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Wednesday's what ifs (August 23)
2006-08-23 08:40
by Bob Timmermann

One playoff spot still has the potential to change hands today: the AL wild card. The White Sox lead the Twins by just 1/2 game. Both teams lost Tuesday.

Both play today at 4:05 pm PT. Minnesota is at Baltimore (Matt Garza vs. Rodrigo Lopez) and Chicago is at Detroit (Freddy Garcia vs. Zach Miner). Detroit leads the White Sox by 7 1/2 games and won its 81st game Tuesday, ending a stretch of 12 straight losing seasons.

West leading Oakland had its lead cut to four games over the Angels with Texas hanging around on the periphery at 6 1/2 games out.

Oakland is at Toronto at 4:07 pm PT (Esteban Loaiza vs. Gustavo Chacin). The Angels host Boston at 7:05 pm PT (Jon Lester vs. Kelvim Escobar) and Texas is at Tampa Bay at 4:15 pm PT (Kevin Millwood vs. Casey Fossum).

The Yankees lead Boston by 6 1/2 games in the East and play at Seattle tonight at 7:05 pm PT (Chien-Ming Wang vs. Felix Hernandez).

In the National League, the Cardinals lead over the Reds is down to just one game. The Reds start things off early this morning at 9:35 am hosting a game against sputtering Houston (Roy Oswalt vs. Chris Michalak). The Cardinals are at New York at 4:10 pm PT (Mark Mulder vs. Steve Trachsel).

If the Cardinals lose and Reds win, the Cardinals will lead the Central by a margin of .0005 (.528 to .5275). The Reds would still be the wild card team.

The Phillies are 2 1/2 games out of the wild card and have a winning record now to boot (63-62). The Phllies are at Chicago in a 5:05 pm PT game (Brett Myers vs. Angel Guzman).

In the West, the Dodgers lead over the Padres dropped to two games and the two teams meet again in San Diego tonight at 7:05 pm PT (Brad Penny vs. Woody Williams). San Diego is also two games back of the Reds in the wild card.

Arizona is four games out and San Francisco five games out and the DBacks are at San Francisco at 12:35 pm PT (Enrique Gonzalez vs. Jason Schmidt).

I picture the NL West standings as an accordion with it expanding and contracting and giving off a horrific wheeze and whine like a kid trying to learn play "Lady of Spain" and not succeeding.

They also will run: Washington at Florida, Pittsburgh at Atlanta, Colorado at Milwaukee, Cleveland at Kansas City.

2006-08-23 12:10:31
1.   Linkmeister
I took accordion lessons for a couple of years when I was 9-10. "Lady of Spain" was never included in the lessons.

From this I conclude that "LoS" has only become a cultural reference within the past 35 years.

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