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13 down, 9 to go
2006-09-23 17:12
by Bob Timmermann

The Boston Red Sox were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention today after losing to Toronto 5-3 while Minnesota defeated Balitmore 8-5.

Boston Red Sox playoff hopes
Born: April 3, 2006
Died: September 23, 2006

The Boston Red Sox began 2006 as co-favorites with the Yankees to win the AL East. The acquisition of Josh Beckett was supposed to give the Red Sox the best starting rotation in the division. But it never turned out to be. The Red Sox rode the hot bat of David Ortiz, but eventually ran into injury problems that wrecked their season.

Boston did get good seasons out of players such as Anibal Sanchez, Cla Meredith, Hanley Ramirez, and Josh Bard. If they only hadn't been playing for other teams.

Doctors determined that the ultimate cause of death was complications from the Epstein-Cora Virus. Visitation will be at Fenway Park from September 26-October 1.

2006-09-23 21:42:03
1.   bhsportsguy
So tomorrow:
Oakland can clinch the division with a win.
A Detroit win or White Sox loss guarantees a playoff spot for the Tigers.
Minnesota magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 3. any combo of Twin's wins or White Sox losses.
The Angels can be eliminated from all playoff consideration with a loss tomorrow, they can also be eliminated from the Wild Card with a Twin's win.

The AL Central still has a few days to go.

2006-09-24 00:14:39
2.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, stop horning in on my act!

If this isn't Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit!

2006-09-24 08:03:31
3.   Yu-Hsing Chen
You forgot Bronson Arroyo and Freddy Sanchez as well ;)

seriously though, Merideth+Bard for Mirabelle was a huge OUCH.

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