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Albert vs. the Babe
2006-08-22 15:07
by Bob Timmermann

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis put Albert Pujols through a series of physical tests similar to those performed on Babe Ruth in 1921 at Columbia University, which is not in St. Louis.

The Popular Science article of 1921

Pujols study at Wash U.

The Wash U study contains a somewhat creepy video of Pujols's eye movement.

2006-08-22 16:26:09
1.   fanerman
That was a fun read.
2006-08-22 16:46:31
2.   Robert Daeley
Never mind the creepy:

"Pujols then helped White repair the finger tapper, tightening a loosened screw with his fingernail, she said."

He's a Terminator!

2006-08-22 16:49:18
3.   KG16
The first thing that jumped out at me in the article on Pujols was the line about bat speed and weight. I immediately caculated the momentum generated by each (mass x velocity) and it turns out that Babe created more momentum with his heavier bat at a slower speed than Pujols (or I'm guessing anyone playing today) does.

It's sad that the AP Physics equations have stayed with me all these years - and even managed to survive me going to law school.

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