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Astros set to extend Oswalt for five years
2006-08-29 20:52
by Bob Timmermann

The Houston Chronicle reports that Roy Oswalt is going to receive a five-year contract extension from the Astros valued at $73 million.

The Astros website said there would be a postgame news conference announcing the news.

2006-08-29 21:08:05
1.   King of the Hobos
That can't be good for Zito suitors. Baseball Reference lists Zito as Oswalt's 9th most comparable player (with a score of 908), and with Boras, I now expect Zito to make about the same amount of money as Oswalt, if not more.
2006-08-29 21:20:50
2.   Greg Brock
I expected Zito and Oswalt to get about 5/75, so this is right about on target. Zito will get 5/75, whether he should or not.
2006-08-29 21:39:20
3.   Voxter
My initial expectation is that Zito will likely get more than Oswalt, for the following three reasons:

1) He's left-handed, and left-handed pitchers are the magic pixie dust of major league baseball.

2) The hardware. That Cy Young is pretty shiny, whether he's still that pitcher (or he deserved the award in the first place) or not.

3) Oswalt's re-signing with the team that broke him in. Zito's likely to ride a float into New York or Los Angeles with ticker-tape in his hair.

All that said, I think I'd rather have Oswalt.

2006-08-29 21:50:53
4.   Vishal
i think i'd rather have zito. i'm biased, though.
2006-08-29 22:01:14
5.   das411
Oswalt is more clutch.

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