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Girardi to be shown the door in Florida: Report
2006-09-22 09:13
by Bob Timmermann

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Marlins manager Joe Girardi's chances of returning to manage in 2007 are "zero." This has already been commented on by Mark at Bad Altitude.

The Marlins brain trust, mainly Jeffrey Loria, was upset with Girardi for numerous decisions, especially bringing back Josh Johnson after a long rain delay on September 12, that some think was responsible for Johnson's arm that has shut him down for the season.

A Spanish-speaking manager may be in line so Fredi Gonzalez of Atlanta, Joey Cora of Chicago, and Manny Acta of the Mets are all mentioned in the story as possible successors as well as a long list of the usual suspects: Jim Fregosi, Jerry Manuel ...

2006-09-22 09:29:16
1.   mehmattski
Jeff Loria: Worst. Owner. Ever.

I hope he enjoys seeing the Marlins lose 100 games next year while the Cubs and Girardi win the World Series. What an idiot.

2006-09-22 10:17:57
2.   Shaun P
If this is true, I feel bad for Girardi. He deserved better - and I hope he ends up with a better lot than the Cubs, who need to clean house entirely IMHO.

However, if true, I think it will be fascinating to see how Florida does next year. It could provide some interesting information about how much a manager actually affects the on-field performance of his players.

2006-09-22 11:42:06
3.   dianagramr
Hmmm ... wonder if Ozzie Guillen's job is safe?

Girardi would be an interesting fit on the OTHER side of Chicago.

2006-09-22 12:17:16
4.   Chyll Will
1 Worse than Peter Angelos?
2006-09-22 12:52:08
5.   vockins
1 If you want to put money on the Cubs winning the WS in 2007, you know where to find me.

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