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All the day and all of the night
2006-08-18 22:28
by Bob Timmermann

They weren't content to be play the games in the daytime;
Yanks, they want to play with you all of the time;
The only time they feel all right is this time;
Sox, they want to play with you all of the time;
All the day and the all of the night;
All the day and the all of the night;
All the day and the all of the night!

The Yankees and Red Sox played a day/night and/or early dawn doubleheader in Fenway Friday and Saturday with the Yankees winning both games.

The Yankees won the first game, 12-4 in a brisk 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The teams broke for dinner and reconvened for the second game. The Yankees won that one too 14-11 in an amazing 4 hours and 45 minutes.

4:45 is a new record for a nine-inning game in the majors. And not by a little. The Yankees and Red Sox broke the old record of 4:27 set on October 5, 2001 when the Dodgers beat the Giants in San Francisco, 11-10. The length of the game is in part explained by the number next to the name "Bonds" in the home run section.

The previous record for an American League was 4:22 on September 5, 1997 when the Orioles beat the Yankees 13-9 at Yankee Stadium. Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada played in that game as well as the second game Saturday. Jesse Orosco pitched in the 1997 game for the Orioles and the 2001 Dodgers game. Cliff points out that Alex Cora played in the longest games (2001 for the Dodgers and 2006 for the Red Sox) and Derek Jeter played in the two longest AL games.

In addition, the record for the longest doubleheader (both games being nine innings) was shattered as well. The previous record was 7 hours, 39 minutes by the Rangers and White Sox at Comiskey Park. That took place on May 24, 1995. The White Sox won the first game 10-8 in 4:01 and Texas won the second game 13-6 in 3:38.

The Yankees and Red Sox took 8 hours and 40 minutes.

I haven't checked to see what the Elias Sports Bureau has ruled, but in the past, day/night doubleheaders weren't considered "doubleheaders." However, the Sporting News decided to consider day/night affairs as "doubleheaders."

Jon points out in the comments that Elias said it is was not a doubleheader. This is very much like Lewis Carroll. Elias is likely using the definition of "double header" (two words!) in Rule 2.00 "A DOUBLE HEADER is two regularly scheduled or rescheduled games, played in immediate succession."

2006-08-18 22:53:12
1.   Jon Weisman
From AP:

"Because the park was cleared between games, it does not count as a doubleheader in the record books, according to the Elias Sports Bureau."

Which seems bogus to me. Two games in one day is good enough for a doubleheader for me.

2006-08-18 22:55:51
2.   Bob Timmermann
Since I am a contributor to the Sporting News Record Book, it's a doubleheader to me.
2006-08-18 22:56:00
3.   Linkmeister
I wonder if Ray Davies is a baseball fan. I kinda doubt it.
2006-08-18 23:10:17
4.   Greg Brock
1 That might be the most arbitrary thing I've ever heard (I'm feeling hyperbolic). They played two games on the same day. It's a doubleheader.
2006-08-18 23:25:23
5.   Cliff Corcoran
Alex Cora also played in the two longest games in MLB history, though he was a sub in the Dodgers' game. I assume Gary Sheffield, who did start the Dodgers game, was in Tampa rehabbing and did not attend this game.

Also, you somehow omitted Derek Jeter from the list of Yankees who participated in the two longest games in AL history. Mariano Rivera watched the 1997 game from the bullpen and Mike Mussina watched both AL games from the bench.

2006-08-18 23:43:28
6.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks, I've incorporated more stuff in to the post up top.
2006-08-18 23:55:20
7.   Greg Brock
Jon points out in the comments that Elias said it is was not a doubleheader. This is very much like Lewis Carroll.

Does that mean that the debate is entirely through the looking glass? Or that a mock turtle is somehow involved?

2006-08-18 23:56:28
8.   Bob Timmermann
You do the math.
2006-08-19 00:01:47
9.   Greg Brock
Mock Turtle. Got it.
2006-08-19 01:16:36
10.   nick
Yeah, some weak stuff from Elias there.....nicely titled, Bob! I was toying with "Long Day/Night's Journey into Night"....
2006-08-19 01:31:49
11.   Adam B
I would think what MLB refers to as a day night doubleheader is.. well, a doubleheader. But hey, I'm not Elias, and I don't think Productive Outs are a useful stat either.
2006-08-19 03:23:10
12.   DXMachina
3 I don't know about baseball. He is a big soccer fan (and was a player in his youth), and he once write a song about cricket.
2006-08-19 08:17:54
13.   Jon Weisman
Can I petition for doubleheader to be officially recognized as one word? Or are there single headers in baseball that we just don't acknowledge?
2006-08-19 08:24:43
14.   Bob Timmermann
In Rule 4.13, they go back to spelling it as "doubleheader."

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