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Angels and Rangers get suspensions
2006-08-17 16:02
by Bob Timmermann

The Commissioner's Office handed out a boatload of suspensions from Wednesday's scuffle between the Angels and Rangers in Arlington.

For the Angels:

  • Brendan Donnelly - four games
  • Kevin Gregg - four games
  • Adam Kennedy - four games
  • Coach Ron Roenicke - one game
  • Manager Mike Scioscia - three games

For the Rangers:

  • Scott Feldman - six games
  • Vicente Padilla - five games
  • Manager Buck Showalter - four games

Juan Rivera and John Lackey of the Angels also received fines of an undisclosed amount.

Scioscia and Showalter start their suspensions tonight. Roenicke will sit out Sunday's game.

The players can all appeal. If more than one player is suspended from a team at a time, it's like the NHL when you have more than two players sent off with minor penalties, i.e., the suspension doesn't start until the other player is finished with his.

Correction - Kennedy and Gregg both opted not to appeal their suspensions and both are sitting out this weekend's four-game series with Seattle.

2006-08-17 23:08:42
1.   das411
So no 22-man rosters this week then Bob? Why would these teams then just not appeal all of the suspensions until the rosters expand on 9/1?
2006-08-17 23:18:19
2.   Bob Timmermann
Gregg had thrown over 90 pitches Thursday, so he likely couldn't have pitched until Sunday anyway.

The M's were starting three lefties and Kennedy would have sat down anyway.

So sayeth, the Angels broadcasters.

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