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Hafner ties grand slam record
2006-08-13 11:27
by Bob Timmermann

Travis Hafner of Cleveland hit his sixth grand slam home run of the season this year in the first inning at home against Luke Hudson of the Royals. It was part of an 11-run first inning:

- G. Sizemore walked
- J. Michaels singled to right, G. Sizemore to second
- T. Hafner walked, G. Sizemore to third, J. Michaels to second
- V. Martinez singled to right, J. Michaels and G. Sizemore scored, T. Hafner to second
- S. Choo doubled to left, T. Hafner and V. Martinez scored
- R. Garko singled to left, S. Choo to third
- J. Peralta reached on fielder's choice, S. Choo scored, R. Garko to second on A. Berroa's fielding error
- J. Inglett singled to left, R. Garko to third, J. Peralta to second
- A. Marte walked, R. Garko scored, J. Peralta to third, J. Inglett to second
- G. Sizemore singled to second, J. Peralta scored, J. Inglett to third, A. Marte to second
- J. Michaels struck out swinging
- T. Hafner homered to deep right, J. Inglett, A. Marte and G. Sizemore scored
- V. Martinez doubled to left
- T. Wellemeyer relieved L. Hudson
- S. Choo grounded out to second, V. Martinez to third
- R. Garko flied out to left center

But one of the 11 runs Hudson gave up was unearned.

Don Mattingly hit six grand slams for the Yankees during the 1987 season.

2006-08-13 19:34:08
1.   CraigB
If I start a "Dead To Me" list, Luke Hudson will be very near the top.

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