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Braves start to rebuild for new run of dominance
2006-09-20 15:29
by Bob Timmermann

Bob Wickman has re-signed with the Braves for 2007.

Ahh, the final piece is in place now for the Braves rebuilding process.

2006-09-20 16:16:59
1.   scareduck
You jest, but I do wonder whether there isn't a possibility that some GM's strategies eventually peter out, or that they don't get lucky twice on their trades, etc. The Braves have certainly had an unparalleled run of success with their division titles, but a front office is a very busy and complicated thing; like a car, mightn't it be true that some small part gone bad in the transmission could keep the whole thing from moving forward?
2006-09-20 16:41:15
2.   Xeifrank
or their luck finally ran out.
vr, Xei
2006-09-20 18:52:46
3.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I don't see why not do this though, with their payroll and Hampton comming back next year, it's not like next year is a nothing but rebuild year.

And with the very limited closer options out there, Wickman isn't half bad, at least it gives them SOMETHING, from the season go, instead of having to look for one EVERYYEAR halfway through the season.

And if things screw up that deal makes him a very viable trade bait anyway.

Seems like a very smart deal in everyway

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