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Pluto, your services are no longer required
2006-08-24 09:35
by Bob Timmermann

Pluto no longer gets to hang out with the cool planets.

Or even the hot ones.

Just the icy dwarves.

2006-08-24 10:26:31
1.   Bluebleeder87
great link to a read, i didn't even know there was a little ceres "dwarf planet" cool read.
2006-08-24 10:40:09
2.   DXMachina
Pluto: You wanted to see me, Skip?

Skip: C'mon in and shut the door...

Skip: This is the toughest job a manager has to do. But the organization has decided to make a change. You've been designated for assignment.

Pluto: Skip, I know I'm in a slump but I can turn it around. A couple of comets drop in, and I'm back in the groove!

Skip: I put in a word for you with the organization--told 'em I thought you'd make a fine moon someday.

Pluto: I've only been on the team since 1930. I'd have like to at least finished my first orbit.

Skip: There might be an opening at Alpha Centauri next year...

2006-08-24 10:54:02
3.   Robert Daeley
Sgt. Sol: Tenshun!!

Solar System (all): Hut!!!

Sgt. Sol: Those of you still recognized as planets by the astronomers on earth, take one step forward...ah ah ah -- not so fast, Pluto.

2006-08-24 11:08:51
4.   Linkmeister
What's the NFL version? The Turk?

"Turn in your playbook, son."

"Aw, man! I know all of Saturn's O-line tendencies! You can't get rid of me!"

"Good luck, son."

2006-08-24 11:56:43
5.   dianagramr
"Reds, still seeking relief help, trade for DFA'ed Pluto"
2006-08-24 13:12:14
6.   JJoeScott
"Pluto, the solar system has spoken."
2006-08-24 13:27:35
7.   DXMachina
[Grasps a small ball of ice and rock in his hand, and stares at it gloomily...]
"Alas, poor Pluto! I knew him, Jupiter."
[Chucks the ice ball at a Bud Selig.]
2006-08-24 14:57:20
8.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Pluto as Lieberman:

2006-08-24 15:03:34
9.   Norm
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nothing.
2006-08-25 08:59:25
10.   Robert Daeley
Protests are being planned, inconsistencies raised:

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