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More fallout from Pakistan's cricket forfeiture
2006-08-21 09:05
by Bob Timmermann

The International Cricket Council, which is headquartered in Dubai, is going to hear charges against Pakistan team captain Inzamam-ul-Haq for "bringing the game into disrepute" after his team walked off The Oval in London in protest over being charged five runs for ball tampering.

If found guilty of the disrepute charge Inzamam could be forced to sit out Pakistan's next four Test matches or eight one-day internationals.

Before you worry about this becoming too big of an international incident, keep in mind that Pakistan's coach, Bob Woolmer, is English.

2006-08-21 11:36:08
1.   Linkmeister
Since Musharaf is expressing an opinion, I'm now officially worried. I was kidding about the nukes, but now I'm not so sure.

This was the lead story on BBC News at 10:00am Monday morning (I hear it at midnight Sunday night). Soccer war reprise, anyone?

2006-08-21 13:08:51
2.   sam2175
1 I think it will perhaps be better for you to gain some perspective by reading this:

There is no international fallout, only cricketing fallouts. South Asia is the big market, but England and Australia are the original colonial powerhouses. That is where the tension lies. India and Pakistan are quite friendly on cricket diplomacy even though they cannot stand each other in international diplomacy.

2006-08-21 13:51:12
3.   Linkmeister
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. But it was instructive to hear the tone of astonishment in the voices of the BBC newsreaders/presenters on that morning news show.
2006-08-21 14:32:48
4.   Bob Timmermann
I have also learned that Pakistan picked the umpires.
2006-08-22 14:36:24
5.   roughyed
The ICC pick the umpires, not either of the competing teams.

The umpire at the centre of the current fuss, Darrell Hair, is Australian.

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