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Great moments in Phillies-Padres history?
2006-09-01 10:41
by Bob Timmermann

Presently, the Padres lead the Phillies by one game for the NL wild card. It's quite likely the two teams could be battling out the rest of the year for a spot in the baseball playoff derby.

However, the Padres and the Phillies are not exactly a pair of teams with a storied rivalry between them. Or really much of anything that bonds them together, except not appearing on MLB Extra Innings except when their opponent shows the game. The Phillies and Padres don't play each other the rest of the season.

The teams played two 3-game series in July. The Padres won 2 of 3 from the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park from July 4-6 and the Padres took 2 of 3 again at PETCO Park from July 17-19.

When the Phillies beat the Padres on July 4, it marked their 11th straight win over the Padres dating back to May 22, 2004. The Padres then won the next four games before the Phillies rallied in the ninth against Trevor Hoffman on a 2-run double by Bobby Abreu to win 5-4.

According to, there have been 74 players who have played in the City of Brotherly Love and America's Finest City. (Perhaps this should be called the ironic civic nickname pennant race.)

The 74 players are not an impressive lot. The only player on either team now who has played for both teams is Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. (Unless somebody I didn't notice sneaked in this year.) No one has been an All-Star while playing for both clubs. No one has played in the postseason for both clubs.

Dave Roberts played for both teams, but it's not the current Dave Roberts, but rather this Dave Roberts, the highly touted prospect from the University of Oregon. That Dave Roberts was more tout than talent.

The only position players who could be considered regulars for both teams would be John Kruk, Benito Santiago, Willie Montanez, Dave Cash, and Joe Lefebvre. Or at least in my opinion.

Overall, the Phillies lead the series between the two teams by a margin of 217-186.

In the last month, the Phillies will be playing teams from the East and Central exclusively. The Padres will be playing team from the West and Central exclusively. They will have no opponents in common in September.

It's going to be a very bizarre race to follow. I'm sure fans in Philadelphia will be scoreboard watching and chanting "Beat SD! Beat SD!" although will likely come out sounding like a public health advisory. Fans in San Diego will probably care more about catching the Dodgers for the NL West lead. Regardless, I'm sure the results will be forever etched in the memories of all people who consider the Phillies-Padres rivalry on a par with the Yankees-Red Sox, Dodgers-Giants, and Cubs-Cardinals.

Onward to the wild card!

2006-09-01 11:15:21
1.   dianagramr
Perhaps we should conduct similar research on the (former) SD Clippers and Sixers rivalry, along with the Chargers and Eagles blood feud.
2006-09-01 11:22:03
2.   Sam DC
LOL. Good stuff.

Poor John Kruk, no doubt rending his garments trying to figure out who to root for.

2006-09-01 11:23:08
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Chargers have a 5-4 edge over the Eagles alltime.

They played last year and the Eagles won 20-17 on a blocked field goal return for a TD and some other weird play.

2006-09-01 12:39:20
4.   Linkmeister
If you believe our local sportscasters, Shane Victorino is the Second Coming. "Maui boy Shane raised his average to .274!"
2006-09-01 17:42:41
5.   Vishal
hmm.. i didn't know benito was a phillie.

anyway, what's so ironic about their civic nicknames, bob?

2006-09-01 17:46:47
6.   Bob Timmermann
There is not much brotherly love in Philadelphia and San Diego is not America's finest city.
2006-09-03 11:14:28
7.   das411
Gah and Bob sneaks this through on the weekend I host my dad in Happy Valley!!

There is Milt Thompson's "The Catch" from 1993, and the doubleheader vs the Pads back in 2001 where I got to see Tony Gwynn AND Rickey at the same time...and COLE HAMELS learned his changeup watching Trevor Hoffman all those years...

3 - I was AT that game!! They cut the dude who returned that TD yesterday :(

5 - Benito holds the Phils' single season HR record for catchers!

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