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Almost better than Bip Roberts
2006-08-15 09:49
by Bob Timmermann

Atlanta outfielders Matt Diaz had hits in his first four trips to the plate at home against Washington running his streak of consecutive hits to ten. Diaz tied the NL record, last reached by Bip Roberts, then of Cincinnati, from September 19-23, 1992.

The alltime record is 12 by Pinky Higgins of Boston in 1938 and Walt Dropo of Detroit in 1952.

Diaz's streak was snapped by Chris Schroder of the Nationals, who got Diaz to ground out in the ninth inning.

2006-08-15 11:19:23
1.   Zak
That Chris Schroeder boy!! Always knew he'd end up doing no good!

Hey also, since your memory is tons better than mine, didn't Jeter have (almost?) 12 straight hits in 12 PAs about 3-4 years ago?

2006-08-15 11:28:37
2.   Bob Timmermann
Bernie Williams had a streak of 11 in 2002.
2006-08-15 13:25:43
3.   Eric Stephen
Bip Roberts was the best player on my first-ever rotisserie league team in 1992. (I finished last in a 4-team league)

I remember the Padres held a fan appreciation day in 1995, and the players greeted fans at the gate as they walked into Jack Murphy Stadium. Anyway, the gate I walked in was manned by non other than Bip Roberts!

I informed him, perhaps too excitedly, that he was the best player on my 1992 fantasy league team. To Bip's credit, he just smiled although he did seem to view me in the same vein as a crazed stalker.

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