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The end of free agent compensation?
2006-08-29 12:25
by Bob Timmermann

This somewhat balky link from Maury Brown's site discusses the possible end of the use of draft picks for free agents.

Continuation of discussion that started here.

2006-08-29 12:51:00
1.   Ken Arneson
Man, I hope this doesn't take effect until after next offseason. It would really hurt to lose Zito and get nothing in return.
2006-08-29 12:54:24
2.   mehmattski
I think that if compensation is dropped, a resonable replacement should be the ability to trade draft picks. With picks being signed "at slot," it makes sense that a small market team should be able to trade their top draft pick to a big market team in return for some players.
2006-08-29 13:47:01
3.   caseybarker
Trading draft picks may work out.

If team A signs a bunch of free agents and keeps their draft picks, the draft picks may eventually be stuck in AAA with still ore draft picks coming. A lot of talent could be wasted this way.

This problem may be self-correcting with time, but it will probably just widen the gap between, say, the Red Sox and the Royals.

2006-08-29 13:52:26
4.   das411
Ah but what if the Royals traded their #1 pick in 2005 to the Bosox for 2 or 3 other upper-round picks? KC gets depth, Boston gets a young starter they would normally have no chance of signing, isn't this the way other sports have been doing it for years?
2006-08-29 22:47:42
5.   das411
Um...or not. Hm.

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