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2006-09-13 22:25
by Bob Timmermann

On September 18, 1974, Hank Aaron hit a solo home run off of San Francisco Giants pitcher John Montefusco in the second inning as the Braves beat the Giants 4-2. It was the only home run Aaron hit off of Montefusco, who was making just his fourth major league start.

On September 13, 2006, Barry Bonds hit 732nd career home run off of Colorado Rockies pitcher Brian Fuentes in the ninth inning. It was the second home run Bonds had hit off of Fuentes in his career. Bonds is 8 for 10 (but with no walks) against Fuentes in his career. Colorado won the game 9-8.

2006-09-13 22:43:19
1.   JoeyP
Shea Hillendbrand really hurt the Giants tonite. Bonds was on deck, Fuentes on the mound, and runners at 2nd/3rd. Fuentes threw him 4 straight pitches out of the K zone. The first two Shea let go. But the next two in the same exact spot he chased and missed. He ended up making an out.

With Bonds 8-10 on deck, Shea really needed to be more selective at the plate.

Very bad loss for the Giants tonite.
It might knock them out, seeing as they pretty much need to run the table against the Rox to have a chance at controlling their own destiny.

2006-09-13 22:49:05
2.   Greg Brock
I was accused of being John Montefusco once.


2006-09-13 22:51:24
3.   Mark T.R. Donohue
It's neat (and another indicator of Bonds' greatness) that he's hit Brian Fuentes so well. Fuentes is one of the toughest relievers on left-handers in the game today.
2006-09-13 23:28:24
4.   Greg Brock
This entire Bonds "Home Run Chase" has to be one of the most surreal things I've ever witnessed. Sure, Aaron had to deal with bigots and morons, but Bonds has an entire nation rooting for him to retire or get injured because, well, he's a cheat and a first class jerkface.

I tend to root against cheating jerkfaces. It's just me.

2006-09-14 13:51:02
5.   das411
Ah but then is it not almost more impressive that Bonds is pulling it off now?

Keep in mind, Bonds and Ryan Howard have each failed exactly the same number of drug tests: ZERO.

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