08-12 02:41:41
1.   Greg Brock
Mr. LoDuca, may I please have my money?

Thank you. Now I'll tell you...Your thumb is in the glove compartment.

Glad we can put all this nastiness behind us.

2006-08-12 05:05:05
2.   DXMachina
Yeah, they were discussing this on WFAN today. Someone claiming to be a bookie actually called to denounce the story was bogus, that bookies wouldn't handle it the way it was reported, but I'm taking that with a Shea Stadium sized grain of salt.

Paulie's been doing a weekly five-minute noontime spot on Tuesdays on the station. Joe Benigno (the host) will have to ask him about it. That should be fun.

2006-08-12 05:08:45
3.   DXMachina
"As bogus, not "was bogus". Sheesh.
2006-08-12 08:15:20
4.   tjshere
10 to 1 he's guilty.

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