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Gibbons says he overreacted
2006-08-22 12:29
by Bob Timmermann

The dustup between Toronto manager John Gibbons and pitcher Ted Lilly has apparently blown over according to this Canadian Press report that appears in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Actually, several sources have run this story, but I liked the name of that paper the best.

2006-08-22 13:48:39
1.   joejoejoe
I saw Gibbons and Lilly interviewed after the incident and both seemed to admit they did something stupid and agreed to move on. In the long run Lilly will likely overcome any damage to his reputation more easily than Gibbons. Mediocre MLB left handers usually have more opportunities than mediocre MLB managers. Kenny Rogers has gone from 'world-class jerk' to 'savvy veteran anchoring the staff' in one short year. Being a servicable southpaw does more for your personality than Dale Carnegie.

My favorite newspaper names are Gleaner and Bee.

2006-08-22 15:58:51
2.   DougS
And of course, Shea Hillebrand has his, "And they said I was a cancer on the team?" moment.
2006-08-22 17:03:32
3.   dianagramr
Actually, I hear that Hillenbrand will be managing the Jays next year. :-)

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