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Ernie Harwell, the man who would not eat a hot dog
2006-08-28 19:38
by Bob Timmermann

In his Detroit Free Press column, Tigers announcer emeritus Ernie Harwell writes about the hot dog and how he's never ate one after he went into broadcasting.

As a kid, I loved hot dogs (in Georgia we called them weenies). Once I became a baseball announcer, and they were so available, I vowed not to eat them. If I started, I'd have no restraint and end up weighing 500 pounds. I made one exception. At Milwaukee's County Stadium, I allowed myself one bratwurst per game.

Supposedly Americans average eating 60 hot dogs a year. I feel that somewhere someone must be eating well over 60 to make up for me because I rarely have more than 3 or 4 a year for the same reason that Mr. Harwell eschews them.

Of course, there is a semantic argument about whether or not a bratwurst is a hot dog.

2006-08-28 20:36:38
1.   Ken Arneson
Maybe a bratwurst is not a hot dog, but it is a weenie.
2006-08-28 23:03:31
2.   Linkmeister
I probably eat a dozen a year.

I really skew the Hawai'i Spam average downwards, though. I'll be we don't eat six cans a year (barring hurricanes, since it's in the emergency rations).

2006-08-28 23:17:52
3.   Bob Timmermann
But I had chicken katsu for dinner tonight with two scoops rice.

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