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Lilly and Gibbons scuffle in Toronto - UPDATED
2006-08-21 18:29
by Bob Timmermann

After being pulled from tonight's game in the third inning, Toronto pitcher Ted Lilly and his manager John Gibbons had an argument in the dugout and Gibbons somehow ended up with a bloody nose. It is not known whether punches were thrown or maybe the weather is just really dry in Toronto now.

Photo of Gibbons taking out Lilly.

A photo of a police officer that proves nothing!

From the AP recap:

Canadian Press photographer Aaron Harris, one of a handful of photographers to witness the skirmish, said Lilly was waiting for Gibbons in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse.

"Gibbons just went at him," Harris said. "It looked like Gibbons grabbed him and they disappeared. Then the whole dugout emptied back there. It was mayhem down in the tunnel."

Lilly says "No punches were thrown."

2006-08-21 18:43:02
1.   dianagramr
Meanwhile .... the Jays went from up 8-0 to down 11-8 to now down 11-10.

Think Gibbons and Ozzie Guillen have some stories to tell when their managing days are over?

2006-08-21 18:47:40
2.   das411
This is the same manager that wanted to beat up Hillenbrand too right?
2006-08-21 18:51:24
3.   Bob Timmermann
Gibbons is an equal opportunity angry manager.
2006-08-21 19:22:02
4.   bhsportsguy
Oakland wins 12-10, but Gibbons got the TKO.
2006-08-21 19:38:03
5.   dzzrtRatt
What's Lilly's problem? You blow 7 runs of an 8 run lead by the third inning, you should expect your manager to be unfriendly. Mike Scioscia's probably pretty mad at Lilly, too.
2006-08-21 19:38:53
6.   Greg Brock
The Blue Jays clubhouse is not dysfunctional. At all. Not one bit.
2006-08-21 19:51:57
7.   grandcosmo
If like the article says a handful of photgraphers witnessed the incident there should be some good pictures coming out of this.
2006-08-21 20:21:27
8.   Bob Timmermann
See updated links above. Especially the first one.
2006-08-21 20:26:46
9.   Travis
Lilly's a free agent after the season, right?
2006-08-21 20:28:42
10.   Adam B
I suspect ownership will be pressuring J.P. to change the way things are going around Toronto. Certainly the trainwreck that that clubhouse is turning into can't be good for selling tickets.. Maybe allowing betting on Gibbons's fights will. :)
2006-08-21 20:35:10
11.   Terry A
If Tim Johnson were around, this stuff wouldn't be happening.

Nobody wants to tangle with a war vet.

2006-08-21 20:35:44
12.   Greg S
I like how they say he has a bloody nose but they don't know if punches were thrown. Maybe Gibbons just went up and down the elevator too quickly.
2006-08-21 20:38:52
13.   grandcosmo
Having photographers describe what happened kind of defeats their purpose.
2006-08-21 20:39:58
14.   Bob Timmermann
They probably aren't allowed to take pictures in that area.
2006-08-21 21:10:06
15.   grandcosmo
14. Daniel Ellsberg wasn't allowed to steal the Pentagon Papers from RAND but he did it any way. I bet Lewis Hine would have taken the pictures.
2006-08-21 21:17:16
16.   das411
My guess for what provoked this:

Lilly went back into the hallway and wrote "THIS IS A SINKING SHIP" on the wall!

2006-08-21 21:22:20
17.   Bob Timmermann
Daniel Ellsberg probably wouldn't have encountered guys the size of Troy Glaus threatening to beat him up if he took pictures.
2006-08-21 22:15:28
18.   Eric Enders
"Photo of Gibbons taking out Lilly."

Alas, that turned out not to be the kind of photo I expected to see when I clicked on the link.

2006-08-21 22:16:14
19.   Suffering Bruin
17 Yeah, but what's scarier? Glaus might swear, curse and fight like most baseball players but the Pentagon guys wear shades, are all built like razor blades with features just as sharp and their heartrates barely break 50 when they dip the hand in the jacket to pull out Lord knows what to finish the job.

Of course, I think Ellsberg stole the papers from RAND, right? So... never mind.

2006-08-21 22:59:07
20.   Steve
Maybe they'll trade Lilly to the Giants so he can change the balance of power in the National League West
2006-08-21 23:15:05
21.   Greg Brock
Steve wins.
2006-08-21 23:25:30
22.   Steve
When mediocrities get traded to the Giants, we all win.
2006-08-22 10:31:11
23.   misterjohnny
Maybe he did a Zidane head butt to the nose. No punches, right?

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