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8 down, 14 to go
2006-09-17 13:55
by Bob Timmermann

The Washington Nationals became the eighth team overall, third in the NL, to be eliminated from playoff consideration. Although the Nationals beat Milwaukee today, 6-1, they were eliminated when Philadelphia beat Houston, 6-4.

The Nationals cannot win more than 78 games as they have 84 losses so far. The Phillies have 77 wins and the Marlins have 74 wins. The Marlins and Phillies play each other six more times, so one of them will have to win more than 78 games.

Sometimes you are just so beside yourself with joy, that words cannot express my satisfaction at knowing that this has finally transpired. Presumably, there will be just 13 games left in Frank Robinson's Reign of Extreme Grumpiness. If the game of baseball is lucky, Robinson can go back into retirement and grumble that nobody ever plays like Vada Pinson or Curt Flood anymore. Or that pitchers don't routinely throw at batter's heads like they did in the era of Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale. Or that the basic problem with baseball is that no one is exactly like him and inherently inferior. For a man who supposedly loves the game of baseball, he has a bizarre way of showing affection.

2006-09-17 16:42:51
1.   Greg Brock
Don't forget dropping the hammer on pitchers for doing exactly what he expects real baseball pitchers to do.

Frank Robinson, Director of Discipline.

2006-09-17 18:07:30
2.   das411
But wait! What if the Lerners bring in Bob Watson as the new Nationals manager? Then couldn't Frank get his old job back??
2006-09-17 18:40:21
3.   Sam DC
I can save this and read it to my son when he misbehaves this month.
2006-09-17 21:51:30
4.   Daniel Zappala
Even worse -- what if the job goes to Joe Morgan.

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