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Saturday's scenarios (August 19)
2006-08-19 07:00
by Bob Timmermann

So, after Friday's events, it's time to get at it again. Pennant races wait for no one.

Yesterday, the Red Sox had a chance to take over first in the AL East if they could sweep a pair from the Yankees. Well, that didn't work and now they're 3 1/2 games out. They start again bright and early at 10:20 am PT at Fenway (Randy Johnson vs. Josh Beckett).

Starting at the same time is the great Midwestern rivalry of the Cardinals at Cubs taking place at Wrigley Field (Jeff Suppan vs. Carlos Zambrano). The Cardinals lead Cincinnati by 3 1/2 games in the Central. The Cubs are the lone team in the majors without a complete game.

AL West leader Oakland slipped up and got swept in Kansas City and saw their lead shrink to 4 games over the Angels. Oakland plays the Royals again at 4:10 pm PT (Barry Zito vs. Mark Redman). The Angels host the Mariners, who have lost nine straight, at 7:05 pm PT (Jarrod Washburn vs. John Lackey).

The Tigers still have the best record in the majors and lead the White Sox by 6 1/2 in the Central. Detroit hosts Texas at 4:05 pm PT (Robinson Tejeda vs. Nate Robertson). The White Sox, who lead the Twins by just one game in the wild card, are at Minnesota (Jon Garland vs. Brad Radke 4:10 pm PT).

The National League's best team, the Mets, lead the Phillies by 14 games. The Mets host Colorado at 4:35 pm PT, although a pregame ceremony honoring the 1986 Mets may delay the start as many of the old Mets will have to come in from rehab or be let out on parole. (Jeff Francis vs. Dave Williams).

The Dodgers lead the West by three games over San Diego and Arizona and will be at resurgent San Francisco at 6:05 pm PT (Greg Maddux vs. Brad Hennessey).

The Reds still lead the wild card by one game over the Padres and Diamondbacks.

Cincinnati will be at Pittsburgh at 3:10 pm PT (Eric Milton vs. Paul Maholm). Arizona is at San Diego at 1:05 pm PT (Claudio Vargas vs. Clay Hensley).

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