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More Cincinnati relief madness
2006-08-12 12:35
by Bob Timmermann

Kent Mercker went back on the DL with for the Reds with a sore elbow. The Reds GM, Wayne Krivsky, dipped down into their giant bag of relievers and pulled out a ... Chris Michalak!

The Reds could make the playoffs you know...

Reds relievers have an ERA of 4.94 this season, 25th highest in the majors. The Devil Rays have the worst overall at 5.24. The Brewers are the worst in the National League at 5.01.

2006-08-12 12:58:53
1.   DXMachina
Are the Dodgers sure that Krivsky wouldn't like to give them something for Lance Carter?
2006-08-12 14:27:59
2.   Borchard504
Reds fans applaud Krivsky, compared to previous regime Mr. Timmermann. For a small market team, this year has been a pleasant surprise.
On the other hand, so what if the starting right fielder talks outloud to a little man in his head, as he navigates the outfield.
2006-08-12 14:52:27
3.   Greg Brock
3 Leave Farney out of this.
2006-08-12 15:02:09
4.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, I picked the Reds to finish in last before the season started. I thought they would be worse than the Pirates.

I also picked Cleveland to win the World Series.

I need to remember that whenever I get too big for my britches.

2006-08-12 15:22:13
5.   Borchard504
Such a well known, umm, unique personality out amongst the public from first person accounts I ran across last year. Nothing like the Covington KY, Mainstrasse - German food, year around Octoberfest, what more could Farney's friend ask for?
Irregardless, an afternoon ballgame, along a large body of water (Ohio River), is the best.
2006-08-12 16:22:01
6.   Greg Brock
5 I'm a big fan of crazy.

It breaks up the monotony.

2006-08-12 17:49:39
7.   Borchard504
10/4 ricky bobby... shake and bake - that's why my favorite Dodger used to be MB.
2006-08-12 18:08:40
8.   Borchard504
Chris Michalak is relief for the Reds tonight, and I hope I am not jinxing him - 4.2 innings, 0 ER, 0 H, 0.00 ERA.
2006-08-12 18:32:25
9.   Borchard504
Jinxed him...
2006-08-12 21:32:14
10.   popup
Borchard, you didn't jinx him too much because he still got the win despite the homerun to Howard. I remember seeing him pitch in the PCL a few years ago. I think he pitched for Alburquerque (sp?) when the Dukes were the Dodgers Triple A team. That was a few years ago. Glad to see him in the big leagues and having success.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-13 02:59:49
11.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Would be interesting to see the Reds make the playoffs, though at this point, the NL wildcard is such a mess that really anyone except the Pirates and Cubs might still win it.

The NL central is also interesting, suddenly the Card's lead doesn't seem so secure anymore.

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