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Lonnnngggggg night in the desert
2006-09-16 23:58
by Bob Timmermann

Colorado and Arizona played their second marathon game of the year Saturday night in Phoenix at Chase Field. A sacrifice fly by Chris Snyder in the 16th gave the Diamondbacks a 7-6 win. On August 15, Arizona beat Colorado 2-1 in 18 innings.

This game featured a major league record (for an extra inning game) 19 pitchers used by both teams

The roll call:
Josh Fogg (Colorado starter)
Tom Martin
Ramon Ramirez
Ray King
Manny Corpas
Mike Venafro
Nate Field
Jose Mesa
Jeremy Affeldt (the losing pitcher)
Claudio Vargas (Arizona starter)
Edgar Gonzalez (he got a hold)
Randy Choate (a hold!)
Brandon Medders (another hold!)
Luis Vizcaino (hold #23!)
Jose Valverde (blown save)
Brandon Lyon
Juan Cruz
Tony Pena
Jorge Julio (the winning pitcher)

The 10 pitchers used by Arizona tied the NL record for an extra inning game also.

The last game with 18 pitchers was this classic between the Phillies and Mets on September 11, 2004. Note who hit his first career homer for the Phillies in the game.

Snyder was pinch-hitting for Julio when he got his game-winning sacrifice fly. Arizona manager Bob Melvin was ejected from the game in the second inning and missed out on a lot of camera time.

2006-09-17 00:31:02
1.   das411
OMG Dave Bell was batting behind Thome?!?!?! FIRE LARRY BOWA!!!!

Bob, did you edit B-Wags's 9th inning somehow?

2006-09-17 01:17:47
2.   Bob Timmermann

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